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#MyOgaAtTheTop: There’s Now A Game For It, Daz All

Kuluya, a game development outfit based in Lagos has created a game based on the #MyOgaAtTheTop phenomenon.

Just tried playing it but got a score #MyOgaAtTheTop will not approve of.

With over a hundred games already, Kuluya intends to change the gaming landscape in Africa and we think this one will do the trick.

Gamers who play the game, #MyOgaAtTheTop are also treated to a soundtrack which is a mash-up of the Civil Defence commandant’s reply during his embarrassing outing on Channels TV.

Kuluya create games developed with African players as the key focus. From high-end console games to the casual browser games like the ‘Oga at the top, what is your website?’ game. The Video, which now has a DJ remix,is now trending on YouTube, and the hashtag was at #2 worldwide on Twitter as at yesterday.

How To Play: Navigate the  questions mine field by using your mouse to control the character. Avoid all Top Level Domains! Daz All!

Click HERE to play.

Source – YNaija

SXSW Looks To Africa As The Next Big Market

After the overwhelming success of Social Media Week Lagos held in Nigeria last month, Society HAE/AFRIKA21 heads to the annual South By South West (SXSW) Conference in Austin, TX to further explore how Africa is well positioned to be a key player in music, tech and film going forward.  Held March 8th to March 17th, SXSW’s official program will include two sessions produced by Society HAE at both interactive and music conference tracks.

On Monday, March 11, 2013 at 3:30pm Society HAE (SHAE) hosts “Africa or Bust! Content, Monetization, Opportunity,” at the Austin Convention Center featuring speakers from Tanzania, Nigeria and the UK who will provide insights on the local internet market and outline the opportunities for collaboration and investment.  On Friday, March 15, 2013 at 5pm at the Austin Convention Center SHAE hosts it’s second panel entitled “The Promise Land: Can Africa Save The Music Biz?” which looks to make the case for Africa as the next big market for music.  To attend either panel you will need a SXSW conference badge.  For those unable to attend SHAE’s panels they can follow the conversation on twitter via the hashtags #webAfrica and #PromiseLand.

More info on the panel:

Africa or Bust! Content, Monetization, Opportunity Panel Details

Panel Details: here

The Promise Land: Can Africa Save The Music Biz?

Panel Details: here


Society HAE (SHAE) is an online media and events production company that promotes emerging art and culture from a global perspective.  Using digital media and events as a platform SHAE celebrates artists and the goodness they create worldwide.


AFRIKA21 was conceptualized as a media and production outfit that could take a multidisciplinary approach to promoting a new vision of Africa in the 21st Century. AFRIKA21 produces online content, multimedia events and public programming with the expressed purpose of reframing the conversation around Africa, creating awareness of the opportunities that exist on the continent and encouraging collaboration.

Blackberry 10: The Local Launch With Local Apps

Blackberry on 7th of Feb. 2013 officially launched its next-generation platform to Nigerian customers, which is now available in black and white from carriers Etisalat, Glo, Airtel and MTN Nigeria and at authorized retail outlets through distributors EMS and Brightstar.

BlackBerry also partnered with a number of Nigerian application developers to ensure a wide selection of top Nigerian brands and mobile apps are available on the all new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone powered by BlackBerry 10.

We are proud to see Nigeria’s innovative developer community get behind the BlackBerry 10 platform, with more than 250 local apps now available and many more coming,” said Waldi Wpener, Managing Director for BlackBerry.

Some of the Nigerian applications available at Launch include:

Essential App

Essential App is a free lifestyle content app that provides access to everyday information needed in Nigeria. It gives customers access to a search-based business directory backed by 100,000 listed businesses and links to useful Nigerian websites for news, sports and events. The Essential App also provides flight times at nearby airports, movie schedules, Forex rates and more.

Ready Cash Mobile Money

Ready Cash is a CBN licensed mobile money service, which allows easy access to financial services provided through a large network of agents. Customers can use the ReadyCash app to send and receive money using only a phone number, transfer funds to bank accounts, and pay utility bills and for goods and services at merchant locations.

