Mobile Phones Nigerians Want, And At What Cost [RESEARCH]

With the way original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) keep releasing various mobile devices into different markets, one wonders if the released devices are meeting consumers’ needs.

OTEKBITS partnered with Eskimi to carry out a research on the type of phones Nigerians are looking for and how much they would want to pay. The research was done with Eskimi user base system and 450 unique customers participated.

Here is a breakdown of what we found in the Eskimi Database:

Are you planning to upgrade your phone in next 6 Months?


What kind of phone are you planning to purchase?


How much are you planning to spend?


If you plan to buy a new one –  which manufacturer?


The result above show clearly the type of phones Nigerians are planning to buy and how much they are willing to spend for the next gadget. This result can also help developers to understand the right market to focus on when developing mobile applications.

 About Eskimi

Eskimi is developed by a mobile marketing company ActiveSec. Eskimi is a mobile social network having more than 5 million registered customers.