The Social 10: Ridiculously Cute Pics from Neymar

The Social 10 is a weekly pick of 10 cool things we find on social media.  In the spirit of the World Cup, here are 10 pictures from Brazilian player Neymar – dribbler, goal-scorer and all-round cutie.


1. Neymar and His Ridunculous Girlfriend

Did you notice the Superman case on his phone?



2. You Know You’re Big When You Wear Clothes With Your Logo on Them



3. He Loves His Mother



4. Turns Out He Loves Animals Too!



5. Neymar Pulls Off Topless Very Well Don’t You Think?



6. Apparently, he’s a Boss at Selfies Too



7. This Picture Has No Point. Just Enjoy the Picture



8. Every Man Needs a Thoughtful Side. Neymar’s is Still Cute



9. Gentlemen, Eat Your Hearts Out. I Know I’m Eating Mine



10. Neymar in Work Clothes. Every Day is Friday



Bonus Pic: This is His Model Girlfriend, Gabriella Lenzi. Doing a Handstand.