WTF: Comedian Basketmouth Under Fire For Viral ‘Rape’ Joke, And It Isn’t His First

He may have deleted it, but funnyman Basketmouth’s ‘rape’ joke posted on his Facebook fan page yesterday may yet cost him far more than he could have ever imagined. See screenshot of post below.

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Reactions to the clearly ill-conceived joke have been pouring in, mostly channeled through Twitter. A sampling of tweeted opinions (and one blog post that has itself gone viral) indicates that a majority think the comedian’s misguided humour to be in bad taste.

And it isn’t Basketmouth’s first ‘rape’ joke either. Last Valentine’s Day at the African Kings of Comedy show in Manchester’s The Birdcage nightclub, the now repeat offender made an elaborate joke about grandmothers wanting to get raped by armed robbers. Video’s below if you can stomach it.

Basketmouth has since apologised (see tweet below), but this is definitely not the end of the matter.

Screenshot via Jaguda