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Is RIM, Makers of Blackberry, Going To Split Up Into Two?

Things are not looking too smooth for RIM and they have been looking into how they will save the company. They have changed management a few times and some top manangement officials have had to go themselves.

There have been dwindling sales of Blackberry phones and many folks in the global north, some part of Europe and Asia are moving en mass to iPhone and Android phones.

Despite the growth in Sales in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Indonesia and some other emerging markets, RIM makers of Blackberry are still bleeding.

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iROKING Adds Symbian Version of Mobile App

iROKING is the Nigerian premium music streaming platform belonging to the iROKO Partners, the owners of Nolywoodlove on YouTube, that is now available on their own channel on the web; iROKO TV.

It is available on the web and mobile. It allows you to stream music over 3G or Wifi on your mobile. It also claims to have an offline option for listening to music on mobile. [I did not get that to work for me on my mobile]

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RIM Introduces the BlackBerry Curve 9320 – A Stylish, New Smartphone for the Socially-Connected

Blackberry has continuously retained its position as the no 1 smartphone in Nigeria. They have recently changed their Cheif Marketing Officer and Chief Operating Officer. In a conversation I had with Russell Southwood of Balancing Act last week, he told me he’s more confident that Microsoft Windows Phone will do better that RIM. He spotted RIMs problem as that of organisational set up.

Be that as it may, RIM is not giving up and they are reloading their gun to aim higher. Recently they’ve been looking at a revamp of their operating system and they are looking forward to the BB10, which is a total departure from the current operating system. Zubair Abubakar, the Nigerian Blackberry developer that developed the Nigerian Constitution application for Blackberry said he’s excited about the BB10.

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5 Reasons You Should Develop For Blackberry Platform in Nigeria

Mobile Web West Africa 2012 was great and I am happy to have made it to the event. The event was super charged. Yes, #MWWA 2012 is gone. There were several key take-aways and I’ll be sharing some of them on this blog.

Blackberry stole the show many times as expected. RIM was the sponsor of the developers day. Of course there were other companies and other superb presentations. Lelany Sommers, Blackberry representative from the UK, made a presentation on the first day, sharing some statistics and also announcing that RIM is opening an office in Nigeria. Finally!!! This is long overdue based on the company’s market presence in Nigeria. Read more…

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Local Tech Stories: Are Your Devices Secured?

If you currently own or use a gadget, you definitely need to read this. I have decided to write this in order to raise security awareness of mobile devices mostly used today. Statistics have it that, young people of today carry with them at least 2 to 3 mobile devices which include mobile phones, mobile notebooks, laptops, mobile music devices. Read more…

Symbian: The Burning Platform Gets Microsoft Office Mobile Apps

There has been series of heated debates and arguments on the infamous speech given by Steve Elop that Symbian is a burning platform. The death of Symbian has been proclaimed and now, the dying OS is still getting some love from Microsoft. If you are in love with Microsoft Office and you still use any of the Symbian devices, then it is getting more interesting. Editing and creating your office documents is now just your Symbian mobile device away.

According to Nokia Conversations, Nokia 701, Nokia 700, Nokia 603, Nokia E7, Nokia X7, Nokia C7, Nokia Oro, and Nokia C6-01 will now get this much sought after collection of productivity apps.

Why will Microsoft take the time to put together Microsoft Office for the platform if it is dead as proclaimed? Read more…

Utility App: JuiceDefender Battery Manager For Android

One of the major problems that comes with smart phones is the rate at whcih battery life is drained. Its not a virus eating your battery life away or your Android device not in good condition, neither is it the screen resolution (even though its partially responsible).

If you are a heavy data user, then you are sure your battery life would not last 12hrs even when fully charged and when heavily used for mobile application such as twitter, facebook, skype, yahoo messager, whatsapp messenger just to mention a few.

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Phone Switch: Iphone to Android Devices

Two years ago, we would have been hard pressed to come up with reasons for an iPhone owner to switch to Android. That’s no longer a problem, thanks to the advent of super-fast 4G phones, high-resolution 4.3-inch displays, free GPS navigation, and the Android Market’s expansion.

Whether you’re thinking of making the jump or have already pulled the trigger, there are some things you need to consider. For instance, you need to consider your basic needs. Why do you need a phone? And what do you do on a daily basis. Before we continue, watch the video below. It will give you an idea of which platform to go for?

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Broadband Penetration in Nigeria

Fast Broadband Internet in Nigeria is said to be a luxury to have. It is seen that most upwardly mobile young Nigerians carry mutiple Internet connection devices, just in a bid to be in connection to the rest of the world. Whose responsibility should it be to provide adequate and reliable Internet access at an affordable cost to the people of Nigeria? The Government? The Nigeria Communication Commission? The Private Sector?

In anyways, ATCON (Association Of Telecom Company Of Nigerian) led by Engineer Titi Omo-Ettu a season Telecoms proffesional with his team met with the NCC to discuss the best way forward for Nigeria as relates to Broadband Internet availability. Both organisations are known to be working at pulling together to get broadband internet access to be widespread in Nigeria.

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A Review Of The New IPAD

Since the launch of the New IPad on March 7th, 2012, I have being looking for reviews of people who were at the launch and were able to have a look and feel of the new device from the stable of Apple.

Amongs all the pros and cons I have read on the Internet, the major concerns has being the weight of the device which happens to be heavy than the IPAD2. Personally i am also concern about the weight simply because, when attached to protective cases the weight would increase and then make the device much more heavier. Apple should have known one selling point of the IPAD is its sleekness and low weight.

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