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Kiss and tell : Vals Game by ChopUP

In the spirit of the valentine’s season, the ChopUp guys decided to make a very simple game where you try to kiss your true love as many times as possible before an interloper gets in-between.

The game is available here

MTN Set To Announce App Challenge Winning Developers

The MTN app challenge is almost coming to an end. The competition has been running for 5 months and it’s about time to unveil the winners. Having gone through a good number of entries, MTN Nigeria has chosen Friday 13th of December to award the winning developers.

The winners were selected at a judging session last week as seen in the pictures shared by Co-Creation hub.

The venue for the award presentation is yet to be announced yet, but we’d keep you informed with any other updates.


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5 More Co-Creation Hub Based Start-ups Pitch At The Tony Elumelu Foundation

Last Wednesday, 5 startups from the Co-Creation Hub gathered at the Tony Elumelu Foundation at Ikoyi to pitch their solutions  in other to get feedback and funding.

The startups include:


ChurchPlus is a comprehensive, simple and easy to use church management application that makes church data administration a breeze from relationship management and building to Church performance analysis.

Nearest Locator

Is a location based mobile app that helps you easily and accurately find nearest places to you; places like: ATMs, Banks, Eateries, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Police Stations, Events and Promos/deals etc., closest to you, with their detailed information like contact info and location on map.

500 shops

An platforms that gives retailers the ability to sell online with ease while managing inventory and other hassle like hosting, logistics, and other fulfilment services at different pricing packages. This can be compared to Shopify.


Truppr helps you organise and find team mates to enjoy your favourite sport with, in cities around the world. It is currently a web app, but to release its mobile version soon.


SportsDEY is a brand new Sports website that gives you the juiciest sports lifestyle news, in depth match analysis and opinion, latest scores and results, and a platform to share your views.

Here are some of the moments from the event with the photographs below:

t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 t7

About Tony Elemelu Foundation

The Tony Elumelu Foundation is an African-based, African-funded philanthropic organisation. Founded in 2010, our mission is to support entrepreneurship in Africa by enhancing the competitiveness of the African private sector.


Microsoft Q&A Session At DEMO Africa

At DEMO Africa, Microsoft Corp  announced a strategic cooperation agreements with three incubator organizations including:  CcHUB in Nigeria, DTBiin Tanzania and AfriLabs, the pan-African hub network, across the African continent to enable startups, innovators and Africa’s developer community to grow their skills and build businesses with Microsoft technologies.

More on the agreement can be found here, but an interest Q&A session followed after and can be read below:

Q: Can incubator organizations across Africa apply to be part of this program?
A: Any interested incubator is welcome to reach out to us directly via

Q: How much is Microsoft spending on this investment?
A: We are not disclosing a specific dollar amount, but it suffices to say that Microsoft is deeply invested in developing highly impactful programs for the African youth and SMEs through these collaborations.

Q: How does this partnership map to the all up 4Afrika Initiative goals?
A: Microsoft 4Afrika is focused on helping accelerate economic development and improve competitiveness in Africa. By working with these technology hubs and incubation centers, we are supporting the growth of African SMEs through access to technology, skills development and Microsoft experts, and by helping those with truly competitive solutions to scale the world via the Microsoft Store.

Q: How did you decide on these three organizations? Was there an application process?
A: These three organizations are best-in-class incubators and hubs, all of which had expressed interest in developing programs with Microsoft to empower their developers & startups. There was no formal application process, but we certainly did our due diligence to confirm that all three were doing fantastic work with startups and SMEs in their communities. And because it is essentially a network organization, partnering with AfriLabs was a great way for us to support requests coming from across the continent, and scale as far as possible to reach as many African startups and SMEs as possible.

Q: Do the organizations have to pay anything to receive Microsoft’s support?
A: No

Q: How does this program compare with the Microsoft Ventures partnership program?
A: The Microsoft Ventures program is targeting accelerators and will be supporting in a deeper engagement the startups hosted there. These collaborations are targeting technology hubs and incubators and supporting the breadth developer and startup community.

BONUS: Microsoft Enters Into Cooperation Agreements To Accelerate African Innovation 


Microsoft Enters Into Cooperation Agreements To Accelerate African Innovation

While attending DEMO Africa, Microsoft Corp. Today announced strategic cooperation agreements with three incubator organizations across the African continent to enable startups, innovators and Africa’s developer community to grow their skills and build businesses with Microsoft technologies. Under the recently launched Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative, Microsoft has entered into agreements with CcHUB in Nigeria, DTBiin Tanzania and AfriLabs, the pan-African hub network.

