Samsung Galaxy S4 Hits 10 Million Mark In Less Than 30 Days

 Samsung projected they were going to ship 10 million units of the Galaxy S4 in one month, and they did. They have hit the 10 million mark in less than 30 days.

I wrote an article about a month ago where Samsung said they were going to hit 10 million faster than they ever did with a flagship device. And they have. 10 million Samsung Galaxy S4 devices have been shipped in 30 days already!

Six million Galaxy S4s were sold 8 days ago, 15 days after the S4 started shipping. This makes the S4 the fastest selling phone by Samsung. The Galaxy S sold 3 million units in 85 days, the S2 took 55 days, and it took them about 2 months to ship 10 million units of the S3.

In a conversation with a satisfied S3 user, he told me Samsung has hit their apex and they are going to tank soon as they are releasing too many models. He tweeted:

If you have a Samsung s3, dont bother with the S4 IMO.

— Saheed Adepoju (@spacely) May 22, 2013

@jesseoguns I also know Hp wants back into Android. Samsung will soon tank cause of too much models. Brace yourselves.

— Saheed Adepoju (@spacely) May 22, 2013


On the other hand, a TV/Video director and producer who uses an S3 tweeted at me after she got her s4 saying, “Jesse, I just got the S4 and I love it!”

Two Galaxy S3 users. Two separate opinions.

Samsung is an amazing company and they’re not dumbing it down any time soon. They’re even getting ready with Tizen, an open source Operating System that they’re building in conjunction with Intel, which is for devices including smartphones, tablets, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) devices and smart TVs.

I’m already wondering how the S5 will be and how many days it’ll take them to ship 10 million units. Will the Galaxy S5 run Android or Tizen? I bet they’re already in the war room drafting the strategy.

Did you get an S4 yet? How are you finding it? Read my first view of the phone and what I thought of it recently on my Google plus page and watch out for my full review coming up on OTEKBITS in the coming week. I’m in the kitchen cooking it up.