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Most Popular and Expensive Properties in Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria Property Centre, a popular go-to website to find properties in Nigeria, today released popular places to rent a 3-bedroom apartment within Lagos state, Nigeria based on the extensive data and information found and listed on their website.

Lekki was revealed to be the most popular place for renting 3-bedroom apartments due to the large volume of properties listed in this local government area with Magodo and Ikeja coming in second and third place respectively. Kosofe and Isheri North were revealed to both having the lowest number of properties listed in 2013.

The most expensive 3 bedroom apartment listed in 2013 was found in Ikoyi going for N45 million naira (forty five million naira only), a slight drop from 2012 when a N55 million naira (fifty five million naira only) apartment was listed. Badergy had the cheapest 3-bedroom property that went for N180, 000 (one hundred and eighty thousand naira only) this year, which is also consistent with the property value in the same region for last year.

The 10 most expensive 3-bed apartments listed for rent in recent months are:

Ikoyi   – N6,750,000

Yaba   – N3,000,000

Magodo  - N18,000,000

Victoria Island (VI) – N4,000,000

Lekki  - N11,200,000

Ikeja   – N8,000,000

Ojodu     – N7,000,000

Maryland  -  N6,500,000

Isolo   –  N5,000,000

Gbagada   –  N3,500,000

You can check out the infographic containing more information about this data here.

About Nigeria Property Centre is a real estate and property website in Nigeria with property listings for sale, rent and lease; offering Nigerian property seekers an easy way to find details of property in Nigeria like homes, houses, lands, shops, office spaces and other commercial properties to buy or rent. More at

Kuluya Launches Exclusive Mobile Gaming App With Nokia

Kuluya, the African online gaming platform, announces the launch of an exclusive partnership with Nokia to bring the very best of gaming onto the Nokia Windows store for Asha and Lumia devices. The first Kuluya game to be released onto the Nokia Store is Oga @ The Top.

Nokia, one of the world’s leading mobile handset manufacturers has partnered with Kuluya, the pioneering Lagos-based games studio in a strategic bid to connect with Africa’s online gaming community. Africa’s youth continues to come online, and with approximately 65% of the population under the age of 35, content providers, platforms and distributors are focussing on how to connect with this burgeoning online community. The new partnership launches with one of Kuluya’s most successful games to-date, Oga @ The Top, available to download from the Nokia Windows Store now.

Developed in lightening speed in the wake of the viral interview and PR gaffe from a senior Nigerian civil servant who was unable to tell an interviewer the website he wanted to promote, the Oga @ The Top case resonated with millions of Nigerians and inspired spin-offs including video remixes, blog posts, t-shirts, as well as Kuluya’s online game. In just three days, Kuluya’s games developers were able to build and launch the game which saw an overwhelming 60,000+ plays in only 72 hours of release.


Speaking on the new Nokia partnership, Kunle Ogungbamila, Head of Kuluya says: “Nokia users will have the same dynamic user experience on their Asha or Lumia devices as we have worked hard to optimized the user interface for these platforms and, as with our online platform, they will be able to compete against other users and play for prizes.

“We know that gaming will explode across the continent of Africa, just as it has in the West, usurping other forms of entertainment to become a multi-billion dollar generating industry. We also know that mobile is the prominent platform for content distribution in Africa, be it movies, news, music and, in this instance, gaming, so we see this partnership with Nokia as the beginning of an exciting and mutually beneficial content / platform relationship of the future.”

Speaking on the partnership, Emmanuel Oluwatosin, Partner Manager, Nokia, West Africa, said: “Africa is a continent with great potential across all sectors. We are excited at the fact that the youths are looking inwards and taking advantage of the opportunities that are in abundance. Kuluya is leading the way in this regard and we are happy to work with them in providing great games for our consumers.”

Ogungbamila concludes: “Oga @ The Top is one of our biggest successes, so it seemed only fitting to celebrate our joint venture with Nokia with launching it as our first game.  A great platform deserves a great game. We look forward to launching more Kuluya games onto the Nokia Windows Store in the coming months”.