Jobs In Nigeria

Jobs in Nigeria is a job-finding app that connects job seekers to employers in Nigeria. The app lists jobs from various sources and also allows employers to post jobs and search for candidates. It was created to serve the needs of graduates with smartphones, as well as employed professionals looking to change their jobs.

Nigeria Stock Market Report

A free pp that allows you to see the daily data, news and analysis of the stocks traded on the Nigeria stock Exchange Market.

Other Nigerian apps available in BlackBerry World include: Afrinolly, Figgi Cinema, The Punch, Nigeria News, Scholarship Tips, Complete Sports News, Nigeria Hospitals, Nigerian Breaking News, Update on Crime & Justice, Your Vehicle Clinic, and Comedy and Humor.

The event was rounded up with a 2 winners of BlackBerry Z10 although I was not lucky enough to be one.

Opera Launches Mobile Browser for Andriod In Beta

Opera browser for Android is now out in a beta version, providing mobile web navigation that is sleeker and easier to use than ever. The completely redesigned Opera for Android is the result of a passion for design combined with 17 years’ worth of know-how and innovation.

The web browser is one of the most important apps in your Android phone, as it’s your all-access card to the web. To make sure Android mobile users get the best experience available, Opera has rebuilt the entire browser to ensure you can make the most of your web time. Opera for Android provides a full, native browsing experience for your Android phone.

The beta version launched today, the first iteration of the new generation of Opera browsers for smartphones, will give developers and first-movers in the mobile-app world access to Opera’s latest offering for Android users.

Opera, renowned for innovation, has built on its most loved features to become even better:

  • New look: Opera for Android sports a completely new user interface that is more elegant and built to the native specifications of the Android platform.
  • Discover feature: This provides a new way of discovering content on the web. From the Discover panel of the startup screen, you can read a selection of popular articles and dig deeper into your interests, such as sports, technology, lifestyle or news. Opera has selected relevant global and regional sources, so let Opera do the surfing for you.
  • New, revamped Speed Dial: Opera’s engineers discovered that users like to have links readily available in the Speed Dial, yet also wanted the flexibility of a bookmark folder. With the new Speed Dial, the bookmarks are fused together with the Speed Dial entries to provide a new experience. It’s easier to group, organize and rename Speed Dial entries or gather them in folders — all with the touch of your thumb.
  • Off-Road mode: Opera for Android integrates the compression technology from Opera Mini, for faster browsing when conditions are rough. Bad network or costly roaming while traveling? Just switch to Off-Road mode and keep on surfing.
  • Combined search and address bar: Opera has combined the search and URL field for a more elegant UI and more intuitive input.
  • Tabbed browsing: The elegant tabbed browsing makes it easier than ever to browse, open and sort all your open browser windows on your phone. It even offers private browsing, just like the Opera desktop browser.
  • History: With the easily accessible history mode, return to that page you saw earlier today fast — just swipe your finger to the right to access the content on the left on your home screen.
  • Save for later: This feature lets the user download a complete webpage and read it later while offline. It’s perfect for reading long articles on flights without Wi-Fi or just when you don’t want to connect to the internet.

“There are countless hours that have gone into making this completely new, completely re-thought Opera for Android,” says Opera Software EVP of product development Rikard Gillemyr. “I dare say that many smartphone users spend much more time using their web browser than any other app on their phones. That’s why we have made our newest mobile phone browser more elegant and more beautiful than ever, while still packing so much functionality into it. Go ahead — take the Opera beta out for a spin on your Android phone and see for yourself.”

To try out the new browser, download the Opera browser for Android beta from Google Play or visit on your mobile phone. Opera supports Android devices with phone-sized screens from version 2.3 and up.

