The Business of Blogging: Game of Numbers Over Loyalty

This is one dilemma bloggers often find themselves in. Should my blog be targeted at a niche audience, such as sports, technology, fashion, politics, pets, music, etc. or should I go for the numbers by offering a larger content range such as news, lifestyle, web, and entertainment?

While some will argue that with passion and knowledge of a particular niche, you get to grow an audience of loyal readers who get easily converted when it comes to monetization via direct sales or service offering, this approach often comes with a cap on numbers. On the other end going for numbers by offering a wide range of content corresponds to more traffic revenue in turn for looseness on reader’s loyalty.

However some blogs, including Mashable, and Buzz Feed, have gone on to master the balance, thus achieving both the numbers and level of loyalty that comes from brand association, and perhaps that comes from understanding the business of blogging.

Here’s a