Mentor Or Be Mentored With VC4Africa Mentorship Marketplace

At different times, I have heard some people in my network say they are looking for a mentor, but getting the right mentor can be a difficult task. According to research, having a mentor inspires people and pushes them to attain heights they may not have reached alone. With the new VC4Africa Mentorship Marketplace, it’s easier to meet and choose a mentor yourself.

The objective of the mentorship program is to assist promising entrepreneurs in establishing and building great companies. The mentor marketplace draws on an international network of business experts that dedicate their time, network and expertise free of charge. The program will be leveraging on VC4Africa network which has people who are willing to lend their insight, expertise and experience. VC4Africa strongly believes in a peer-to-peer approach and an open culture of learning and sharing.

At the Mentorship Marketplace you can see requests by entrepreneurs that are still open, already matched and completed. A match is made when an entrepreneur has accepted a mentor. After a match is made, the dialogue between Mentor and Entrepreneur may take place via whichever channel is most suitable for them (email, phone, Skype, messenger, etc.)

Mentors who are accepted by entrepreneurs are not expected to write entire business plans, negotiate with investors or assume a management role in a company. If anyone is going to make things happen it will always be the responsibility of the entrepreneur.

To begin, click here. Entrepreneurs with a venture published on VC4Africa can click “I am seeking a mentor” to place a request while. The VC4Africa team screens new requests before they are published. For people with experience in starting companies or in a specific relevant field, click “I want to be a mentor.” After being accepted you can review requests and express your interest for a mentorship match.

About VC4Africa

Venture Capital for Africa is the continent’s leading founder’s network, the largest and fastest growing community of entrepreneurs and investors building promising companies in Africa. Our focus is connecting people and ideas on a peer-to-peer level. We are the only open and accessible platform dedicated to the subject and our network of entrepreneurs and investors extends to more than 159 countries around the world. The community currently supports more than 1,000 ventures in more than 30 African countries. Already, entrepreneurs have been featured in mainstream media, established joint ventures and secured funding.