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Interswitch Introduces Safetoken To Make Online Payments Safer

Interswitch has announced the release of Safetoken, a security measure that generates One-Time-Passwords (OTP) for certain classes of online payment transaction, in compliance with a Central Bank mandate. The extra layer of authentication is designed to prevent the unauthorized usage of a customer’s card for payments over the web.

The Safetoken security measure activates upon pre-determined conditions — transactions above a set amount, for instance — causing an SMS containing the OTP to be sent to the phone that the customer has registered with their bank. Authentication via hardware tokens, software tokens, grid cards, OTP via SMS and OTP via email are also supported.

Using the Safetoken service, requires that the customer be registered a cardholder must first be registered. The banks that have adopted and have begun to implement the solution include UBA, Access Bank, GTBank, First Bank, FCMB and Zenith Bank.

See the full release here


Experience The Africa Cup of Nations, South Africa 2013 on has pulled out all the stops to make sure all internet users enjoy the Orange Africa Cup of Nations held in South Africa in 2013.  A team of sports journalists based in South Africa to bring you live and exclusive coverage of the events, and recapture the atmosphere in the host cities. Videos made on location featuring the day’s events and a news feed including the latest items available on Twitter and Facebook.

All matches with live text commentary, introducing the teams and their players, with live commentary of the matches, statistics and analysis after the game, along with interviews with the players and coaches. There is also a photo gallery to relive the action and feel the atmosphere; as well as a team of sports reporters and supporters in various African countries, providing articles and analysis of the competition.

So supporters, get ready for the  Orange AFCON 2013 fan kit, with games to support your team, a supporter wallpaper for download, and the online Mexican wave. You can also vote for your “favorite player” throughout the competition. Who will win the 2013 Orange Africa Cup of Nations? Will the Zambians hold onto their title? Or will it be the Ivorian Elephants? Perhaps the host country – the Bafana Bafana? Or another team of champions like the Super Eagles of Nigeria?

With three teams of journalists based in Africa, provides exclusive articles throughout the year, making it a benchmark website on African football. covers all the major sports events across Africa (most notably the competitions of the African Football Confederation) and follows more than 20 national African championships. And to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, is available in English, French and Arabic.

About is Orange’s entertainment website providing content for all African countries. is the ‘the’ website for young people in Africa, with its two flagship channels, football and education. In all provides 7 channels, on news, football, more sports, music, education, jobs and the shop. Learn more:


Opera Brings More Comfort To The Living Room

Scandinavians are crazy about trying to make all the world’s living rooms more comfortable. First of all, the large flat-packed furniture has done a good job so far, and now the browser-maker Opera Software is stepping in to do its part, showcasing the latest solutions for improving TV surfing in millions of living rooms all across the globe.

With an enhanced Opera TV Store and Opera Devices SDK, Opera is shaping a new way to be entertained in the living room. Here’s how Opera has spiced up these products with recent improvements:

The new Opera TV Store. The new version of Opera’s TV app framework, packed within an awesome interface, now offers a great selection of new HTML5 apps. A new Side-by-Side feature enables users to use apps in the context of what they’re watching, making the web even more closely integrated with TV.

Support for YouTube Leanback. Opera Devices SDK 3.5 now introduces support for YouTube’s personalized TV channel. To protect copyrighted content and improve streaming performance, it includes support for the latest web standards, Encrypted Media Extension and Media Source Extension.

More standards for content makers. With optimized support for CSS and Subtitles API, developers and content providers get cool graphic options for their TV apps. Support for latest SPDY protocol enables them to reduce webpage loading time significantly, now also in TV.

The future of the web on TV involves more contextualization. People are looking for rich content options in the context of what they’re watching,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “By syncing TV content with smart apps, we can now truly bring more lean-back interactivity to living rooms around the world.”

About Opera

Opera Software was founded in 1994, based on the idea that access to the web should be a universal right. 275 million people (and counting) use the Opera web browsers for computers, mobile phones, TVs and other connected devices. Learn more about Opera at


#CcHub: Sportwilla And Tiketmobile Set To Take The Stage At Showcase Tuesday

Showcase Tuesday holds every fortnight and is designed to help CcHUB Community Members showcase projects/products they are working on and get useful feedback that will help in future versions.

The first edition for the year holds tomorrow, 8th January 2013 at 3 pm and each project is allotted 30 mins: 15 minutes for presentation and the other 15 minutes for a Q&A session.

This week will see techies and enthusiast alike listen in and provide feedback to the 2 startups to be featured: Stanley Ojadovwa will be showcasing Sportwilla while Celestine Ezeokoye will give us a sneak preview of the Tiketmobile app.


Sportwilla is a sport social network that gives sports fans the ability to talk to other sports fans about their clubs and games. It aims to become the #1 place to interact with sport fans across the globe. It also hopes to attain stickiness through its inbuilt gamification mechanism.