The cooperation aims to offer the communities working in these hubs increased access to software, skills development opportunities and a means through which innovative startups can access capital investment,benefit from international outreach and scale their businesses to the world through Microsoft’s cloud computing solutions.

The Co-Creation Hub, or CcHUB as it is commonly known, is Nigeria’s first innovation lab and pre-incubation space designed to catalyze creative social technology ventures. It is a place for technologists, social entrepreneurs, government and investors in and around Lagos to co-create new solutions to address business opportunities and social needs in Nigeria.

The Dar Teknohama Business Incubator, commonly known as DTBi, is a registered and autonomous entity established by the Tanzanian Commission for Science and Technology to promote information and communication technology (ICT) innovation and entrepreneurship, contributing to job creation and enhanced economic health in Tanzania.

AfriLabs is a network organization that connects incubator hubs across the continent, in orderto promote the growth and development of the African technology sector. AfriLabs has 20 member organizations in Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia.

Microsoft will work with each organization to:

  • Support the startup community with Microsoft BizSpark memberships and access to business networking and capital investment opportunities. BizSpark is a global program that helps startups grow into successful businesses through software support and a vibrant ecosystem that delivers exceptional business advantage.
  • Enable developers to access the latest events and workshops on Microsoft’s newest development technologies through relevant community events.
  • Provide Microsoft devices, including Windows Phones and Windows-based tablets, for testing applications and other software developed by the local IT communities.
  • Enable them to benefit from the 4Afrika Internship program, which will provide them access to the pool of talent graduating as 4Afrika interns as potential hires for their own facilities.
  • Enable them to benefit from the 4Afrika Volunteer program, which will provide themwith access to the pool of Microsoft employees volunteering in Africa as visiting trainers and mentors at their own facilities.

In addition, the partnership with AfriLabswill support the development of sustainable and scalable working environments across the continent, such as technology hubs and incubation centers, to stimulate entrepreneurship and support African startups. Microsoft will work with Afrilabs to help startups working in these hubs to become successful technology companies driving innovation, employability, competitiveness and growth in Africa.

MtetoNyati, vicechair of the 4Afrika Advisory Council and managing director of Microsoft South Africa,will speak at DEMO Africa this week. In advance of the event, he said “Microsoft sees boundless potential in African youth, developers and entrepreneurs, and we view the collaborative efforts with these innovation hubs across the continent as strategic and crucial opportunities for us to extend our support to their ecosystems. Through the 4Afrika Initiative, we are deeply committed to helping accelerate African innovation, and we hope these efforts will help us reach more people who are looking to turn their great ideas into a reality that can empower their community, their country and Africa at large.”

Reacting to this announcement, BosunTijani, the CEO of Co-Creation Hub Nigeria, said: “This partnership is the culmination of several collaborations between CcHUB and Microsoft Nigeria over the past two (2) years and we are really excited at the opportunity to implement programs in support of innovation and entrepreneurship in Nigeria”

The Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative is designed to help Africa improve its global competitiveness. By 2016, various 4Afrika efforts spanning the continent, such as these new collaborations, will help place tens of millions of smart devices in the hands of African youth, bring 1 million African small and medium-size enterprises online, upskill 100,000 members of Africa’s existing workforce, and help an additional 100,000 recent graduates develop skills for employability, 75 percent of which Microsoft will help place in jobs.

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

Team Collaboration App, Cubicle Comes To Google Chrome

Cubicle, a team collaboration app that allows businesses, companies and teams work together from any location using their preferred devices, has gone one step further to integrate itself into the Google Chrome, so users get notification from team members right on the web browser.

With Cubicle businesses do not have to work about having all their staff in a particular geographical area. They can even go ahead and employ staff across different time zones. In other words, think of Cubicle as a virtual office in the cloud for businesses.

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Cubicle does this by building and providing tools that businesses need e.g a threaded inbox, where all conversations can go on; a project management tool, where businesses can create projects and assign them to team members; a whiteboard, similar to a real whiteboard in an office, where team members can post and share ideas; a calendar, to keep track of appointments and events; and a couple of more features.

