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Updated: Facebook buys Instagram for $1,000,000,000

Godwin Bassey is a System Administrator, and an enthusiastic blogger with particular interests in concept devices, automobile tech, audio video tech, computing, gizmos & mobile devices. You can follow him on twitter - @DaTecNerd.

How’s this for some big news? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has let slip that his company plans to buy popular photo-sharing app Instagram (pending all of the standard regulatory approvals, naturally). According to a report from All Things D‘s Kara Swisher, Facebook will pick up the social app, which got its own long-awaited Android version, for a cool $1 billion in cash and shares. Ole Zuck confirmed the news on his personal blog, adding that the deal won’t affect Instagram’s integration with competing social networks.

P.S. Interesting stuff is that Instagram’s creator was offered a job with Facebook in 2010, which he turned down. Now Facebook pays a whopping USD$1Billion after 551 days.

You Can Keep Siri, All I want is a Google Glass. April Fool, no?


Siri is Apple’s wonder boy or girl. Siri is a feature that was debuted in iPhone4s that allows  you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. Ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk. Cool, right?

As cool as that might sound, I don’t think it is as cool as this — a Google Glass. Read more…

Google: The Big Brother, Providing Insights for Free to Internet Use in Africa

Just yesterday we published a post on the grant given to iHub and KENET to deepen internet penetration and access in Kenya. Google’s message is clear and simple; reduce the barriers stopping folks from accessing the internet. The more people that use the internet, the more Google can have them use their product. You see why I am calling Google The Big Brother.

Google is at it again. What is it this time? They have gone a step further to provide an online service that will help one understand internet use in Africa.  For many businesses, conducting research by collecting and analysing data can be expensive and difficult. Google has a product called Google Insight, that can help you know what people are  searching for, when they search for it, and the location they are in. The tool is free but still requires some extra work. Read more…

The Faceoff: Facebook’s Response To Google Search

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Facebook is building a Google rival — this search engine is allegedly one that will use your location and your friends’ tastes. A team of more than 20 Facebook engineers led by a former Google programmer is said to be at work on a vastly improved search engine within Facebook, according to a Businessweek report. The idea is to take better advantage of the bucketload of content which Facebook users create on and off the site daily, the status updates, shared articles, videos, music from other sites, synchronization of other social media sites.  Read more…

Extensions come to Opera Mobile

From The Opera Desk:

When adding extensions support to our Presto engine back in 2010, a lot of time was spent behind the scenes so as to make our extensions framework very versatile and lightweight. Although the initial release was targeted for desktop only, every aspect of the extensions API was drafted with mobile in mind.

Today, we’re happy to present you with a Labs release of Opera Mobile with support for extensions!

This is a very early Labs release and it’s not quite certain at this point that extensions functionality will effectively make it into a future release of Opera Mobile; the design is also most definitely not final, and there are some rough edges here and there, but if that doesn’t scare you away – and why should it! –, you can find an Opera Mobile Labs build with extensions support for Android below. In addition, we’ve released extension-enabled Opera Mobile Emulator Labs builds, so you can test your extensions in a desktop-based Opera Mobile instance as well.

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Tech With A Pinch Of Salt: How Powerful Is Google?

Contributor: Godwin Bassey is a System Administrator, and an enthusiastic blogger with particular interests in concept devices, automobile tech, audio video tech, computing, gizmos & mobile devices. You can follow him on twitter - @DaTecNerd

Remember how mama used to say ‘Take it with a pinch of salt’, when big brother or sister tries to taunt you – emotionally, psychologically, and physiologically? Well, if you took to her advice then the following will not really bother you:  According to The Onion, Google reportedly shut down its Gmail servers for almost two hours today. Maybe the company is getting tired of its ‘nice guy’ image? When anyone tried to sign on, they were greeted with the following message instead of access to their email:

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Google Gave iHUB and KENET in Kenya USD$350K as Funding

In a recent post on Techloy, Bankole Oluwafemi wrote an insightful expository about how Google is pushing it harder and harder into the deeper trenches in the African market. They are really had at work. They are not just helping businesses come online and creating opportunities for schools to be connected and bringing more youths online and conversant with their product, Google is really putting its money where its mouth is. How?

In a blog post, Joe Mucheru, on the Google African blog, announced a recent support Google has just given to two different organisations that are helping more Kenyan’s embrace technology and connect to the internet. Google gave these two organisations USD 350,000 [approximately NGN55.3 million]. Wow! Who says Google is just playing around? If you don’t believe before that these guys mean real business, it is time to have a rethink. Read more…

#MWWA2012 | 2nd Annual Mobile Web West Africa Event – All Amber

oTeKbits – All Amber Ltd, the organiser of premier mobile-related events in Africa, today announced plans for the second annual Mobile Web West Africa conference.  The conference, which will take place April 24th through 26th at the Lagos Oriental Hotel, will cater to the entire range of individuals involved in the West African mobile sector.

The event includes the two-day Mobile Web West Africa conference and a separate day, which is being hosted by BlackBerry, dedicated exclusively to the development of applications for mobile phones.  The ambitious plans are designed to build on the massively successful 2011 edition and further establish Mobile Web West Africa as the leading mobile-focused conference in the region.

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Opera Mini 7 For Android Now Up For Grabs

Earlier this month, Opera and Android briefly made headlines together when one analytics firm found that Google’s OS, Android, had finally overtaken Opera as the world’s largest mobile browser. Today, the two are in the news again for a slightly different reason: Opera is releasing the newest version of its popular (and free) Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers with added camera, HTML5 and 3D graphics support — one way for Opera to claw back some share on Android, currently the biggest smartphone platform in the world.

The new version of the browser is something that Opera had hinted was in the works back in February, when it announced deals to further its reach in the area of mobile payments. As with that news, today’s release is another example of how mobile browser developers are looking to add more features to make their products more like native platform experiences. The release comes at the same time that Opera has also released a new edition of its browser for Symbian.

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Let’s Talk Techy Entertainment: XBMC 11.0 Released

XBMC is a popular and eye catching media center hub that translate your every day entertainment on you laptop to something worth spending time doing. XBMC is available for Linux, OSX, and Windows. Currently XBMC can be used to play almost all popular audio and video formats around. It was designed for network playback, so you can stream your multimedia from anywhere in the house or directly from the internet using practically any protocol available.

XBMC can play CDs and DVDs directly from the disk or image file, almost all popular archive formats from your hard drive, and even files inside ZIP and RAR archives. It will even scan all of your media and automatically create a personalized library complete with box covers, descriptions, and fanart. There are playlist and slideshow functions, a weather forecast feature and many audio visualizations. Once installed, your computer will become a fully functional multimedia jukebox.

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