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Tecno Live Smart Watch & Win Promo

Tecno Mobile recently released a set of smart hi-tech devices popularly known as the Smart Family. The Smart family members include the amazing Phantom AIII, the portable Phantom Pad mini, the unique M7, the solid P5, the beautiful M5, and the super-fast Phantom A+. These devices are the latest in town and have caught the eye of every lover of technology, keeping everyone talking about Tecno Mobile.

The demand for the members of the Smart Family has been outstanding and has taken a large market share barely weeks after release. In addition to the massive success of the brand, Tecno Mobile has enjoyed a massive growth online and enjoys one of the highest Facebook interaction rates in the country.

To reward its loyal fans, Tecno mobile launched a watch & win promo which requires the participants to watch a series of videos and answer a few questions from what they watched under a very free and fair system. Participants have the opportunity to monitor their progress against others’ by viewing the leader board from time to time. The promo is open to everyone and all participants in this promo stand a chance to win BIG this season.

To WIN BIG on the Tecno Watch & Win Promo, visit and watch the animated videos. After watching the released episode, take the quiz which is centred on the video you just watched. Each released video comes with its own quiz; therefore you can take part in the quiz simply by watching the videos, sharing with your friends and taking the quiz.

The quiz has 5 questions which carry 2 points each; therefore there is a maximum of 10 points to be earned. In addition, you can earn more points by taking a survey and sharing with friends. You earn 5 bonus points when you complete a survey, 1 bonus point when you share the video and additional points when your friends click your shared link. The more you share, the more your friends click the links, the more bonus points you earn. WINNING BIG has never been easy and fun. Join the league of people who enjoy the unique animated videos.

Be cool…Be informed and #LiveSmart.

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Apps Developed In Africa – Olaleshe

The power of mobile phones go way beyond merely making and receiving calls. They have become multi-dynamic and multidimensional tools, especially in the hands of capable users. They can carry all sorts of applications, ranging from entertainment to education and security apps. In our highlight this week, we have Olaleshe – a mobile application which can be used in any case of an emergency.


Olalashe is a location-aware distress alerting mobile application. The word Olalashe means “brother” in Maasai. It is the kind of application that can be used to receive emergency messages from spouses, kids and relations in any case of danger. It helps to increase the assurance of safety knowing that they have a simple, technical and efficient way of calling for help.

Problem It Solves

The problem of personal security is one which can never be over-emphasized. Olaleshe is a geo-alert application developed to enhance the ability to easily call for help in a case of emergency or danger.

Unique Feature

It works in an efficient manner such that with the push of a button, a user in trouble can send a preset SMS or email alert to their preset emergency contacts. The message would include their location that is sent to emergency contacts. It has a single-click widget button which could be located on your home screen for quick access.

It could be useful in alerting authorities or family members, in case you find yourself in peril. At the press of just one button, multiple pre-selected people get sent an SMS and/or email with a preset message which includes your location. It allows you to do the following: Enter your In-Case of Emergency (ICE) Contacts; choose these Contacts from your phone book; Send an SMS that you are in trouble with a link to your location to all your ICE Contacts.

Value Proposition

With the way it was designed, Olalashe can help increase the sense of security of people by enabling them get help much faster, whenever they need it. In the future, security groups such as neighborhood watches or community policing may form around applications like this. The application was developed by a Kenyan – David Lemayian of Capefield Ltd.

Olaleshe won the best application in the social/communication category in the 2011 Google’s Android Developer Challenge in Sub-Saharan Africa and is currently available on the android platform presently as a free application on the Google play store.

Potential Coverage

Security is a huge deal anywhere in the world. As such, applications such as Olaleshe have the potential for use right across the world, more so in places with high crime rates and little or inefficient policing.


It is currently available on the Android platform, but it is hoped that with the kind of problem it solves, it would be expanded to other platforms such as iOS, Blackberry and Windows. I also hope it would someday include a tracker, which updates location feedback that could help in the case of a victim being moved to a different location.