Tiketmobile lets bus travellers easily find and buy bus tickets on their phones. They would be able to pay using their ATM cards and receive notifications via SMS when payments have been made. Bus transport companies easily manage their transport schedules and passengers.

We’d be on ground to give you updates, so you can follow the hashtag #sctuesday from our handle @OTEKBITS.

Konga Snap And Win Contest For The Love Of Social Media

Having looked at the 2012 Facebook landscape, Social Media is going to be integral part for any brand communication and marketing in 2013. Some brands are sure on the bandwagon – Google still pushing the Google+ agenda for Nigeria; Channels Television attempt at viral video with ex-president; Obansanjo dancing ‘Gangnam Style’; Wema Bank and Maliyo pioneering Social Gaming; and perhaps the most anticipated for me – GTBank’s Social Banking.

Konga is up for a first in the new year with the ‘Snap & Win Contest’. This promo runs through the month of January, giving a chance for customers to win N50,000 shopping coupons weekly.

How it Works:

  • Take a picture of the delivery van, dispatch rider, whether in transit or one delivering to you
  • Post on Konga’s Facebook page or Twitter using the hashtag #KongaSnapNWin
  • Invite you friends to vote – I assume that’s to Like the Photo on Facebook, and Retweet your entry

What you are waiting for? Don’t forget to get in on the #TEKNewYear from us at OTEKBITS. We are giving away two cool Android phones.


Here’s What Went Down At Tech Training eXpo: Programming ++

Tech Training Expo event was educational packed and delivered impacted training as promised, as professionals and students from tech industry attended the event to learn more about programming and Software application development. The attendees ranged from novice to expert, and all were fully taking through hands-on programming for the 2-day period.

Here’s How It Went Down At TTX++

The floor was opened by FrameFactory, a group of graphics designers who mainly focus on 3D animation and have done great stuffs for their clientelle.

Muyiwa Folorunsho, a Lead Software Developer at MTech communication and a passionate IT trainer was introduced to talk on Programming: The Enterprise Perspective. Muyiwa did shed light on how and why software should be developed. He also talked to the attendees on the need of software applications and development with some basic coding lines.

The room was split into 3 groups after Muyiwa’s session for coding hands-on. Group 1 was for Mobile & Web Apps (HTML5, CSS, Javascript and Java), Group 2 was for Linux bash scripting, Image processing & Algorithms, and Group 3 was for Programming 101 (Python).

There was a Google hangout with Dr.Guruprasad Hegde, popularly know was Guru, a Robotics Engineer at TATA Motors and Adeyemi Fowe, A Research Scientist at Nokia. The hangout session was for question and answer and some attendees asked some industry burning questions like: How can we move from just being familiar with programming languages to actually being professional Developers?” Most of the questions were tweeted via OTEKBITS’s handle and suitable answers were given by Fowe and Guru.


Emeka Okoye took the stage after the lunch break and he talked about Mobile Application Programming: The African Perspective. Emeka known as Data man, started with real data stats like Top 8 mobile OS in Africa, Nigeria Mobile landscape, Mobile Africa stats and other informative stats. He later moved on to what was needed for Mobile development, especially the environment such as: Android (java, C), Blackberry (Java), iOS(Objective-C), J2ME/MIDP(Java) among others. He also gave list of SDKs for different environment and where to get resources. He did take a quick dive into mentorship-like talks, what developers are contributing to the society and how they chould do more.

Next was Mobile Payment Application Integration, a presentation by Paga Tech. Attendees would not forget the ‘How to pitch a project’ interactive session with speakers, as they had the opportunity of presenting ideas or projects there are working on. After pitching was the next breakout where Facebook, Twitter and Google API, Bash Scripting and SMS to Web sessions were covered, and that wraped up Day 1.

Day 2 At TTX++

The second day was fun and the excitement level only increased. At the even was Femi Taiwo of Lagos Google Developer Group, and the day started with breakout sessions with four groups. The first group was for Mobile & Web Apps, second was for Image processing & Algorithms, third was for Programming 101 and the fourth was for Entrepreneur and Tech enthusiast which was led by Femi Taiwo.


Bod Toki a Software Engineer at Google London took the stage to talk on Principles, Patterns and Practices for developing a world-class software. Bod Toki shared his experience as an Engineer for Google and previous places he had worked with ways of having a successful coding project, Bod’s session was fun as attendees could relate to his story because it’s what they now pass through on daily basis.

There were many other interactive and hands-on session throughout the day as well as networking at the end of the event.

What People Said About TTX++

We had an opportunity to talk to some guys and here are what they had to say:

“It was an experience for me as I have been looking forward to network with fellow students and get to know what they are doing and how I can learn from them. I also enjoyed the Mobile & Web programming session”  - Ayo Oladele, a student.

