Glo offers 1.6GB monthly data plan for only N2000

Good news, Globacom just doubled the data allowance on their “My Phone” plan from 800MB to 1.6GB/month. While this upgrade has not been reflected on the Globacom website, yet, sources report that it’s a promo that will carry on till March 2014. There are a few caveats to using the new “My Phone” data plan:

  • You cannot buy another data plan until you finish the 1.6GB data allowance
  • You cannot carry over unused data to the next month
  • You cannot top up with another data plan

Looks like Glo are trying to experiment with customer usage,  to see if there is indeed a sizable demand for more data.

For just N2000, you can subscribe to the plan by either texting 55 to 127 or dialing the USSD *127*55#, from your Glo line.