#OnTheWeb | Post Match Analysis Of The Nigeria – Ethiopia Game

On a lighter note, Nigeria drew one step closer to World cup qualification with the win against Ethiopia in Addis Ababa on Saturday. After a first half dominated by the Ethiopians, the super eagles were lucky to end the half on levelled terms. This was more emphasized by the controversial goal line clearance by the Nigerian defender Godfrey Obagbuna. Opinions remain divided over the incident, with some asking if it was a goal or not, but the referee deemed the ball not to have sufficiently crossed the line, thereby declaring game on.

After that point, the Ethiopians kept trying to no avail. However the super eagles of Nigeria got their own chances too, but could not convert. A major reference on the day though, was the altitude at which the match was played and the searing temperature on the afternoon. This warranted an unusual two minute water break which the referee allowed. The game proceeded to the end of the first half without any major talking points.

Now we can go on and on about the match, but instead here is an interesting post match analysis of the game, probably the best we could lay our hands on. Thanks to the web, we can share YouTube videos like this with you.

Of importance to note that the YouTube channel, Have Hope Football Hut, has published a number of pre and post match analysis for Nigerian games, but this stands out as the most viewed so far, especially since it is also the most recent. Guess it does pay to share relevant content as many would have taken to YouTube to search for clips from the match only to stumble on to this video.

Albeit, we congratulate the Ethiopian team for putting up a good fight and wish the Super Eagles of Nigeria the best in their final stride to pick up the Brazil World Cup ticket in the rematch in Calabar.

Publisher’s Note: Just in case you are just wondering what this has to do with tech, then focus on creative content, news-jacking for marketing your startup, and enjoy the next game of soccer with friends on and off the pitch.