Revisiting Mobile Number Portability: Biggest Gainers And Losers

With the freedom granted to consumers to finally switch mobile phone networks without losing their phone numbers, the telecommunications space in Nigeria has gotten more interesting. Different people speculated on how many people had moved from their old networks. In the midst of this, nothing concrete was proven, at least not until Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) released official assessments last week.

The assessment revealed some interesting facts. According to the NCC reports, MTN Nigeria came off the worst, with a total loss amounting to 49% of the overall number of subscribers who switched service providers. Effectively, the mobile number portability scheme has provided subscribers with an opportunity to protest non-performance or unsatisfactory services they might have been getting from networks.

Nigeria, now with over 100 million active subscribers, is a huge market for telcos. As such, the numbers show that there is a vast field for competition, and networks which offer great quality of service, good customer service, loyalty rewards and other value added services, stand a great chance of coming out tops. Interestingly according to the ratings, Etisalat was shown to have had the least number of subscribers leaving, and the most number of subscribers switching networks to their platform. With a claim of 44% of total number of subscribers porting in the first month, Etisalat Nigeria recorded the biggest gain.

Many would remember the controversial ads which emerged on the same day the mobile number portability scheme was launched in April, popularly referred to as the “Saka don Port” saga. Well, the figures are proving that the reverse is the case, as MTN Nigeria lost with huge numbers while Etisalat gained more. The others find themselves in between with Globacom being next on the losers list with 23%, and Airtel Nigeria faring a little better than both of them at 17%. These are  according to the NCC figures from May.

The quality of service being provided on the platforms seemed to have been the core deciding factor. Citing number portability as one of the gains of the 12th year of commercial roll out of GSM services in Nigeria, Mr Tony Ojobo, the Director of Public Affairs for the NCC, highlighted that the competition has gotten a lot keener, and this works in the interest of the consumers.

Although the figures are not permanent, they may just be forecast of things to come. Some say “Saka might have joined the wrong team,” but that takes nothing away from MTN Nigeria, as they remain the network with the largest number of subscribers. Arguably, they have led the way since 2001 when the very first GSM call in Nigeria was made. But even at that, the freedom to move lines from one network to another would see them having to tighten their belts if they are to retain the lead.

We can only look forward to subsequent reports from the NCC to be able to state categorically who leads and who lags. Until then, it would be up to the networks to up their game, and for the subscribers to determine if their best is good enough.

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Stay Connected On The Move With Nomad Mobile Powerbank

A friend once joked that now, people don’t ask for food or water when they visit, they ask for a charger for their mobile devices. But my own charging drama stopped after gotten Nomad power Storing Charger.

Nomad 5-port universal charger is a mobile power storing charger with 11,000mAh which gives up to 83 hours of talk time charge on a smartphone and the opportunity of charging multiple phones at a go with its eight phone connectors. Although the 5-port universal charger is not pocket size, with 131mm x 80mm x 20mm, it looks smart and can be used even in a meeting for people to connect with it.

Facts about Nomad 5-port Universal Charger:

  1. Nomad 5-port universal charger can charge all phones, phablets and tablets. All Nomad chargers come with charging cable and connector tips for microUSB, miniUSB, Nokia, Apple 30-pin, SonyEricsson, PSP.
  2. A Nomad charger only loses 6% of its charge if you store it for one whole month without using it.
  3. The Nomad Laptop charger has switchable voltage settings of 12v, 16v and 19v. It comes with connectors for virtually every laptop
  4. Nomad chargers are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with what you get, they’ll refund your money.
  5. In these days of electrocuting iPhones and exploding S4 phones, a Nomad Charger is the safest way to charge your phone because it includes multiple protection features to keep you and your devices safe.
  6. A Nomad 10H weighs about the same as an iPhone5
  7. A Nomad 5-port weighs less than an iPad and can fit in the back pocket of your jean

The Nomad Charger Online Store can get your Nomad delivered same day in Lagos if you order before noon.

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New BlackBerry 9720 Comes With A BBM Shortcut Key And More

For customers that want a smartphone that’s built for a communications centric experience, BlackBerry today introduced the new super social BlackBerry 9720 smartphone. Designed for a premium look and available in a variety of vibrant colors, the new BlackBerry 9720 smartphone takes everything you’d get from a starter smartphone to the next level, and comes packed with all of your favorite social apps to let you spark the conversation.