About Opera Software ASA

The worldwide World Wide Web — any device, any platform, any bandwidth, absolutely anywhere in the world. Opera Software was founded in 1994, based on the idea that access to the web should be a universal right. 300 million people (and counting) use the Opera web browsers for computers, mobile phones, TVs and other connected devices. Learn more about Opera at

The Reality of Coding (Video): A Nigerian’s Reaction

Editor’s Note: Segun Ogunlana is the CEO of Avatar Media and Technology Nigeria Limited and Founder Afripreneur and IjebuMarket. He has interest in project management, business strategy, rich and new media, marketing, and research and development. Segun is also Chemical Engineering graduate from the University of Lagos.

video on the reality of coding staring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Will.I.Am and Chris Bosh was aired on Tuesday, 26th of February, 2013 by The video currently has over 5 million views. I got a Nigerian entrepreneur, Segun Ogunlana, the founder of Afripreneurial, to share his reaction to the video. Here is what he had to say:

The fun part of coding

Like Steve Jobs said, coding helps you think, which is very true. It also helps a young person develop a great organisational ability for the flow of processes in solving a problem. In as much as Zuckerberg believes it was fun, I believe the fun part only comes when your codes successfully pass the compiler/interpreter test. It is true that coding makes you think because every program you write is a problem solved. It helps to develop a mindset of solving problems.

The reality of coding to me

I first saw a computer in 1991 or 1992 when I was about 7/8 years old. It was at  A.D.R.A.O International School in Victoria-Island, Lagos and the game Prince of Persia was being played by some of my mates who probbly had one at home. It was not until early 1996 that I had real personal contact with a computer, this time in O & A Academy, Ikenne-Remo, Ogun-State when I started programming in BASIC.

My first lesson was to write a program that could add 2 numbers. From then on, I kept writing programs to help with arithmetic calculations which I did regularly at break time. It got to a point when my friends asked me to help out with mathematical difficulties; I would then go to the computer room, to a particular computer, search for a particular program, run it, enter the values and get the answer.

Unlike Zuckerberg who saw it as fun, I saw it as a computer science challenge/thing as my school gave me a big A Levels CS French computer science book as my prize for being second at the end of JSS1. Boys made fun of me that I would run mad if I finished all 400 pages of the book, and I did to prove them.

The good side to it was that I saw it as a means of solving problems, but the ugly side was that everything around me returned to the dark ages as soon as I left the computer room then. Zuckerberg and I probably started programming at the same time, but while his dad got him a tutor to help him sharpen his interest, my folks here saw it as a plus to my results that I will get a good job because I was computer literate; so I went to University of Lagos to study Chemical Engineering. I somehow learnt FORTRAN and C along the way but the Nigerian reality had the upper hand.

What is the Nigerian reality?

While the class of people showcased in the video seem to be very convincing, but we in this clime need to be careful in just accepting anything. How can we think coding will be the trump card for kids in school when the education we had in the sciences in Nigeria is still yet to be relevant. What is lacking the most is support and relevant learning/application.

If we were to ask those paraded in the video their last blackout or when they did they pulled a generator last, I’m sure you will get a blank stare from even Makinde. What we should be talking about is building the proper ecosystem. We have a massive pool of young people who are older than those kids and who should pave the way.

In as much as it is good for kids to learn coding, as it sharpens their minds and makes them more determined and process organized, we should ensure they are learning it for the right reasons and we the older ones should provide an ecosystem for them to thrive.


BlackBerry Trials Mobile Money Transfer Service Over Messenger

BlackBerry  is testing a new mobile money transfer application integrated into its signature Messenger chat service, a move the beleaguered device maker hopes will keep customers from defecting to rival over-the-top messaging services like fast-growing WhatsApp, Bloomberg reports.

The BBM Money app, developed in partnership with m-commerce services firm Monitise and available for download from the BlackBerry World storefront, enables consumers to create and access accounts from their BlackBerry smartphone and make real-time payments to BBM contacts who have also signed up for the service. Users can also transfer money to bank accounts.

BlackBerry (formerly Research In Motion) is kicking off the pilot in Indonesia in partnership with PT Bank Permata, which will issue BBM Money mobile money accounts, process financial transactions and manage bank-grade security measures including a passcode, encryption and monitoring. BlackBerry users can create a BBM Money account and add cash at any of PT Bank Permata’s 700,000 ATMs, and may begin making payments to BBM contacts and transferring money to other bank accounts after visiting a designated bank location for one-time identity check. BBM Money additionally lets Indonesian users purchase mobile airtime or prepaid SIM cards for their family and friends.

