Nigeria’s Melvin May Win Big Brother Africa [SURVEY]

As part of our desire to equip you with relevant information, we will be bringing you results of surveys we are currently working on with some of our partners. If you missed the earlier version on what mobile phones Nigerians are willing to buy and at what price, you can read it here. Today, we are bringing you the result of a survey conducted with our friends at biNu on who is likely to win the ongoing Big Brother Africa 8th edition.

As most are aware, the Big Brother Africa show is currently on its 8th season. 28 housemates started the show from 14 African countries and every one of them was seeking to win the 300,000 USD on offer. Shown on DStv (Africa’s satellite TV network), the audience can also follow the actions online and from their mobiles via Facebook, Twitter, SMS update, the BBA website and the RSS feeds on biNu.

The Survey:

The biNu community were asked a few questions via the biNU’s survey platform. These include

  • how users get updates,
  • how users vote and
  • of course who users think will win.

There were about 6,000 responses to the survey questions and from 14 countries in just a few days.

Key Findings:

  • Mobile remains key in getting across to people
  • 75% of users who receive updates via their mobile devices actually take part in voting
  • SMS accounts for 49% of the voting methods
  • 56% of respondents are between 18 to 24 years

There have been few controversies this year with one contestant, Nando, being disqualified for threatening another housemate. Interestingly to note that the survey shows that just over 50% were happy that he was booted off.

So, enjoy the infographic below showing the top results.


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