“The BlackBerry 9720 smartphone gives you all the essentials of the BlackBerry smartphone experience to support a communications centric lifestyle. It has the best keyboard and functionality for BBM, as well as an updated BlackBerry 7 OS that adds many enhancements. It’s perfect for customers upgrading from a feature phone or entry-level Android or Windows Phone device, as well as existing BlackBerry smartphone customers, that want a richer experience and jump up in style and performance,” said Carlo Chiarello, Executive Vice President for Products at BlackBerry.

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The BlackBerry 9720 smartphone features a spacious BlackBerry Keyboard with distinct keys for optimal typing, a 2.8” touchscreen and trackpad for easy navigation, offers generous battery life, and numerous enhancements including:

BlackBerry 7 OS – The new BlackBerry 9720 smartphone comes with BlackBerry 7 OS version 7.1, which features an updated interface that lets you swipe to unlock the phone or access the camera from the lock screen, as well as additional enhancements.

BBM – The new BlackBerry 9720 smartphone features a dedicated BBM™ key that makes it quick and convenient to access the globally popular mobile social network, and with its BlackBerry Keyboard, messaging your BBM friends is easy and accurate. It also includes BBM Voice, which lets you chat over Wi-Fi for free. The latest version of BBM, which features BBM Channels, will also soon be available for download on the BlackBerry World storefront, letting you tune in and connect with the businesses, brands, celebrities and groups you are passionate about.

Built-in FM Radio – With the BlackBerry 9720 smartphone you can listen to local FM stations, and automatically let your BBM friends know what station you’re currently listening to.

Multicast to Make Yourself Heard in an Instant – The refreshed BlackBerry 7 OS lets you quickly type your message once and post it simultaneously and instantly to your friends on BBM, Twitter and Facebook. You can even snap a picture and post it to multiple social networks all at the same time, right from the camera app.

Discover New Possibilities – With access to BlackBerry 7 apps and games on BlackBerry World, the BlackBerry 9720 smartphone can make you more productive and better informed, and keep you well connected and thoroughly entertained, while on the move.

Smart for Business Too – With BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express, the BlackBerry 9720 smartphone offers superior business productivity features with market-leading mobile device management, application management and security, and is a very cost-effective solution for any organization.

Beginning in the coming weeks, the new BlackBerry 9720 smartphone will be available in select markets from retailers and carriers in Asia, EMEA and Latin America. A variety of accessories from cases to carrying solutions, to chargers and audio peripherals, will also be available from select retailers.

About BlackBerry

A global leader in wireless innovation, BlackBerry revolutionized the mobile industry when it was introduced in 1999. Today, BlackBerry aims to inspire the success of our millions of customers around the world by continuously pushing the boundaries of mobile experiences. More at

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Unboxing The Tecno Phantom At OTEKBITS

The Phantom is the latest addition to the smartphone series from the growing Tecno brand. No doubt the brand is finally getting things right and winning at both markets – smart and feature phone. Quality has always been the issue with the brand and it seem to have shut up critics with the Phantom, even those these critic will be quick to jump to the fact of the look-alike nature of the phone to other brands like the Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 and the Google Nexus, but once upon a time it was Samsung looking like Apple in terms of hardware designs.

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However, that’s gist for another, as this post is just a look at what’s in the box. We got a review unit, and have been playing with it for a while now and tweeting some reviews via our twitter handle. A comprehensive review is on the way but for now let’s just take a look at what’s in the box when you purchase a unit of the Tecno Phantom (also known as the F7), which has climbed up from N34,000 to N37,000 due to the high demand and scarcity.

Photo 6-26-13, 9 14 56 AM

First in, the main device, in this case the unit  comes in white, and comes two versions of back case – one with a cover flip and one without. There is also a power bank that can give up to 50% charge (on data) and perhaps a full charge off data.

Photo 6-26-13, 9 17 23 AM

Up here’s a white and black unit of the Tecno Phantom. Perhaps it’s now clearer which one looks like Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 and the Google Nexus. Interestingly enough the white version is more popular than the black. At the top of the front is the speakers and front camera with a 1.0 mega pixel resolution.