Bianto Surodjo, head of electronic channels at PT Bank Permata, told Bloomberghe believes BBM Money will boast “a few hundred thousand” users within 12 months. “If they want to do the payment, they just go into BBM Money and they transfer in a simple way as if they were chatting,” he said. “We want to put financial activities into customers’ habits because BlackBerry Messenger is becoming like the culture here for people to communicate.”

Roughly three out of every four BlackBerry device owners use BlackBerry Messenger, corresponding to roughly 60 million users worldwide. BlackBerry Vice President of BBM and Social Communities T.A. McCann said the launch of BBM Money is the latest in a series of new Messenger features designed to boost the service’s appeal. The new BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system, unveiled late last month, expands BBM to include Wi-Fi-enabled voice calling and video chat features; users may also share screens in real time with other BlackBerry 10 contacts, boosting collaborative possibilities.

“BBM was traditionally thought of as just a chat client,” McCann said. “We’re really trying to work hard to show clear examples of how we’re expanding BBM well beyond just chat.” He added that assuming the PT Bank Permata BBM Money trial is successful, “you could assume all kinds of different expansion whether it be additional banks, [additional] countries, additional devices and of course all kinds of functionality.”

McCann acknowledged that BBM Money is unlikely to attract new users to the BlackBerry platform or win back consumers lost to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. “Is somebody going to buy a BlackBerry in the United States because it potentially has got BBM Money? No,” he said. “Would they buy it in Indonesia because of BBM Money? Maybe, but in that case we have lots of reasons why they want to have a BlackBerry, and BBM is one of them.”

The BlackBerry OS powered 32.5 million smartphones shipped last year, corresponding to a market share of 4.5 percent–down from 10.3 percent in 2011–research firm IDC reports. Analysts expressed doubt that BBM Money will help turn around the platform’s declining fortunes.

“Combining BlackBerry’s customer franchise, Monitise’s strong mobile money platform and PT Bank Permata’s banking expertise looks like a winning partnership–but is it really? We think the jury is out,” writes Ovum Customer Insights Analyst Angel Dobardziev. “There was little in the announcement on the agent network that will support the service other than the use of PT Bank Permata’s ATM network. As unbanked users typically cash in and cash out a lot when they first sign up to a mobile money service, a number of players have found it difficult to gain traction if an agent is not close by to help users send or receive transactions.”

#MWC13 | Opera Lands On Fun I WIT Tablets For Children

Opera Software today announced a collaboration with I WIT Digital to pre-install Opera Mobile and the Opera Mobile Store on their Android tablets for kids, giving parents a range of fun and free apps for their children.

I WIT, which specializes in designing and producing tablet devices for 3-9 year olds, will bring Opera Software’s mobile web browser and app store to its tablets. I WIT’s colorful tablets are waterproof and shockproof, and aim to help kids learn, talk and play.

The Opera Mobile Store features more than 200 kid-friendly apps, which parents can install to keep their children entertained and stimulated. The apps, specifically designed for kids, include word and memory games, stories, singing, puzzles, drawing, quizzes and math games. There are even loads of free apps for learning the alphabet, animal sounds, shapes and how to play the piano.

The Opera Mobile Store and Opera Mobile browser are pre-installed on I WIT’s I5S and I70 models, for sale in Poland and Russia. The Opera Mobile Store can be accessed via the Speed Dial start page of the Opera Mobile browser.

“Today’s children are interacting with technology earlier, as tablets and devices offer kids new possibilities for learning and discovering the world around them,” says Igor Netto, Business Developer for Mobile, Opera Software. “We are bringing even more learning and fun to I WIT’s tablets by making it easy for parents to install apps, which appeal not only to kids but to app fans of all ages.”

The Opera Mobile Store is the largest cross-platform app store, supporting Android, Java, Symbian and BlackBerry devices. It is available through Opera Software’s flagship Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers, which have more than 229 million users worldwide. Opera Mobile and the Opera Mobile Store can be preinstalled by manufacturers on any tablet or mobile.