In May 2013, Kuluya announced that it had been valued at $2Mn, after a seed-investment round, just six months after launch. At that time, the company introduced an interactive gaming element to the redesigned platform, where gamers compete against each other, make bets, and make money through competitive cash games.

The company continues to build its gaming catalogue and now has 65 games online, attracting gamers from across Africa, including Ghana, Kenya, Senegal and Ethiopia. Oga @ The Top is available to download for free on the Nokia Windows Phone and for the Nokia Asha

Photo Credit: sizima via Compfight cc

BattaBox Rethinks Monetization Strategy As It Pulls Down Paywall

We recently reported BattaBox switched from a free to paid offer for its videos on the web, as confirmed by the founder, Christian Purefoy, due to the cost of sourcing and producing premium local content. It did so by setting up a pay wall so as to monetize offering subscription that go for $1/month and $10/year for the United States based diaspora market, and N160.00 and 60p for those in Nigeria and the UK respectively.

It did feel ballsy to have made such a decision of putting up a pay-wall, but BattaBox offers valuable and quality content, and that must have been convincing enough to get users open to paying a very affordable subscription fee. With really interesting videos like: The Osun Oshogbo Festival and Made-In-Nigeria Rocket Car, such an assumption seems logical but how solid is the monetization strategy altogether, especially with iROKOtv and other subscription based content platform all experiencing a downfall of users.

Nonetheless, BattaBox has decided to go back its original freemium model as it has now pulled down the pay-wall. Christain Purefoy tells us not to look too much into the decision as the strategy now is “just an aligning of a few financial stars” – perhaps exploring alternative sources of revenue such as advertising and sponsorship. One thing is for certain, the founder does have a real desire to keep BattaBox open.

So get back to enjoying amazing content on BattaBox, while they figure out how to make a profitable business out of it.

4 Tips On How To Grow Your Web Ranking

Editor’s Note: Evans is a Senior Designer who works in both web and print, driving creative solutions through the Evans Akanno Creative Design Agency. His eye for precision was developed from his background in industrial chemistry and has grown into one of the agency’s unique proposition. More at

On the internet today, there are certain organisations whose jobs are to develop algorithms and standard procedure that assist in measuring business growth online and using rankings to interpret. Social media metrics, web traffic, page views, bounce rates are all considered in the process.

Online presence is such a major concern for brands today because of the growth associated with it and so it is very important to get it right first time. We recently featured top 10 growing startups in Nigeria according to and here is a work through manual to get your startup ranked among the leading brands in Nigeria.

Submit your domain to web directories

When you pay for a new domain, its like moving into a new house. When you are new in the neighbourhood, no one knows who you really are and you might have to introduce yourself to your new neighbours and sometimes take with you apples in a basket. Otherwise, there is no way anyone shows up for your parties even if you’ve got the best looking samosas on display. The thing is, no one will know about your party unless you take time out to introduce yourself, it’s that simple.

It is the same with new start-ups and web directories. The only start-ups that web directories recognize are start-ups that in their directories. Begin by acquainting your start-up with major services like Alexa, Google pagerank, Dmoz, Startuprankings, and so on. This is done by submitting your urls and other web info so that your website is entered in their directory. It is your first step to building recognition and presence for your brand. Once they taste some of your samosa (contents, engagement and activity), they will start to talk about you and when that happens, there will be growth in rankings.

Maintain a fluid web structure

From designs down to the links on a website, your web structure constitutes a lot to your web ranking. For example, fast websites are ranked higher than slow websites. Web ranking services monitor the number of links on a website and how relevant they are in content. The more inbound and outbound links that your website has, the more likely to rank high with web directories and web ranking services. Also, pay attention to page titles that properly describe a page’s content, media files, etc as these are associated largely with getting found, web traffic and ultimately Higher web rankings for your business.

