This is How Nigerians Tweet II

On the Second Day of Rain…

2 thisday


The Politicians Come Out in Full Force

2 doyin okupe

2 elrufai

As well as their Assistants

2 ohimai

2 gbengagold


Before the rest of us weigh in…

2 doubleeph

2 eggheader

2 chxta

2 joachim

2 marek

2 akaebube


Omojuwa Takes Time Off from His Busy Schedule to Address his Haters…

2 omojuwa


Cherox Never Left a Good Deed Undone

2 cherox


The Media Isn’t Left Out…

2 - ynaija


Or whoever This Mad Person is…

2 goodluck
Seriously, whoever is behind @notgoodluck needs to get his/her head checked


This is a Real Public Service Announcement BTW

2 yemi


And the Real Tweet for Today is…