“We need such platform because we cannot get the skills required in the world in school especially when it comes to programming” - Tosin oyekan, a student.

“I actually enjoyed the algorithm session, I have been having issues with algorithm in the project am currently working on +this really showed me way to go about it, Thanks guys” - Akin Owoade, a software developer at Cederview Technology

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#TEKnewyear Giveaway – We’ve Got Two Android Phones With Someone’s Name On Them

Starting this week, we can all officially consider the holidays over. But up in here we’ve still got plenty of holiday spirit leftover to share with you. No kidding. We’ve got two Android phones with us, and each have got someone’s name on them.

The two devices are coming courtesy of Gionee and Opera. Last year, they were gracious enough to give us a review unit of the petite Gionee Pocket, and I published my impressions here. Then we decided that we’d give it to one of our readers.

gionee pocket 2

When our donors learnt that we were going to give out the Pocket, they decided to throw in yet another one! So right now we’ve got the Gionee Pocket AND the Gionee Pioneer — another device in the Gionee line-up. And we can’t wait to give them away!

But as you’ll discover presently, this isn’t your usual giveaway. All that giving just got so contagious, and that’s why this a giveaway where YOU get to give something away. If there’s someone whom you think deserves a nice new year’s present — someone close to you perhaps; or a tweep you’re friendly with; or even some random person that you’ve never met before…then here’s your chance to make them smile in the new year.

And in addition to the fabulous, warm fuzzy feeling that comes from giving something to a friend, we’ve also got something for you. Now, now, you didn’t think we were gonna leave you out now, did you? That’s right, this giveaway is as much about winning as it is about giving. Are you game? Then come along!

To qualify for a chance to GIVE and WIN in our #TEKnewyear giveaway, follow each of these instructions carefully –

1. Follow OTEKBITS on Twitter here.

2. Tweet at the person you’d like to give a Gionee Android phone, with a cool happy 2013 message, and using the #TEKnewyear hashtag. To help you out, we’ve created this handy tweet button.

3. Our independent ‘selectors’ will select the two coolest new year messages and give the gift to their intended recipients!

4. Each winning giver gets N1,500 airtime on any network of their choice.

A few caveats though. No reciprocal gifting. That means if someone tweeted the gift at you, you cannot just tweet it back at them, you’ll both be disqualified. But you can tweet the gift at some else. Also, while we’d be glad if you shared this on Facebook, the #TEKnewyear giveaway works on Twitter only. We’ll definitely work at extending subsequent freebies to our Facebook audience, please pardon us this once. Lastly, we can only give the devices to winners resident in Nigeria.

Have you started tweeting and giving already? What are you waiting for? GO! And also follow our excellent sponsors on Twitter, Gionee and Opera.

The giveway is open until 12am on Thursday. Remember, the Twitter hashtag is #TEKnewyear. We’re doing this up till Wednesday, so the clock starts now. We’ll choose and announce the lucky winners on Friday.

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7 Question For CEO – Vytas Paukštys: Eskimi Music, Fan Club, And Brands

Editor’s Note: Eskimi had a good 2012, with accolades like crossing the 10 million users mark, and launching some new product and features. We got CEO, Vytas Paukstys to answer 7 questions covering areas including: Eskimi Music, Fan Club, Mobile money, Nigerian brands, and opportunities.

Q1. How was 2012 for Eskimi – your milestones and top moments, and did you meet/surpass your expectations?

2012 was a year of preparation, hard work and learning. We were working to improve the product, started working with the largest brands in Nigeria, and did a lot of market education on how mobile marketing can be used and what the metrics to track the performance are. We see that 2012 was the year when brands understood that digital marketing is a good channel to communicate. We did a lot of seminars, webinars, and workshops for brands to show what mobile media can offer.

I think we have reached that point where the market actually believes that mobile in Nigeria is up to 10 times larger than traditional web and that this is the most important media currently.

We reached our goals in terms of growth, sales and partnerships. I guess the main things that we achieved include: launch of our mobile money platform, launch of our developer API, introduction of advanced and unique tools for brands, getting main brands in Nigeria to start using Eskimi as their marketing channel, becoming second mobile destination position in Nigeria, and launching Eskimi Premium Fanclub functionality

Q2. You have just recently joined forces with iROKING for Eskimi Music, how has that been so far in terms of reception?

This is a very recent product and we kept it in testing mode for the first weeks. We see that users are getting back to the service, downloading songs, but we will announce the statistics later on. Now I see that this is one of the products that people were missing. There are many illegal content sites where people cannot get quality content. This new product changes the mobile music market. And it creates sponsorship opportunities to brands.

