#TEKnewyear Giveaway – We’ve Got Two Android Phones With Someone’s Name On Them

Starting this week, we can all officially consider the holidays over. But up in here we’ve still got plenty of holiday spirit leftover to share with you. No kidding. We’ve got two Android phones with us, and each have got someone’s name on them.

The two devices are coming courtesy of Gionee and Opera. Last year, they were gracious enough to give us a review unit of the petite Gionee Pocket, and I published my impressions here. Then we decided that we’d give it to one of our readers.

gionee pocket 2

When our donors learnt that we were going to give out the Pocket, they decided to throw in yet another one! So right now we’ve got the Gionee Pocket AND the Gionee Pioneer — another device in the Gionee line-up. And we can’t wait to give them away!

But as you’ll discover presently, this isn’t your usual giveaway. All that giving just got so contagious, and that’s why this a giveaway where YOU get to give something away. If there’s someone whom you think deserves a nice new year’s present — someone close to you perhaps; or a tweep you’re friendly with; or even some random person that you’ve never met before…then here’s your chance to make them smile in the new year.

And in addition to the fabulous, warm fuzzy feeling that comes from giving something to a friend, we’ve also got something for you. Now, now, you didn’t think we were gonna leave you out now, did you? That’s right, this giveaway is as much about winning as it is about giving. Are you game? Then come along!

To qualify for a chance to GIVE and WIN in our #TEKnewyear giveaway, follow each of these instructions carefully —

1. Follow OTEKBITS on Twitter here.

2. Tweet at the person you’d like to give a Gionee Android phone, with a cool happy 2013 message, and using the #TEKnewyear hashtag. To help you out, we’ve created this handy tweet button.

3. Our independent ‘selectors’ will select the two coolest new year messages and give the gift to their intended recipients!

4. Each winning giver gets N1,500 airtime on any network of their choice.

A few caveats though. No reciprocal gifting. That means if someone tweeted the gift at you, you cannot just tweet it back at them, you’ll both be disqualified. But you can tweet the gift at some else. Also, while we’d be glad if you shared this on Facebook, the #TEKnewyear giveaway works on Twitter only. We’ll definitely work at extending subsequent freebies to our Facebook audience, please pardon us this once. Lastly, we can only give the devices to winners resident in Nigeria.

Have you started tweeting and giving already? What are you waiting for? GO! And also follow our excellent sponsors on Twitter, Gionee and Opera.

The giveway is open until 12am on Thursday. Remember, the Twitter hashtag is #TEKnewyear. We’re doing this up till Wednesday, so the clock starts now. We’ll choose and announce the lucky winners on Friday.

[images via Lordbanks]