Having the Google Chrome version of the app is move to keep users always active as there is no need to be have the app as an active screen. Users can now go about their other activities on the web and get cubicle notifications. You can easily search for and install the Chrome app by searching the web store.


Apps Developed In Africa – ChopUP

Gaming is fast becoming a big deal, right across the world. It is a sector which generates huge revenues already, and also one with very promising prospects and potential for the future. Africa is not left behind in the rise, as gaming applications and portals around here are beginning to experience great patronage.

This reiterates that even in the midst of all the buzz and business that go on, we never forget that we are a fun-loving people who like to relax, even after a hard day’s job. With somewhat of a balanced context from both the developer and the gamer perspectives, we introduce our app for the week – ChopUP.


Truth is ChopUP is not really an app per say but better described as a social platform that connects mobile device gamers across Africa and allows them interact based on in-game achievements and points which can be transferred across games. The platform supports content across limited feature devices and some smart phones in recognition of Africa’s unique mobile device spread.

The concept’s main inspiration came from the marketing promotion of another of their game offerings - Danfo Reloaded – as they found that there was a lot of conversation amongst players of the game on social media, which they seemed to be missing on.

Peculiar Problem It Solves

ChopUP creates a peculiar platform which is the equivalent of a specialist social network dedicated to gaming. Now game players have a place where the focus is totally around gaming, bragging rights, upcoming feature talks and similar issues. It would also serve as an avenue for developers to monetize their game product offerings in the long run.

Essence / Unique Feature

The platform allows users interact based on their in-game achievements. It also integrates revenue driven by in-app purchase model, which includes advertising and rewards systems.

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Value Proposition

The ChopUP platform further enhances the mobile experience for African consumers, by providing advanced gaming and entertainment features on some of the most basic mobile devices in the market today.“ Developed by a Nigerian Start-up – Pledge51 with a ‘feature-phone-first’ approach, the focus was more on serving a prevalent but often neglected market segment, with compelling and original African content.

Some interesting features offered on the platform include social profiles for each user, real-time online leader-boards, recognition of in-game achievements online, and a virtual currency that can be used across different games

According to Bayo Puddicombe, one of the co-founders: “The most interesting part of ChopUP as a driver for innovation is its potential to open up monetization possibilities not just for us, but also for other developers across Africa.” He continues “the platform sits behind all our games and will eventually be opened up to allow other developers create mobile apps that integrate seamlessly with ChopUp.

The team seems to be determined to change the game in mobile content discovery across Africa, and also help developers capture value from their users.

Potential Coverage

The platform currently targets Nigeria, with Africa next on the radar. But according to their pitch slides documentation, the constant aim is global domination which is quite a possibility with the robust approach being adopted.


Understandably, the application is currently available for Java enabled handsets, feature phones, and principally because of its prioritized bottom of the pyramid first approach. But even at that, the rise of the smart phones cannot be underestimated, and so the development would benefit immensely from a concurrent focus in this direction.


With the opportunity to pitch at DEMO Africa 2013, the team has just the right platform to show the world that they have the capacity to develop cutting-edge innovative solutions, and also help other businesses move to the next level. This further bolsters the fact that great things continue to come out of Africa.

IBM And CcHub Hold Education Sessions At ‘Lasgidi’ Hackathon

The enterprise giants IBM made a concrete statement of intent by signalling their presence in Nigeria’s applications development ecosystem – one of Africa’s fastest growing tech markets, with a four day hacking event, that ends today. The IBM Lasgidi Hackathon event which started off with a 2-day session dedicated to training, was followed subsequently by a further 2-day hackathon phase, themed “Mobile payments and Smarter Governments”.

With various experts flown in from around Africa and the world over, IBM introduced several of their product offerings and how to make the most use of them. Some of them include leading IBM development platforms for mobile, cloud, and data such as DB2, BlueMix, Worklight studios, and Guardium – a cyber-security tool. At the core of their target spectrum were students from various universities around Nigeria, and the lot were sprinkled with a few working professionals who had also registered to be part of the program.

In partnership with Airtel, CcHub and some other strategic partners from the region, IBM organized a laudable two days of educational sessions lasting as long as eight hours minimum each day, with an assessment conducted at the end of the two-day event, and certificates awarded. Top-ranking participants, who made the cut in the assessment results, were to move on to the hackathon stage which would last another two days. The format would be individual teams comprising six members each, with the goal of developing solutions in languages they are most comfortable coding with, which could then be integrated into the IBM WorkLight developer environment as provided.