Photo 6-26-13, 9 30 44 AMAside from the power bank, other accessories that come with the Tecno Phantom includes the charger with a USB cable, a pair of ear phones, and a battery – maybe not an accessory but does come outside the device and adds a bit of weight.

Photo 6-26-13, 9 17 56 AMPerhaps not a shocker, the Tecno Phantom is a dual normal sim device, so you can have two lines in there with no hassle of cutting your sim to a micro-sim or switching to  nano-sim as latest devices require. The Phantom also comes with a 8GB SD card so lots of space for apps, photos, videos, and music. There is also a 8.0 mega pixel camera at the back on the device, to capture quality photos and videos.

That’s all for now. Do stay tuned for the more comprehensive review of the Tecno Phantom, even though we’d already recommend you get yourself a unit as soon as possible.

Rap And Win $20,000 In Nokia ‘Don’t Break Da Beat’

Nokia Nigeria is calling on all aspiring Nigerian rappers to compete in the Don’t Break Da Beat competition where they stand a chance to win $20,000. Nokia Nigeria announced the competition during the launch of Asha 210 and 501 in an all night show where various rap artists performed.

The new Nokia Asha 210 is an affordable all-in-one smartphone built to satisfy users’ need to be socially connected. It is a dual SIM smartphone with a 2.4 inch LCD display, fast and responsive QWERTY keypad and WiFi. It also comes with two dedicated buttons on the keyboard for users to access camera and social network sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or Nokia Xpress browser.

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The device offers a fantastic range of smart features such as voice guidance for taking self-portraits, fast editing of images directly from the camera app and Nokia’s innovative Slam feature for transfer of content such as images or videos to another Bluetooth-enabled phone without the need to pair devices. The Asha 501, on the other hand, is suited to consumers in emerging markets looking to buy their first smartphone. We will be reviewing both devices soon.

Speaking on the competition, Nokia Nigeria’s Marketing Manager, Kesiena Ogbemi, said that this year’s competition is going to be bigger, better and more exciting. There will be extended online engagement as potential participants will be required to enter via online platforms. He also added that Nokia has partnered with Trace TV, to make this year’s competition really hip.

According to Ogbemi, “The participants will be required to follow and like the Nokia Nigeria Twitter handle and Facebook page. The judges, Modenine and Eva, will send out rap lines on both social network channels and contestants will then reply with their own lines to enter the competition. The judges will select the top 300 lines from across the country and those entrants will then move on to the next phase of the competition. The winner of this year’s competition will get a whooping sum of $20,000.

The hashtag for the competition #DBDB2013. You can enter for the competition here.

The New BlackBerry Q5 Smartphone Launches in Nigeria

We earlier posted that the BlackBerry Q5 was coming to Africa, well it is now here as BlackBerry today announced that the newest BlackBerry 10 smartphones is now available from authorized carriers and retailers in Nigeria. The all new BlackBerry Q5 smartphone features a QWERTY keyboard in a stunning, youthful design that is confident and makes it easy for customers to have fun, create, share and stay connected.

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Available in black and white color models, the BlackBerry Q5 smartphone offers a powerful and unique mobile computing experience with its cutting-edge BlackBerry 10 functionality. Features and apps work seamlessly together, allowing your every move to flow into the next. With its classic QWERTY keyboard,re-engineered to optimize typing, and its 3.1” touch screen, the BlackBerry Q5 smartphone gives you the best of both worlds.


The BlackBerry Q5 smartphone comes with the BlackBerry 10.1 software. As part of the BlackBerry 10 experience, a peek into the BlackBerry Hub lets you stay close to what’s important to you without stopping what you’re doing. Create the perfect shot every time with BlackBerry Time Shift, and tell your story using BlackBerry Story Maker and share with friends on Facebook.Use BBM Video with Screen Share,and discover the more than 120,000 apps available on the BlackBerry World store front.