Be active on Social Networks

By practising acceptable social media marketing, you can increase your page rankings with web directories. Nothing speaks better than a brand who engages optimally with its audience on social media. One good conversation can either mean one happy customer or one happy prospect. Either way, keep your conversations on social media insightful and satisfactory because they eventually lead to web traffic. Remember word of mouth? Well, social media is word of mouth on a larger scale and so be sure to use that to your advantage. Understand that people listen; customers and web directories as well.

Create New and Insightful Content

Rich and steady Content is a must-have for every start-up and should be taken very seriously. Know your audience and create contents relevant to their craving. Fresh content is a joy for web directories to see. New and relevant contents rank in a fact, higher on Search engines than the cliche kinds.

People search on the web everyday with different kinds of keywords and so new contents not only keep your current readers engaged but attract new ones. Only way this is headed is more traffic which is vital for ranking high on web directories and web ranking services.


Apps Developed in Africa – Mobiashara

Often, it is quite interesting whenever you get to find out that there is a story to a particular solution. Especially when I hear that the inspiration behind an idea which has grown into a resounding solution, came out of a journey; my ear stands at alert willing to hear how it all began. Keeping in tune with the core concept of this series –apps developed in Africa – we continue to highlight applications serving solutions to relevant problems around us. Our app of the week is Mobiashara.


Mobiashara was created as an e-commerce marketplace which would enable brands and customers to conveniently and efficiently transact through text messages—with no internet access required. The name Mobiashara is derived from a coinage which combines English and Swahili – literally translated as “Mo’ Businesses”. The goal is to have a platform which provides an affordable, easy-to-use mobile commerce service for Africans.

Peculiar Problem It Solves

Here in Africa, it is not uncommon to experience hassles in the process of procuring basic amenities and services which should naturally be carried out almost effortlessly. On the other hand, businesses in many parts of Africa have a hard time reaching their consumers because of the lack of infrastructure.  Mobiashara bridges this gap. Developed as a solution that connects brands and customers via mobile phones; enabling transactions through an exchange of messages.

Essence / Unique Feature

Mobiashara offers a mobile technology that allows consumers to search, confirm, and purchase a given retailer’s good or service using text messages. It empowers consumers while eliminating the need for face-to-face contact and all the problems it entails. The service also crosses socio-economic lines; ensuring that the rich as well as the poor have the much needed access to a procurement platform which just solves the problem adequately.

Value Proposition

It was developed by Slim Trader- a company founded by a Nigerian, Femi Akinde in 2009 – as a platform which allows consumers to purchase services or shop for goods with their mobile devices. It all began with the founder experiencing the problem first hand in trying to book a flight, from Nigeria to Ghana. The lengthy hassles he went through served as an eye-opener. Then he thought: if this kind of problem existed for purchasing high-cost items, it must be almost worse to purchase everyday goods and services.

With a lot more people involved in similar struggles on different levels – mostly to procure services (whether basic or advanced) and to make payments; what began as an eye-opening experience has evolved into a paradigm-shifting mobile platform. Mobiashara enables companies and organizations to offer consumers the ability to discover, preview, and purchase goods and services from their mobile phones. Eliminating the issues that come with internet access availability before successful transactions can be carried out, Mobiashara can facilitate a back and forth transaction successfully in a matter of three text messages.

Potential Coverage

Uniquely, the platform has grown based on customer and partner demand which explains its presence in six countries (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.) already within a few months of launch. But with the essential offerings provided by the application, it has a potential to extend to all 53 countries comprising Africa, and other developing nations around the world.

Worst case scenario, it could serve as a viable alternative to applications which require internet access in the event of a service disruption or even non-availability, even in the more developed countries. This would mean it has the potential to expand across the globe, albeit on different scales.


As focused as the platform seems to be on the use of text messages only, I feel it should also create the option of an application which could leverage on internet access, in the event that it is available. This creates flexible options for the user, especially if one of the channels experiences a disruption.