The Hackathon does encourage participants to build mobile applications that run on mobile devices, compete for innovation grants, and develop team skills. Also the coding competition introduces participants to IBM’s latest leading technology tools and frameworks to help build smarter and faster.

Beyond making it to the hackathon phase, ultimately everyone is a winner as IBM has provided a developer community which is interactive, making sure that everyone who took part has the opportunity of becoming a member. This helps to take the relationship further, instead of the usual one-off offers that programs such as this often come along with. IBM is also in the process of putting up Innovation centers, where students and professionals alike would be able to come around and interact freely with their various product offerings, with necessary support made available.

We understand this IBM Innovation Agenda event is designed to help promote and foster the growing innovation culture in Nigeria, and is a first of its kind for IBM in the Africa region.

As seen as // Photo Credit: .:AR:. via Compfight cc



Microsoft Ventures Supports Entrepreneurship In Africa

Microsoft Corp. on Monday announced the expansion of the Microsoft Ventures partnership program into Africa. Microsoft Ventures was introduced in June as a coordinated global effort to offer tools, resources, expertise and routes to market for startups through partnerships with accelerators around the world.

The company has selected 88mph as its first African accelerator partner. 88mph was chosen for its proven model of helping launch and secure funding for innovative African startups. Together, Microsoft and 88mph will work to provide startups with mentorship, technology guidance, seed funding, joint selling opportunities and more.

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Microsoft Ventures takes a holistic approach to helping startups get off the ground through a community evangelism program including Microsoft BizSpark, an accelerator program and a seed fund that works with startups worldwide. The expansion into Africa was conducted as part of the recently launched Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative and will therefore prioritize startups in key sectors including agriculture, education and healthcare.

“Through the 4Afrika Initiative, we are deeply committed to fostering African innovation and to fueling Africa’s economic growth and competitiveness, and we are very proud to see Microsoft Ventures extend its reach into the African continent,” said Amrote Abdella, director, 4Afrika Venture Capital and Startup Programs. “We strongly believe that with the right support, African startups hold tremendous potential to impact both their local economies and the world’s perception of African-led innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Startups will be selected based on the globally established criteria of Microsoft Ventures: Applying companies must have a full-time founding team, a bold vision for tackling a real problem, technologically driven solutions and less than $1 million raised. In Africa, Microsoft is also looking for solutions that can scale across and even outside the African continent.

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“Microsoft is a company that deeply understands the value of the ecosystem, and we believe that by working together, 88mph and Microsoft can offer a world-class launch pad to African startups looking to achieve true scale,” said Nikolai Barnwell, Nairobi director, 88mph. “We share a deep commitment to the African startup community and look forward to showcasing more and more African innovators on the world stage.”

The graduating startups from 88mph’s most recent accelerator class will participate in a DemoDay on Dec. 5 in Nairobi where, with Microsoft’s help, the startups will present their businesses and opportunities to invited investors.

Through the BizSpark program, the company has already helped support 625 African startups to date by providing access to Microsoft tools and technologies, and this program will continue. And for the second consecutive year, the company is also a sponsor of DEMO Africa, a startup competition taking place Oct. 24–25 in Nairobi.

More information about Microsoft Ventures is at More information about the 4Afrika Initiative is at

CapitalSquare Opens Shop To Young And Creative Entrepreneurs

Hubs and Accelerators such as the Co-Creation Hub, Wennovation, iDEA, Venia, TechnoVision, and even SPARK (even though it call itself a business birthing other business) are taking center point in the innovation growth in Nigeria. Perhaps why it is of good cheer to welcome another player into the space.

CapitalSquare is a co-working space for young, creative entrepreneurs in Lekki, Lagos, with an aim to provide a relaxed environment for independent professionals to work, collaborate, and learn from each other with a good number of meeting rooms for members, as well as external clients.

Currently in its pre-launch phase, the hub is simply offering all of its services for free – including access to working spaces, internet, meeting rooms, printing, copying, tea and coffee, and maybe snacks to munch if they are in a so-good mood. So check it out any time between 9a.m. to 6p.m. for the rest of this week.

Not sure if you can make it, then RSVP for the Open House party to take place Saturday, November 23, 2013. Not to worry if you just want to get down to work as soon as possible as CapitalSquare opens for business on Monday, October 21, 2013 and you can get your membership access here.