Nigeria vs Iran. Mathematical proof Nigeria will win

Disclaimer: The following formula is basically a local adaptation of a formula based on England’s World Cup games from the past. Bits in no way endorses it as 100%  accurate. 

Who needs the octopus when we have maths? Last week English Physicist, Stephen Hawking, announced a formula to calculate England’s chances in the World Cup. Well, we have adapted it for Nigeria.


Nigeria plays its first group game in the 2014 World Cup against Iran, 8pm tonight. Using the formula above, the probability of Nigeria winning is 0.42.  For you betting heads, that means Nigeria’s odds of winning are 2.35.

In plain English, Nigeria has a really good chance of winning. You can go and place your bets now. Put your money on Nigeria winning. But em…. you didn’t get this formula from oh….

Image credit: Super Eagles official Twitter.