It would also be able to equally leverage the different Smartphone platforms available, in keeping up with the key trends on mobile, so that it doesn’t get left behind while attending to only one part of the market.


Applications like this eventually take on a life of their own, as they offer different ranges of consumers with the option of adaptation, to fit individual or corporate needs as they see fit, or as the situation demands. Billing with the use of channels like mobile money, and other existing payment options already available through local mobile carriers, the potential for adoption is really enormous. The application could also benefit strongly from partnering with local businesses on ground throughout Africa.  These people know the terrain, and can supply huge and helpful angles with the provision of relevant knowledge perspectives.

Photo Credit: AdamCohn via Compfight cc

No, Seriously, Why You Should Have Your Card Enabled for SafeToken

Online transaction and the issues that come with it seem to be what we talk about these days, and a critical bit of it involves ATM Card activation for Safetoken registration for use on Quickteller and other WebPay enabled websites. But why should you stress yourself or even bother to do it?

For one, it enables you carry out online transactions above the limit set by your bank. It also provides greater online security of your transactions as your card is tied to your phone and generated One-Time Passwords (OTPs) are sent to your registered phone number. You can also enjoy features like the Remember Card feature for Verve Cards only which allows yoo list one or more activated Verve Cards as payment options and requires only your CVV2 and PIN to complete transactions

Not forgetting you can use the other Quickteller payment platforms – USSD, SMS & IVR with ease as well, there are 3 ways you can enable your card for Safetoken for use on Quickteller and other WebPay enabled websites including bank activation, self activation at the ATM, and app activiation.

More information on these activation methods are available in details here.

Photo Credit: Trois Têtes (TT) via Compfight cc

#OnTheWeb | Post Match Analysis Of The Nigeria – Ethiopia Game

On a lighter note, Nigeria drew one step closer to World cup qualification with the win against Ethiopia in Addis Ababa on Saturday. After a first half dominated by the Ethiopians, the super eagles were lucky to end the half on levelled terms. This was more emphasized by the controversial goal line clearance by the Nigerian defender Godfrey Obagbuna. Opinions remain divided over the incident, with some asking if it was a goal or not, but the referee deemed the ball not to have sufficiently crossed the line, thereby declaring game on.

After that point, the Ethiopians kept trying to no avail. However the super eagles of Nigeria got their own chances too, but could not convert. A major reference on the day though, was the altitude at which the match was played and the searing temperature on the afternoon. This warranted an unusual two minute water break which the referee allowed. The game proceeded to the end of the first half without any major talking points.

Now we can go on and on about the match, but instead here is an interesting post match analysis of the game, probably the best we could lay our hands on. Thanks to the web, we can share YouTube videos like this with you.

Of importance to note that the YouTube channel, Have Hope Football Hut, has published a number of pre and post match analysis for Nigerian games, but this stands out as the most viewed so far, especially since it is also the most recent. Guess it does pay to share relevant content as many would have taken to YouTube to search for clips from the match only to stumble on to this video.

Albeit, we congratulate the Ethiopian team for putting up a good fight and wish the Super Eagles of Nigeria the best in their final stride to pick up the Brazil World Cup ticket in the rematch in Calabar.

Publisher’s Note: Just in case you are just wondering what this has to do with tech, then focus on creative content, news-jacking for marketing your startup, and enjoy the next game of soccer with friends on and off the pitch.

Connect Nigeria to host E-business Fair, October 26

We have seen different fairs from different industries in the past like, Wedding fair, E-commerce fair, Trade fair, Telco fair and many others, but for the first time E-Business fair gets to come to Nigeria as Connect Nigeria is set to host it.

In line with its mission to connect businesses to markets in a convenient, fast, and easy way, this year’s fair is themed “E-Business and the Growth of Your Enterprise”, which underscores the role of information and communication technology (ICT) in the economy.

Emeka Okafor, CEO, Connect Nigeria, noted that the number of internet users as well as people who conduct business transactions through electronic means continues to grow. He explained that the idea behind the e-business fair is to increase awareness, educate the society, as well as foster the cashless policy introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria and the myriad opportunities that accrue from doing business electronically.