Q3. Now you’ve got a new feature on Eskimi – tell us about Eskimi Fan Clubs

Eskimi Premium Fanclubs is a new functionality for brands to engage with their users. Our main goal is to deliver high participation and engagement rates, show that it can be much better than the traditionally used media (like Facebook pages). Fanclub is a branded page but with a lot of gaming and engagement features like Treasure hunts and Photo competitions. The participation rates we have seen so far are amazing. Pepsi fanclub reached 50,000 fans in less than a month and one of the last posts was commented and liked by 21,000 people. This is an unseen participation. People are really spending a lot of time in these clubs.

Q4. What has been the reception from brands and Eskimi users, and what are future plans to have this become core of Eskimi usage?

Brands love the numbers and they speak for themselves – we are delivering up to 20-50 times better participation rates than Facebook. We understand that Facebook has a strong brand among businesses, but we always explain that the eye balls, time spent and positive engagement is what matters. We will be launching a lot of new fanclubs in the next 6 months. The best thing is that Eskimi users like it a lot – they love the games, prizes and Eskimi coins incentives. We can even give instant airtime prizes for the most active participants. Any brand that wants to have their fan pages on Eskimi should contact us.

Q5. Any other features we should be expecting from Eskimi soon or this year?

We have recently launched J2ME chat app to improve the chatting experience and make it realtime. We will be pushing it further. We are working on our HTML5 and Android applications. The smartphone market is still very very small, but we will launch these new platforms to be up to date for the users. We are also launching a new B2B portal to showcase what Eskimi can do for your brand.

Q6. One question you wished we asked you?

Here it is: What would be your message to the brands and advertisers in Nigeria?

I guess this one: Eskimi is here for you. We have a strong advertisement and product team not to only deliver simple traffic campaigns. We think a lot for the brands to deliver the end result and not only clicks. We do consulting on campaigns, landing pages; mobile phone optimization reports to check if the landings are compatible. Agencies that we worked with are saying that Eskimi delivers best conversion rates and best engagement rates. I guess this is the most important metric.

Q7. Any opportunities for our readers at Eskimi at the moment?

Yes! There is. Eskimi is looking for the best sales manager from Nigeria. The person should have digital marketing or just digital experience, sales experience and maintain active contacts in the digital and media space in Nigeria (agencies and brands). Anyone interested should shoot me an email to

The End

Thanks Vytas for taking out time to answer some of our questions. We’d be expecting stats from the Eskimi music product, and sure looking to open OTEKBITS fan club as soon as possible.

Readers can send in questions they’d like to ask tech entrepreneurs, and we’d try to get them answered – send to

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Gadget War: You Have Spoken – The Best Mobile Device 2012 Is…

The mobile war is over, at least for 2012 and you – our readers have spoken.  With more than 100 hundred entries, and here are the results.

Samsung Galaxy S III came out tops with 46.08%, followed by Nokia Lumia 920 with 35.29%, and trailing behind was the iPhone 5 with 18.63%. Well this was not too far off expectations, as Samsung and Nokia are market leaders in this part of the world, and the iPhone 5 did not really get a good reception upon release as compared to the iPone 4 and 4s.

So, there you have it – The Best Mobile Device 2012 is the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

The next poll is up, and we ask you to tell us your best E-Commerce site. Enter now.

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5 Trendsetting Web Services That Customers Are Looking For

Knowing what people want and how to capitalise on their needs is essential to business success. Here are five steps to use your customers’ desires to your advantage.

1. Application design

Applications are like the new toy in the toyshop that everyone wants but we not only want to download different apps all the time we also want to design our own unique apps.

2. Website design

Now a days, if you have a business you will need a website – it is a service that will always be needed as new businesses are started daily.

3. Online marketing

We live in both a real and an online world. Businesses and individuals will always need someone to perfect and manage their online marketing from social media management to advertising, ensuring that their brand gets noticed.

4. Online shopping

More and more people are using online shopping when it comes to buying gifts, technological gadgets and groceries.

5. Blog creation

Blogs are popping up everywhere as more people realise the value of having a blog. Businesses will need people to create blogs as well as create the SEO relevant content for these blogs.

Here are 3 ways that you can use these in-demand services to your advantage:

  • Provide the service yourself
  • Align yourself with an individual or a business that does offer these services. Instead of turning the client away, refer them to someone who can do it and take a percentage of the profits.
  • Through advertising, make sure that your product or service is seen where people are going. Online shopping sites and blogs have a lot of traffic – make sure that your brand is on these sites.

Depending on your business, you might be able to offer all these services and benefit directly from them, but you might also have a business that can’t offer any of these. This, however, doesn’t mean you can’t capitalise on these services – you just need to think where the people are and then place your brand where they can see you.

[Source - EmergingStars, Image via]