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New Microsoft Surface Tablet, Big Reversal

So Microsoft is officially entering the tablet wars with the Surface. What a difference a year can make. Perhaps the most interesting part about the upcoming Windows tablet, at least from a business perspective, is that Microsoft is building it from end to end.

Unlike with PCs and smartphones, there’s no involvement from the likes of HP, Dell or Nokia. The Microsoft Surface is going to be a Microsoft product through and through, as evidenced by the Windows logos all over it.

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What is a Solid State Drive (SSD)?

A solid-state drive (SSD), also called a flash drive, is type of hard drive. Though the architecture of an SSD is quite different from traditional hard drives, the name is carried over. An SSD utilizes a special kind of memory chip with erasable, writeable cells that can hold data even when powered off. It might help to think of an SSD as the larger cousin of the memory stick.

Like standard drives, an SSD utilizes a special area for cache memory. Cache memory serves the function of increasing processing speeds by holding data that is needed repeatedly. With the data close at hand in the cache, it does not need to be fetched from the main storage area each time it’s called.

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The All New MacBook Pro, Notebook?

Editor’s Note: I’ve seen the MacBook Air around and really love the user experience that it comes with. It’s nothing compared to the hardware – sleek, thin, and gives the user a sort of VIP feeling. Sure looks like the feeling is about to change – better or worse. It’s the new MacBook Pro and @DaTecNerd does his thing. Enjoy.

It’s been anticipated for a while that Apple would introduce an all new MacBook Pro with the “Retina Display” as it’s key feature but on release yesterday, there are a few changes that I would say I (as a 3rd world user) fancy and even more I don’t quite like.

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Will Mobile Phones Make The PCs Obsolete?

In the future you won’t own your mobile in the future, it will own you as your mobile phone is an extension of arm, a third limb. Can anyone remember the hugely successful movies Terminator starring Arnie? One day machines will rule the world!! Maybe am a bit paranoid but the signs are there.

I read somewhere that soon you won’t have to carry credit cards or any form of chip cards- in short, your phone becomes your card (just ranting)

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Inspiring Stories: Paying A Visit To Khayelitsha’s First Internet Cafe

South African entrepreneur Luvuyo Rani established Silulo Ulutho Technologies eight years ago in Khayelitsha, which still holds the title of the township’s first and leading Internet cafe.

Based in Khayelitsha, a township in South Africa’s Cape Town, Rani’s goal was to set up computers for teachers in the area to use for their teaching preparation, which he hoped would provide educators with a better platform to teach from.

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The Never-Ending Quest For The Perfect Map

For the last decade we’ve obsessed over building great maps for our users—maps that are totally comprehensive (we’re shooting for literally the whole world), ever more accurate and incredibly easy to navigate.


It’s a pretty limited search engine that only draws from a subset of sources. In the same way, it’s not much of a map that leaves you stranded the moment you step off the highway or visit a new country. Over the last few years we’ve been building a comprehensive base map of the entire globe—based on public and commercial data, imagery from every level (satellite, aerial and street level) and the collective knowledge of our millions of users.

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3 Requirements To Be IT Professional, The Logical And Automated Way

Many Nigerian youth have asked questions on How to become an IT Professional especially as a developer or programmer (Yes, those are two different things). So here are the 3 keys that I think should get you set or you need to put into consideration to become a good programmer – at least good enough to be considered a geek.

Make no mistake though, this is only to get you started. Once the game is on, hard work and persistence is needed to power through, because you’d have lots of ‘iQuit’ moments. Passion will bring you back, but hard work will keep you there. So with no further ado, here they are:

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How To Recover Your Lost Ubuntu Password

Editor’s Note: Here’s another one for you. It’s part of resource we’ve found worth sharing – another of the How-Tos. This time is for the Ubuntu fans. Say goodbye to password palaver. This one is by Ndifreke Ekott – a big Ubuntu and open source fan. You can follow him on twitter – @ndy40.

I loaded one of my test Ubuntu virtual machines today (one that I hadn’t used for a month) and, surprise, I had forgotten the password. This sort of thing happens from time to time, and if you’re new to Linux, it can be a little disconcerting.

Losing your root password isn’t the end of the world, though. You’ll just need to reboot into single user mode to reset it. Here’s how to do it on a typical Ubuntu machine with the GRUB bootloader:

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Guest Post: Not Just Apps – ‘Gbenga Sesan

Editor’s Note: Gbenga Sesan is the Founder and Executive Director of Paradigm Initiative Nigeria. He is an African. Social Entrepreneur and ICT for Development (ICT4D) Consultant.You can follow him on twitter via @gbengasesan and read more of his write-ups on his blog – Oro

Apps are hot, no doubt. If anyone doubts that, remind them of the recent billions of dollars that have gone the way of businesses built around various web and mobile apps. The great thing about apps being hot is that desire for similar success prompts additional investment in coding time that will – hopefully – allow the birth of new products or services that add value. Of course, some products will just blow hot air and join a long list of attempts, but attempts – and even failure – are part of the learning curve. Africa is no stranger to the app circus too; by the time you finish reading this sentence, another app would have been launched and a start-up born. This is great, and should continue, but…

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Build it, they will come. But will they come back?

Building a product is easy; in fact anyone can do it. It is to gain traction that is the hard part. Ask any startup entrepreneur and they’ll admit that this is one of the challenges that keep them awake at night. But as quite a number of us has found out, if you build anything (especially if it is cool and cutting-edge tech) people will come to check it out; early adopters, bloggers etc. The challenge then is will they come back?

We tend to focus too much on new user signups and not repeat users; we have forgotten that repeated usage is the traction we are seeking in the first place.When Google announced they now had 10 million users on their Google+ social networking site, someone inquired if “they were 10 million users or 10 million evaluators”

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