“With the growth of broadband internet technology in Nigeria, and the emergence of the cashless policy, it is evident that e-commerce will play a crucial role in Nigeria’s economy in the coming years. As an organisation that is built on promoting businesses and information access in Nigeria, we feel obliged to convene this event with the intent to promote Nigeria’s place in the global economy,” Okafor explains further.

Connect Nigeria’s e-business fair will also be a platform to discuss issues that pertain to online security and how to include SMEs and remote areas with limited internet access. Different organisations will be present at the e-business fair to showcase their brands, products and services, and enlighten their customers on issues relevant to e-commerce.

We at OTEKBITS are excited about the coming of an E-business fair and with a lot of expectation we will be bringing you coverage. Do join us for the event too at:

Venue: Eko Hotel & Suits
Date: 26th of October, 2013
Time: 9am

Follow @OTEKBITS for more updates as regards the fair.

Quickteller To Give Users Sneak Peek Of New Website On October 1st

As Nigeria turns 53 on October 1st, a couple of web service business are already rolling out marketing campaigns to leverage on the celebration. Konga is running a 53% discount Independence day sale while Jumia is doing something similar with the release of the Galaxy Note 3 and 20% discount. Quickteller is not in the business of products so they are taking a different approach.

SEE ALSO: Is Interswitch About To Launch A New QuickTeller Site?

On the 1st of October 2013  Quickteller would be celebrating Nigeria’s 53rd independence anniversary with users by giving a sneak peek of the new website – but only for a day. The e-payment service will also be taking feedback from user experiences of the new features and design.


That’s not all, as all registered users stand a chance to win a free BlackBerry Z10 and a Samsung Galaxy S4 by simply carrying out a successful transaction on the new site on Independence day. More details can be found here. For now you can visit the old site, click on the ‘New Look’ banner to see how long you have to wait for the new site to go live – only for 24 hours.

Beni American University Heads To Indiegogo For $18,000 Growth Fund

The Beni American University seem to be at the forefront of disrupting the education sector in Nigeria – or at least that is its plan and no doubt the Founder, Gossy Ukanokwe is working hard to make that happen, having recently gotten validated by his nomination for The Future Awards 2013.

However, to accomplish the goal of having an hybrid educational setup, funds become a big part of the project. That has seen the startup head for one of the biggest crowd-funding platforms, Indiegogo to with hope of raising $18,000 to be used to handle some logistics and consulting fees whilst we we building, what the Founder describes as an ‘awesome campus’. The blueprints below may just confirm that description.

Just in case you don’t know what Beni American University is all about, here are some words from Gossy:

“It has been an inspiring journey so far for us. In the past one year we have reached so many students through our Entrepreneurship and Innovation courses helping a few towards the path of creating their businesses and supporting them subsequently.

We have pivoted from an Online-only university to a Hybrid university and now we are taking the big step towards creating a full physical campus as an On-Campus university. We have encountered so many challenges that has led us to learn more about our industry, our unique market and how best to navigate reach more students in developing countries.

However, the cost of the overheads become a burden often times. We need to figure out ways to offset some these costs so that we can conclude the development plans and construction of our campus in time for the next academic year. We hope that we can get your donations and this will contribute towards the funds we need to cover basic operational expenses, outreach, outsourcing and consulting”.

In detail, funds will be used for outreach programs to recruit more students for our Entrepreneurship and Innovation Online Classes; scholarship programs for students in under-served communities; research initiatives on the use of Feature Phones and SMS to implement Mobile Learning frameworks; development consulting on Technical and Policy Requirements as so many documents need to be prepared by different experts, designers and architects, and some have kicked off; and finally funding pre-development work on the university development site and interviews by the Ministry of Education.

With less than two weeks to go, here’s a chance to donate to that education project that has already proven to change lives and just wants to do more on a bigger scale. Get involved here.