If you’re joining Mobile World Congress, come visit Opera Software in Hall 5 at booth C90.

About I WIT

I WIT is a development company, located in Shenzhen, China, with over 80 employees (80% are engineers). After two years of development, we have released Kids Tablets with our special KID-OS operating system, and the WeeOcean Apps Series with cloud control feature. Our Kids Tablets are produced by the ICTI certified factory, and all the products are under the EN71 and ASTM standards. We focus on Kids Tablets hardware and software design and development. Our target is to be the best Kids Tablet developer in China.

About Opera Software ASA

The worldwide World Wide Web — any device, any platform, any bandwidth, absolutely anywhere in the world. Opera Software was founded in 1994, based on the idea that access to the web should be a universal right. 300 million people (and counting) use the Opera web browsers for computers, mobile phones, TVs and other connected devices. Learn more about Opera at


Samsung Launches ‘Grand Duos’ in Grand Style.

Samsung Nigeria on 15th of February, 2013 at Civic Center, Lagos, launched the Samsung Grand Duos in a party where Banky W, Samsung Ambassador also launched his new album “R & BW”.

The phone was unveiled by Samsung’s Country Manager, Emmanouil Revmatas. This double launch was not a surprise as the Samsung Country Manager, earlier in January, explained in a press conference organized to introduce their new ambassador, Kate Henshaw, that the efforts of the ambassadors in the company success in 2012 was significant.

Although Sasha P was replaced by Kate Henshaw, the whole idea of ambassadorship was something the Samsung brand was not letting go.

The event saw different entertainment industry movers and shakers, and many artists performed among which was Banky W, Chidinma, Iyanya, Eldee, Waje, and Tiwa Savage. Samsung Nigeria gave a decent unveiling, introducing the phone with a short video review of the device by TechCity.

Do watch out for the OTEKBITS review. Until then, we’ve got lots of photos for you too:

social media business

Social Media: Right Platform To Earn Money

Editor’s Note: Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. Besides this she is fond of luxury cars and wishes to own a Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR one day.

Till a few years ago, jobs as social media specialist and social media marketing manager were rather unheard about. Thinking about managing these kind of jobs from home was an alien concept. Times have changed though and with every 13th person on this planet hooked to social media websites as Facebook, social media has randomly transformed itself into a medium through which money can be earned.

Money That Can Be Made

Is making money through social media a reality? If this question troubles you, the answer is a yes. You would be surprised to know that social media specialists in United States are making around $30,000 to $70,000 per year. One is not required to work full time with the company and most people who are working find time to manage their usual jobs and simultaneously find time to make money from social media websites too.

The ability to make money from these social media websites vary as per the person’s profile and depends largely on the ability of the person to find work and contribute adequate time.

Have A Professional Approach

Just having a social media checklist and having Google plus, Twitter and Facebook accounts will not help. Being a social media manager calls for lot more than just maintaining presence on the social media. If you check around you will come across hundred’s of profiles that will have random posts, random likes of their activities and pictures of their friends.
If maintaining professional presence on social media is your calling, you need to do a bit of cleaning up. Have a professional approach and market yourself in true earnest. Social media is a powerful medium to earn and gain and in case you adopt a professional approach things will work in your favor.

Maintain Presence on Multiple Platforms

If you wish to boost the company’s online presence, the need to be proficient on distinct social media platforms is all the more important. Build a strong online presence on each of the social media websites and be active on all of their platforms.
Post meaningful content and reply to every query generated. You never know which of these may turn out into a business dealing that can help you make a fortune in the long run.

Use technology to your advantage and if you are into business of making money from social media using software as Hootsuite can work wonders for you. The software makes it a child’s play to maintain social media accounts and you can manage and plan your time between different social media websites , thus using them to the best of your advantage.

Building a powerful resume.

As social media is a new and developing field, no one can claim to be using it since long. This will work in your favor as there is little competition in the field. Build up your profile and display it accordingly on the social media websites. Those with a degree in marketing can specially benefit from this medium as they can integrate their learning in an organized way into the profile. This will ultimately result in helping one build a strong profile, thus having a better chance of succeeding professionally as a social media manager.
Navigating the field

The work profile of a social media manager is such that they can work from home. However, this does not mean that the task is easier to manage. With competition increasing by the day, the job of a social media manager is not a laid back job. A highly competitive field, social media management requires one to be tech savvy and abreast with developments that emerge on a daily basis.

