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MTN Announces App Developer Challenge Winners

MTN Nigeria recently announced the winners of the App Developer Challenge that ran for 5 months. The Judges last week selected winners from all 6 categories and here they are:

Best Entertainment and Lifestyle app – Afro Talez

Best Productivity app – Track My Cash

Best Gaming app - Danfo

Best Education app: On point - GPA calculator and timetable

Best Health and wellness app: Certified Drugs

Best Student entry (Special Categories): Wazobia Bible.

And Okadabook won the overall prize of Hyundai LX 35 and 1 Million naira. All the categories winners went home with 1 Million naira and a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone each.

Full details on the winners will be updated soon.

MTN Set To Announce App Challenge Winning Developers

The MTN app challenge is almost coming to an end. The competition has been running for 5 months and it’s about time to unveil the winners. Having gone through a good number of entries, MTN Nigeria has chosen Friday 13th of December to award the winning developers.

The winners were selected at a judging session last week as seen in the pictures shared by Co-Creation hub.

The venue for the award presentation is yet to be announced yet, but we’d keep you informed with any other updates.


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BBM Passes 20 Million New Active Users Mark After First Week

After the amazing launch of BBM on Android and iPhone devices, with more than 10 million downloads in the first 24 hours, BBM has now ended its first week with more than 80 million monthly active users, including over 20 million new users on Android and iPhone devices.

During its first week, BBM was the top free overall app in 35 countries in Google Play and in 107 countries in the App Store, and continues to maintain a strong position in key markets such as Canada, the US, the UK, Indonesia and much of the Middle East, to name a few.

“It is great to see so many people downloading BBM, but the true measurement for us is engagement – the connections being made and the conversations in which our BBM community engages. The power of BBM has always been the active, real conversations and interaction that our customers enjoy,” said Andrew Bocking, Executive Vice President of BBM at BlackBerry. “From here on out, we will focus on active users of BBM and will no longer focus on simple download numbers.”

With the BBM community now at more than 80 million active users around the globe, users are connecting on the private social network like never before. This past weekend, BlackBerry was able to remove the virtual line-up so that Android and iPhone users can now immediately download, sign in and start using BBM without having to wait.


BBM users are enjoying the immediacy and control that BBM offers as they chat with their new contacts – either one-to-one, in multi-person chats or as part of a BBM Group. The delivered and read statuses, as well as the message-in-progress alert, keep people engaged and active in conversations on BBM.  BBM users can also share files such as photos, and voice notes, as well as update their statuses with ease. BBM Groups allows photo, calendar, chat and file sharing for up to 30 people in a user-generated community.

Every BBM user has a unique PIN that helps maintains their privacy, so users never have to give out their phone number or email address to a new or casual contact. BlackBerry ID connects with a person’s PIN, BBM contact list and services to make device switching quick and easy.

The BBM experience will continue to evolve.  In the coming months, BlackBerry will deliver BBM Video calling, BBM Voice calling and BBM Channels – a new community building service to connect BBM users even more broadly – to Android and iPhone users.

Android and iPhone device users can download BBM by visiting

[From BlackBerry Press Release]

BBM Resumes Cross Platform Rollout With Samsung In Sub-Saharan Africa

BBM resumed its rollout for other platforms around the globe. For Samsung customers in Sub-Saharan Africa, BBM will be available to download today from the Samsung Apps store. iPhone and other Android users in Africa will be able to download the app in three days’ time.

The enthusiasm and demand already seen for BBM on other platforms has been quite incredible. About six million people have pre-registered at Did you know that more than one million people have already found creative ways to “side load” BBM on their iPhone? Clearly the demand hasn’t lessened.

While this interest is a testament to the public’s appetite for BBM, it also means that the demand needs to be managed. As a result, a simple line-up system is being implemented to ensure a smooth roll out. Here is how it will work:

  1. Visit to be connected to the BBM page in the Samsung App Store
  2. Download the BBM app from the Samsung App Store;
  3. Once the app has been installed, open it and enter an active email address. This will ensure that the user is placed in a queuing system
  4. Notification will be sent to users via that email once they have reached the front of the line, and they will then be able to launch the application and officially sign-in and start using BBM.

However, for those who pre-registered for launch alerts at, front of the line access is to be enjoyed.

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Predict Live Games With Pepsi FootballNOW App For Android And iOS

On the occasion of the semi-finals of the Orange CAF Champions League 2013 and the Orange CAF Confederation Cup 2013, CAF together with SPORTFIVE Africa, its exclusive marketing and media rights agency, have joined forces to bring to fans the “Pepsi FootballNOW” live prediction game, alongside with Official Sponsor Pepsi.

