The Nokia Asha Range – Small But Mighty Mobile

I never had the Nokia Asha range of devices (S40 smartphones) in mind until I got the Asha 311. Its sleek look and features amaze me. Asha phones have the basic functions needed to keep you in-the-know – you can surf the web, instant message, and play music and games all on this device. Using Asha phones, you also get access to web exploring in both mobile and desktop view.

What you have with ASHA

Data Control: The data counter app, available on selected devices (including dual SIM phones), shows you how much data you have used and alerts you when you are close to a pre-defined limit.

Connectivity: With GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi available on different Asha models, the online world is available whenever you need it.

Nokia Browser: Explore the internet faster and with less data with the Nokia Browser. The Nokia browser is up to 3 times as fast as other browsers and can use around 90% less data than other phones.

Colours: From sandy white to rose red, Asha comes in colours that resonate with your personality …or just match your favourite outfit.

Touch/Type: Choose from a keyboard, touchscreen or both to suit your style and typing preference.

Intuitive Interface: With Asha, more of what you use is close to hand – with a single swipe or tap you can access messages, play music or send a photo through an easy-to-use interface.

Apps: Head to the Nokia store and browse through thousands of apps including apps for music, advanced photography or even online banking.

EA Games Pack: Choose from 40 top tiles like Tetris, Need for Speed, Bejewelled, Sims and more, all for free with the EA Games app, pre-installed on selected Asha phones.

Data saving: On Asha, web apps are designed to take up less space on your phone – so you can download more of them and use less data – saving you money every time you use them.

Bringing it Home

Nokia Nigeria has partnered with Etisalat, Glo and Airtel for 6 months free internet service on every Asha device purchased and also with EA games to get 40 amazing games for free.

I love my Asha 311 and I recommend it for anyone who is considering buying a new phone.