D’banj (His Page, Actually) Gets Facebook Verified, Only Second Nigerian Ever

Grab 2Up until now, President Goodluck Jonathan was the only Nigerian with a verified Facebook Page. But it’s no longer lonely at the ‘top’ for El Presido as superstar musician D’banj, he of several nonsensical monikers, got Facebook verified this week (see screenshot above). Can’t say his over 792, 000 fans didn’t do anything for him.


And just in case you were wondering what a verified profile or Page is in Facebook terms, get the lowdown.

Screenshot via Facebook

For those not in Nigeria: how to get a job in Nigeria

Jobberman’s latest video is clearly targeted at Nigerians who studied abroad and are considering coming back to their homeland to work. Not long into the 7 minute explainer, the presenter complete with “janded” accent is clearly nudging repats to look for jobs in Nigeria’s ICT sector, which he described to be booming. And not just the big brands in technology, he says, but particularly smaller internet startups like Konga, Jumia, DealDey, Jobberman and Cheki, because unlike their bureaucratic seniors with ossified corporate ladders, startups are “more involving” for new entrants. One guessing he means more say and perhaps even a stake (equity).

Well played, JM, well played.

Look Out Silverbird, A 7D Cinema Just Opened In Lagos

“feel the wind, rain, smoke, snow, smell…” Is this thing supernatural?!

Well as it turns out, there is a kind of cinema that allows one to feel physical effects while watching a movie. Generally marketed as 4D, 5D, 6D and even 7D cinema, it is pretty expensive to setup. Read more about it on Wikipedia.

How to prank your dad with the LG G2

This dude shares a hilarious story of how he pranked his dad using the universal remote feature of the LG G2

How to impress investors

Hat tip – How We Made It In Africa.


This is what you do right after you get acqui-hired

Guess who’s top-earning on the Google Play Store? Pastor Chris is

If you had to guess which app attracts the highest in-app purchases on the Google Play store, you’d probably give it to the usual suspects; Candy Crush, FIFA 14, Angry Birds, Football Manager…. However, the current top grossing app on the Google Play store in Nigeria is popular televangelist, Pastor Chris’s Digital Library app.

Pastor Chris Digital Library, launched in July of 2013,  is a platform for users  to purchase audio and video messages by Pastor Chris. Prices for content range from around $2 to $9. Seeing as payments are processed by Google Wallet, it’s not exactly a surprise that it’s the top grossing app.  If you already pay for stuff on the Google Play store, you’re always just one click away from purchasing audio and video messages from Pastor Chris’s collection. You kinda have to wonder, why haven’t the likes of Spinlet tried out this payment model? It’s easy and convenient for the user and recurring payments are a breeze to implement.

BattaBox Offering Premium Video Content Via Widget

Video is expensive and hard but BattaBox is offering its premium local content for free to bloggers, thus making it cheap and easy.

The new Video Widget (or ‘vidget’) is a front-end BattaBox simple embeddable code that allows anyone to have dedicated videos anywhere on their website.

All you have to do is contact Battabox for the code at battabox.com/contact - and they’ll send you the code  for your website.

To keep things interesting, they’d handle the backend and keep everything updated for you and perhaps the most impressive feature is you can even customise the video widget to your website’s needs – for example, if you just want fashion, Nollywood or sports videos.

With a rise of website visitors watching videos, this is a big opportunity for bloggers to offer great video content, especially since it can be tailored to their target audience.

Okay, Seun

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