We saw the device sell out on the N63,000 offer on DealDey, and telecoms offering a pre-order offer for N65,000. However,  we have reach out to BlackBerry for the recommended retail price, as one would have expected a much lower price point. Do stay tuned for updates, as well as the review of the Q5 to be posted here sometime next week.

BBM On Android And iOS: Game Changer Or Self Destruction

It is no longer news that the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) would soon be available on the Android and iOS platforms. Until now, BBM has been the exclusive to BlackBerry users, but interestingly, they are choosing to extend this service to other OS platforms. Earlier rumored to be ready for release on June 21, 2013, Blackberry has squashed this information here and here.

In Africa, where BlackBerry devices are quite popular and with the usage of the Android and iOS phones rising, the question is: With the BB messenger now open to Android and iOS, would BlackBerry be gaining an advantage or could this turn out to be the potential self-destruct button for them?

BlackBerry continues to struggle with market share, but in markets where they still have some strength, Nigeria for instance, would they lose their advantage when you no longer need to own a BB device to get BBM? Is there something they are seeing, that we are not? Maybe the answers would come with time.

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In this age of collaboration, it is not strange to find cross-platform applications. With WhatsApp and Viber already established in this game, the advantage might just be that people have always admired how much of a personal connection BBM brings with it. Also, for former BB users who had previously moved to other devices, the addition of BBM to their device of choice might be a plus for BlackBerry.

In all of this, even if it pays the customer, which to me is quite paramount, we cannot help but ask how it gets to pay Blackberry. Shedding more light on the situation sometime ago, Andrew Bocking, (Executive Vice President, Software Product Management and Ecosystem at BlackBerry) said, “For BlackBerry, messaging and collaboration are inseparable from the mobile experience, and the time is definitely right for BBM to become a multi-platform mobile service. BBM has always been one of the most engaging services for BlackBerry customers, enabling them to easily connect while maintaining a valued level of personal privacy. We’re excited to offer iOS and Android users the possibility to join the BBM community”.  Again, we would have to wait to see how that pans out.

The initial release will enable iOS and Android users to use BBM chats, including multi-person chats, share photos and voice notes, and engage in BBM groups. The apps will also be subject to approval in the Apple and Google App Stores respectively. Earlier, BlackBerry announced that users will require iOS6 and Android 4.0 or higher versions to use the BBM app.

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With the potential to become a huge social network on mobile, BBM definitely possesses the gait to compete with rivals like Apple and Samsung. A friend also pointed out that if WhatsApp is valued at one billion dollars, then that tells you something. But even as a baseline, if BBM app won’t make any more money for Blackberry, it could serve as an advert for the company’s brand.  According to Thorsten Heins, Blackberry’s Chief Executive, he refers to the move as “a statement of confidence.” BlackBerry plans to add support for BBM Channels as well as voice and video chatting for iOS and Android later, with the app also set to be free for download.

What do you think about BBM coming to Android and iOS? Would you adopt BBM for your Android or iOS (if you own either)? Let us know in the comments below.

#BBJamNigeria: Developers Trained On BlackBerry10 Technology

BlackBerry yesterday trained 90+ Nigerian developers on how to develop for their new BB10 Operating System at Co-Creation Hub. It’s not a doubt to see how BlackBerry believes in the new operating system. Also realising Nigeria is the 2nd highest country in Africa with BlackBerry apps downloads, after South Africa, BlackBerry organized an intensive 10 hours hands-on training to teach Nigerian developers how to code and develop functional local apps for the new OS with their new SDK (Software Development Kit) and other available tools.

The training helped developers to make adjustments to their existing apps and also saw the birth of some new apps even though some are as basic as “Hello World” apps. Developers were also thought on how to develop BB10 apps with pure HTML5.

There was a lot of coding sessions, as well as information and motivation sessions until the end when 5 BlackBerry Bold 5s and Z10 were given to 5 apps winners and someone that got right all quiz questions respectively. The best app winner, Adebayo of Genni Games, walked away with a $2,000 cheque.

BlackBerry also announced that the 10 local app to be deployed to BlackBerry World before October 1, 2013, will stand a chance of winning $10,000.

Interesting to note that 10% of the developers trained were female, making it the first coding event with that much female in attendance that I have witnessed.