No, Seriously, Why You Should Have Your Card Enabled for SafeToken

Online transaction and the issues that come with it seem to be what we talk about these days, and a critical bit of it involves ATM Card activation for Safetoken registration for use on Quickteller and other WebPay enabled websites. But why should you stress yourself or even bother to do it?

For one, it enables you carry out online transactions above the limit set by your bank. It also provides greater online security of your transactions as your card is tied to your phone and generated One-Time Passwords (OTPs) are sent to your registered phone number. You can also enjoy features like the Remember Card feature for Verve Cards only which allows yoo list one or more activated Verve Cards as payment options and requires only your CVV2 and PIN to complete transactions

Not forgetting you can use the other Quickteller payment platforms – USSD, SMS & IVR with ease as well, there are 3 ways you can enable your card for Safetoken for use on Quickteller and other WebPay enabled websites including bank activation, self activation at the ATM, and app activiation.

More information on these activation methods are available in details here.

Photo Credit: Trois Têtes (TT) via Compfight cc