Task as a social media manager

As a social media manager one can have multiple task to perform. However, the monetary returns are great, if a professional attitude is maintained. One can fit in a range of roles that range from simple management to social media marketing planning. One needs to post engaging status update messages on Facebook tweet some interesting stuff, manage the Twitter inbox, reply to posts and interact with and build audience.

Additionally, you will be required to delete spams and reply to comments. All this requires one to be abreast with developments in the field and work with utmost professionalism. You may also land up with assignments as doing some consultations for clients and conduct PPC campaigns.

Social media management has turned itself into a full time profession and with talented youngsters from various educational backgrounds taking up social media marketing as a profession, things are brightening up.

mobile adspend

Opera Mediaworks Q4 2012 Report Shows Record Growth In Mobile Advertising

Opera Mediaworks, an Opera Software company, today published its Q4 State of the Mobile Advertising report, sharing key mobile advertising data and trends from the last quarter of 2012. The source of the data is the company’s extensive mobile advertising platform, which serves 50+ billion ad impressions per month via 12,000 mobile sites and apps, delivering a total of $400 million in revenue to mobile publishers in 2012.

The report showed that:
  • Q4 was a record quarter. The fourth quarter represented more than a two-times increase in impressions and revenue to publishers compared to any other quarter in 2012. This reflects the magnitude of marketing and advertising spend during this quarter, associated with the seasonal impact of holiday shopping.
  • Android is on the rise, influenced by the adoption of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The iOS platform is still on top for monetization, but Android smartphones edged out the iPhone by about two percentage points for market share of global impression volume.
  • Music, Video and Media is the top category for impressions. Consumers are using their mobile devices more and more for consumption of music, video and media, taking 21.4% of all impressions. Arts & Entertainment proved to be more valuable to publishers, generating slightly more revenue overall.
  • North American mobile ad dominance shrinks as global players emerge. From Q3 to Q4, the number of ad requests from North America went from 70% of the global total to 64% due to the growth of international traffic. In particular, the Russian Federation has emerged with significant growth in ad requests (60%) from the beginning of Q2 to the end of Q4 last year, largely due to adoption of Android devices.

The report also finds that the sophisticated features now found on mobile devices allow for high-impact, rich media campaigns. Using examples from DreamWorks Animation and Kraft Foods, Opera demonstrates how brands are able to combine new types of ad units, branded content and embedded calls to action to create an engaging narrative on their customers’ smartphones.

To read the full report, go to

About Opera Mediaworks

Opera Mediaworks is the world’s leading mobile advertising platform that helps power the global mobile economy. The platform improves efficiency, through technology, innovation, transparency and trust, to create an open and vibrant marketplace for publishers and advertisers across the globe. Opera Mediaworks includes AdMarvel, an ad serving and mediation platform; Mobile Theory, a premium mobile ad network in the US; 4th Screen Advertising Ltd., a premium ad network in the UK. Also included are impressions served within Opera mobile properties, including Opera Smart Page and the Opera Mobile Store. Opera Mediaworks is a member of the Opera Software family of companies.

About Opera Software ASA

The worldwide World Wide Web — any device, any platform, any bandwidth, absolutely anywhere in the world. Opera Software was founded in 1994, based on the idea that access to the web should be a universal right. 275 million people (and counting) use the Opera web browsers for computers, mobile phones, TVs and other connected devices. Opera also delivers tools, distribution, engagement, monetization and market insights to developers, publishers and brands around the world. We are passionate about breaking down barriers, so everyone can share in the power of the internet. Our vision of one web for all remains at the heart of what we do, because we believe that participation changes everything. Opera Software ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol OPERA. ‘Opera’, ‘Opera Software’, ‘Opera Mini’ and the ‘O’ logo are trademarks of Opera Software ASA. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Learn more about Opera at