Starting the semi-finals of the two most prestigious club competitions in Africa, viewers and fans who downloaded the application and created their profile will be able to predict the outcome of each match. Once the match kicks-off and cosily seating in front of its TV set, each player will also be prompted to answer some questions around key situations such as corner kicks, free kicks and penalties, etc. In addition, there will be some bonus questions about competitions, teams and players.

Gamers will earn “Pepsi Points” for correct predictions allowing them to collect Pepsi FootballNOW badges: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, according to the points won during a single match. During competitions, new badges will be unlocked.

Numerous prizes to win including a tablet, tickets for the finals of the two competitions and official match balls CAF adidas Katlego

Following the official Orange African Cup of Nations, SOUTH AFRICA 2013 App, CAF and SPORTFIVE Africa are once again using mobile platforms to help bring African football to life for as many fans as possible, by creating an innovative new “second screen” experience. New functions will be released soon and a new version will be available for the next season including for the Orange CAF Super Cup.

You can download the Pepsi FootballNOW application for free on the App Store and  Play Store to experience African football on a whole new level. Find out more the official Facebook page of the Orange CAF Confederation Cup 2013:

BBM Available For Android And iPhone September 21 – 22

Looks like the wait is over as the instant mobile to mobile messaging that boasts of the best privacy and control you can count on, and that lets you know that your message is read, is coming for free to Android and iPhone users in a few days.

The BlackBerry Messenger now defined as a iconic mobile social network – will begin rolling out for Android and iPhone customers around the world from September 21. Previously exclusive to BlackBerry smartphones, BBM will be available as a free download in Google Play and the App Store. Customers will be able to download BBM by visiting from their smartphone browser.

No doubt BBM gives you a private social network for active, real conversations.

1. It’s immediate. BBM is always on so you are always connected. And because messages on BBM are typically delivered and read within seconds, it’s the closest thing to a live conversation.

2. You trust it. BBM always tells you that messages are delivered and read. BBM conversations come alive on a private network you can count on.

3. You control it. BBM allows you to choose your contacts and how you share your information. BBM uses a PIN so you don’t have to give anyone your phone number or email address.

According to the Executive Vice President for BBM at BlackBerry, Andrew Bocking - “BBM is a very engaging messaging service that is simple to use, easy to personalize and has an immediacy that is necessary for mobile communications,” He added – “With more than a billion Android, iOS, and BlackBerry smartphones in the market, and no dominant mobile messaging platform, this is absolutely the right time to bring BBM to Android and iPhone customers.”

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So what features should Android and iPhone users be looking forward to with the new BBM app:

1. BBM Chat – Enjoy real, immediate conversations with friends on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones. Not only does BBM let you know that your message has been delivered and read, it also shows you that your friend is responding to the message.

2. More than chat – With BBM you can share files on your phone such as photos and voice notes, all in an instant.

3. Keep your group in the loop – Multi-person chats are a great way to invite contacts to chat together. BBM Groups lets you invite up to 30 friends to chat together, and go a step further than multi-chat by sharing photos and schedules. And, with Broadcast Message, you can send a message out to all your BBM contacts at once.

4. Post Updates and stay in the know – BBM lets you post a personal message, profile picture and your current status, and lets your contacts know instantly in Updates.

5. Your unique PIN – Every BBM user has a unique PIN that maintains your privacy, so you don’t have to give out your phone number or email address to a new or casual contact.

BBM will be available as a free download for Android smartphones running Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean (Android 4.x)  on September 21. BBM for iPhones running iOS 6 and iOS 7 will become available for each market on the App Store schedule for September 22. For more information, or to download BBM for Android or iPhone, visit

As BBM continues to evolve quickly, there are plans for later this year to have BBM Channels,  providing a forum for active, real conversations between users – people, brands, celebrities, artists, service providers, communities and more. By creating a Channel, individuals and brands can engage their friends and communities in conversations sparked by their thoughts, ideas and passions. Subscribing to a Channel will let you join conversations with people who share your interests.

In addition, BBM Video calling and BBM Voice calling are planned for availability for Android and iPhone in a future version.

Guess it all makes sense now, why it is a mobile social network. What are your thoughts?

10 Apps To Help You Waste Time With Reasons To Procrastinate

While your smartphone can certainly make you more connected and productive, it can also be the ultimate in procrastination tools… so why not kick your idle time up a notch with the cream of the crop in time-wasting apps?

