Lets You Know Where You Can Travel Without a Visa

Have you ever wondered how powerful your passport was?  Or which countries you could travel to without a visa?  Wonder no more because is here to let you know.

Choose your country’s passport and the site will colour a map of the globe according to whether the you require a visa prior to arrival, whether you can get one when you land or if a visa isn’t even needed at all.  This simple, interactive website answers the question every Nigerian wants to know, “what’s the use of this Nigerian passport sef?”  We’ve checked and the answer is “not very useful”.  One of the saddest things the app shows up is how difficult it is for Africans to travel within Africa.  It’s the only continent where there’s this sort of restriction on movement.

According to VisaMapper, Nigerians can only travel to a few islands in the Caribbean and West Africa without visas.  Want to visit Afghanistan?  You’ll need a visa before you leave home.  Contrast this with the experience of, say, a United States citizen and you have a completely different story.

So, do you still want to be a Nigerian?