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The Rockefeller Foundation Announces Initiative To Create Digital Jobs In Africa

The Rockefeller Foundation has today announced a new Foundation initiative that will focus on Africa’s youth and employment, Digital Jobs Africa (DJA). This is a nearly $100 million investment which will impact one million people in Africa through jobs and skills for youth in the information communication technology (ICT) sector who would not otherwise have an opportunity for sustainable employment.

The DJA builds on three years of the Foundation’s existing work and will focus on high potential youth who lack access to jobs and economic opportunities.  The initiative, led out of the Foundation’s Africa Regional office in Nairobi, Kenya, will continue on for the next 7 years and leverage significant funds and support from other stakeholders.

The announcement has just been made by Dr Judith Rodin, President of the Rockefeller Foundation at the World Economic Forum meeting in Cape Town, South Africa. South Africa is one of the six focus countries of the initiative. The others are Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco and Egypt.

The country selection was based on high levels of youth unemployment, the growth of their ICT-enabled sectors, including the existing level of governmental support and the potential to create significant numbers of jobs within the sector.

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JobClickr: Nigeria’s Response To Job Search Engine For Africa, Indeed

You’ve heard of Jobberman, maybe Njorku, and will soon hear of JobsInNigeria, not just today. It’s time we talked about, a job search engine for Africa, from Nigeria, looking to revolutionize the job market.

Africans have always being accustomed to the traditional ways of finding jobs, which are local newspapers, word of mouth from friends, bill boards, fliers, TV commercials and more recently Online Job sites.

How Does Work

JobClickr is a job search engine that crawls/indexes all job sites in Africa and delivers the results in a uniquely arranged format to any job-seeker based on their search.

It basically searches every African jobsite, corporate website, blog or social network on the world wide web for jobs, gets these feeds and provides it to any job-seeker based on their search criteria.

How Can A Job Seeker Use Jobclickr

  1. Log on to the site
  2. Select the country you wish to find jobs in, enter the job description you seek and it will bring jobs in that field to you..If you want to search by city, click the city tab and select the city you desire.
  3. JobClickr will search over 5,000 job boards, blogs and newspapers(including this blog) and will deliver the results to you immediately.

How is JobClickr Beneficial To Africans? It helps you save time. Instead of searching a million job boards painstakingly one after the other. Just like Indeed, the experience is like you asking Google [search engine] for a job.

About JobClickr

JobClickr is owned and operated by Nigerian born, Mr.Neme Muoka, based in New York. He is a physics graduate from Federal university of Technology Owerri (FUTO). He launched his first business when he was 16yrs, he’s worked for American Software Resources, Google and a host of other software companies.

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Are You A Smart And Crazy Developer? Anakle Might Have A Job For You

Are you a developer? In the job market? And you’d like to work with one of the most exciting tech companies in Nigeria right now? Then this should concern you.

Anakle, A Lagos based design and coding company is looking for developers who’d like to join their team. Anakle is a design and coding company, which builds experiences for web platforms and online advertising, with specialties in web and mobile applications, rich media ads, social media campaign support and more.

The type of person they’re looking for? Here’s the spec. They should:

- have expert knowledge of PHP/MYSQL,
- have working knowledge of at least 1 PHP framework.
- be OOP comfortable
- have experience with one of Joomla, WordPress or other similar content management platforms.
- be familiar with APIs.
- be mobile aware,
- be comfortable with app development from photoshop design level to production.
- be a happy camper at the table.
- be smart and crazy.

About that last one…okay, never mind.

If all of that sounds like you, then you should send in your application/CV/cover leter to

Interview is on Wednesday, 19th December, 2012, at 11am prompt.

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The Genesis of Mobile Money, Why & How – Kariuki Gathitu

This article is based on my friend Kariuki Gathitu’s presentation at Card, ATM and Mobile Expo.

Why Mobile Money for Nigeria?

Quick Facts:

Population of over 150 million and has less than 22 million bank accounts. More than 85% are unbanked. Overall financial development and access to financial services remains crucial to economic growth and poverty reduction in Nigeria. Total mobile money transactions in emerging markets are expected to grow at an annual compound rate (CAGR) of 54%, from $25 billion in 2010, to $215 billion in 2015.

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8 Steps To Improve Your Business Operations

Streamlining the way your business worksincreases overall workplace efficiency. Here’s how to get your business processes running smoothly.

Delegate to experienced staff when you’re not sure of yourself.

Not very everybody can be an expert at every step of production or servicing. When you’re out of your depth, call in someone on your team who knows what factors are required to keep production flowing and how to cut out any obstacles.

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Business Idea? Good. Business Plan? Better.

A business plan is crucial in your business; it provides a workable plan of action. Here are a few reasons why your business plan should be up to scratch.

1. What does a business plan do?

Your business plan tells you what you want to do with your business and how you’re going to achieve your goals. Times change, the markets change and your products change – for this reason you need to review your business plan all the time and adapt it to the fluctuating environment.

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Paying Attention To The Business Side Of Startups

There is a fundamental mistake most Tech Entrepreneurs make, we pay far too much attention to the tech part of our startups and fail to put proper business structures in place for our startups, especially one-man or two-men skunkworks operation.

If you have been involved in the startup community or you’ve been reading about startups then you’ll probably know that most startups are seen as experiments and most startups dont survive after 2 years.

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Start A [Tech] Business In 5 Not-So-Easy Steps

Forming a startup from scratch is more than just signing papers and having a name. Here are 5 simple steps to become a registered business bursting with energy. These steps can be applied to any kind of business – including technology.

Don’t be deceived by the simplicity and how these steps are  stated as  A-B-C-Success. A lot of hard work will be required and be ready to face challenges. Market forces will be at play, as well as government policies, and other challenges such as keeping motivation high and retaining talent on the team . In the end, you will have to have all 5 things in place.

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Efiko Wins First Round Of Africa Android Challenge 2012

The Africa Android Challenge is an opportunity to discover the best developers and Android experts on the African continent.  The contestants have an opportunity to create innovative applications and produce local “African” content. Perhaps, the reason why Team Efiko would be dancing having made it through the first round of the competiton.

Just recently the social mobile quiz platform, that was launched at the Co-Creation Hub, was one of two start-ups to have won a N1 million grants from the Nigeria Internet Group. Just in case you still don’t get what Efiko is all about:

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Efiko Wins Nigeria Internet Group’s N1 Million Grant

Efiko a social mobile quiz platform that was launched at the ccHub and VACCAlert; a service that alerts parent to vaccinate and immunize their babies both won N1 million grants from the Nigeria Internet Group (NIG)The Internet for Jobs Initiative (I4J) was designed to transform Nigeria into an Information Society where business and government services are available online and the majority of the population has access to the Internet and the opportunities it offers.

The judges also announced that 7 other projects presented were found to be very viable and will be placed on a supplementary list and will be awarded grants after another competitive round. These projects includes LearnThem; a platform to learn or teach anything, Joggebuzz; a SMS group chat service, BudgIT; a budget monitoring tool, and; an online UTME quiz platform amongst others.

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