Browser-maker Opera Software has selected 10 top apps for anyone who has some time to kill. Whether you’re bored on a rainy afternoon, waiting in line or simply feel like your day’s plans and chores can wait, these apps will help you truly maximize your potential for procrastination.

1. Do It (Tomorrow) (iOS/Android, free)

Born to be in every procrastinator’s app list, Do It (Tomorrow) is a simple to-do app for everyone who loves to put things off to tomorrow. Add a new task and postpone it until tomorrow with a single click. Unlike other to-do-list apps, Do It (Tomorrow) only allows you to add tasks for today or tomorrow – great for those who hate planning ahead. Why waste your precious spare time doing stuff now, if it can wait until tomorrow?

2. Tiny Wings (iOS, $0.99)

Angry Birds isn’t the only feathered-friend game in town. Tiny Wings is one of the most popular time-killing games for your iPhone. If you think trying to flap your tiny wings to fly can’t be addictive, just try this game right after your plane takes off for a long journey.

3. Pinterest (iOS/Android, free)

There are few things that guarantee as much fun in your downtime as pinning inspiring things with Pinterest, a web tool for collecting and sharing images and videos. Whether you’re looking for ideas for kitchen makeover ideas or just pandas on rocking horses, the more spare time you have, the more you can pin and the bigger your image and video collection will be – so you’ll have even more to share with your friends.

4. Opera browser (Android, free)

Imagine an app that brings you the latest news and stories from a range of titles, for the topics and regions of your choice. With the Opera browser for Android, you can find fresh and interesting articles with a quick swipe from your home screen. Opera’s Discover feature automatically feeds you the most interesting stories from the web in such categories as Sport, Art and Travel.

5. TED Air (iOS/Android, free)

TED Air is a must-have app for anyone who wants to know more. It offers a wide collection of inspiring videos where experts share their knowledge on almost any subject imaginable. And, if anyone accuses you of wasting time, with this app you have the great excuse that you’re learning something, too.

6. Draw Something (iOS/Android, free)

Improving your artistic skills is a great way to procrastinate. And, with the Draw Something app, it can be fun, too. This popular drawing game gets you to draw a random word for your friends to guess, or challenge people through Facebook and Twitter.

7. AnkiDroid Flaschcards (Android, free)

This flashcard-style app helps you memorize new pieces of information, such as foreign words, poems, guitar chords, and much more. Become a flashcard master, as you get the question, try to answer, and put your memory to the test, while you put off doing the housework.

8. Reddit Is Fun (Android, free)

Reddit, the popular social news and entertainment website, allows you to share content and rank posts shared by other users. Whether you’re a hardcore Redditor or new to Reddit links and pictures, Reddit Is Fun will be your favorite time waster. It is an extremely user-friendly app that allows you to follow content, take part in discussions and share information discovered in other apps.

9. Logo Quiz (iOS/Android, free)

How many logos of popular brands are you able to recognize? Hundreds? Really? Take the challenge with the Logo Quiz app, and guess as many as you can. Why tackle your chores when there’s useless pop culture knowledge to test?

10. HootSuite (iOS/Android, free)

There’s no such thing as too much socializing, especially when you feel some things can wait until tomorrow. HootSuite is a social-media client that helps you manage multiple social-network accounts from one powerful dashboard. Access your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts and check in on Foursquare, all in one place – so you’ll always have some social updates to distract you.

So, explore these apps the next time you’re procrastinating, filling time or killing time. And remember – the Opera browser is made to discover. Download it from or your favorite app store today. (Or, even tomorrow.)

About Opera Software ASA

The worldwide World Wide Web — any device, any platform, any bandwidth, absolutely anywhere in the world. Opera Software was founded in 1994, based on the idea that access to the web should be a universal right. 300 million people (and counting) use the Opera web browsers for computers, mobile phones, TVs and other connected devices. Learn more about Opera at

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MTN App Challenge For Nigerian Developers

MTN Nigeria, in partnership with Co-creation hub, has launched an App Developer Challenge for Nigerian Developers. Because of the difficulty Nigerian developers face in selling their apps on popular app stores like Google Play Store, MTN is giving them the opportunity to sell apps to consumers on the MTN app store.

From now until October 24, 2013, MTN is calling on all developers (individuals or teams) to participate in the challenge. Winners will be announced by December 13, 2013.

