Who Cares?! The Programmer Dress Code

I like to dress in a manner that yells, I don’t give a hoot! Or at least make it seem like I don’t. I love my programmer beard, scattered and scruffy looking, and I know you hate it, which makes me love it even more.

Programmers love their dress code. We couldn’t care less because our logical minds tell us after all manipulation in 1st order logic that time spent on looking good equals a big waste of time.

1st Order Logic:

Time Spent on Looking Good == Big Waste of Time

I remember when I was a kid and my Dad who was a banker, would force us to “dress corporate”, I hated it. I stumbled on programmers who created programs for computers that did cool things, I wanted to be like these rock stars that dressed how they felt comfortable and were revered, the dream was born.

Maybe that is the reason programmers aren’t a big hit with the opposite sex! So much code to write, so little time, whatever makes you sleep better. I have been able to dodge being asked to “clean up”, and every time I am forced to, the 8 year old boy’s dream dies a little bit.

What is your own programmer dress code?