The submitted apps will be analysed by well qualified judges, among whom we have Chika Nwobi, founder and managing partner at L5Labs, and Emmanuel Oluwatosin, Business Manager for Nokia Life West Africa. Things they would look out for when judging are: originality of concept, relevance of concept to the market, best user experience and commercial viability.

Developers are expected to submit applications into any of the following entry categories:

  • Entertainment and Lifestyle

  • Productivity

  • Games

  • Education

  • Health and wellness

  • Special category for student submissions (undergraduates)

The top four apps will then be short-listed from each category based on number of customer downloads.

Once you have submitted your app, send an email with the app(s) name and your developer account name to and you may be on your way to win a great prize. Some of the prizes to be won are: Hyundai IX 35,  N1million and Samsung S4.

You can visit or to apply and  for more information on the challenge.

About MTN

MTN is the leading Mobile Network Provider with more than 51 million Nigerian subscribers. With over 50% of the overall mobile subscribers in Nigeria, MTN has an assurance that they can run an app store for the convenience of their subscribers.

Introducing DoBox…Your Entertainment Box

In a bid to embrace the power of the web to grow locally relevant content online and drive monetization, there seem to be quite a number of people willing to provide Nigeria and the rest of the world with home-grown content. The creators of are one of such people.

DoBox, an entertainment on demand portal, offers African cinema release films and TV content online to users. It creates a platform for local and international audience to buy, rent or stream film, music and much more. Through a unique content rights and proposition, users can watch an ever-growing selection of movies, series, drama, lifestyle and documentary content and watch music videos online at their convenience.

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With Dobox, users can express themselves through their favorite films. By engaging a trendsetting audience with a passion for African movies, music and news, Dobox has developed a range of innovative products, further supported by a recently launched android app and a desktop app which operates a cloud library system.

To find out more on how to begin enjoying the best of African content online, click here

BBM On Android And iOS: Game Changer Or Self Destruction

It is no longer news that the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) would soon be available on the Android and iOS platforms. Until now, BBM has been the exclusive to BlackBerry users, but interestingly, they are choosing to extend this service to other OS platforms. Earlier rumored to be ready for release on June 21, 2013, Blackberry has squashed this information here and here.

In Africa, where BlackBerry devices are quite popular and with the usage of the Android and iOS phones rising, the question is: With the BB messenger now open to Android and iOS, would BlackBerry be gaining an advantage or could this turn out to be the potential self-destruct button for them?

BlackBerry continues to struggle with market share, but in markets where they still have some strength, Nigeria for instance, would they lose their advantage when you no longer need to own a BB device to get BBM? Is there something they are seeing, that we are not? Maybe the answers would come with time.

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In this age of collaboration, it is not strange to find cross-platform applications. With WhatsApp and Viber already established in this game, the advantage might just be that people have always admired how much of a personal connection BBM brings with it. Also, for former BB users who had previously moved to other devices, the addition of BBM to their device of choice might be a plus for BlackBerry.

In all of this, even if it pays the customer, which to me is quite paramount, we cannot help but ask how it gets to pay Blackberry. Shedding more light on the situation sometime ago, Andrew Bocking, (Executive Vice President, Software Product Management and Ecosystem at BlackBerry) said, “For BlackBerry, messaging and collaboration are inseparable from the mobile experience, and the time is definitely right for BBM to become a multi-platform mobile service. BBM has always been one of the most engaging services for BlackBerry customers, enabling them to easily connect while maintaining a valued level of personal privacy. We’re excited to offer iOS and Android users the possibility to join the BBM community”.  Again, we would have to wait to see how that pans out.

The initial release will enable iOS and Android users to use BBM chats, including multi-person chats, share photos and voice notes, and engage in BBM groups. The apps will also be subject to approval in the Apple and Google App Stores respectively. Earlier, BlackBerry announced that users will require iOS6 and Android 4.0 or higher versions to use the BBM app.

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With the potential to become a huge social network on mobile, BBM definitely possesses the gait to compete with rivals like Apple and Samsung. A friend also pointed out that if WhatsApp is valued at one billion dollars, then that tells you something. But even as a baseline, if BBM app won’t make any more money for Blackberry, it could serve as an advert for the company’s brand.  According to Thorsten Heins, Blackberry’s Chief Executive, he refers to the move as “a statement of confidence.” BlackBerry plans to add support for BBM Channels as well as voice and video chatting for iOS and Android later, with the app also set to be free for download.

What do you think about BBM coming to Android and iOS? Would you adopt BBM for your Android or iOS (if you own either)? Let us know in the comments below.