Look HERE! It’s The New Nokia Maps App

Nokia has re-branded their mapping service formerly known as Ovi maps to a new mapping system called “HERE”. In the coming weeks, HERE will be released in Apple’s App Store and it will be free for download on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Though the app is not out yet, it is believed that this could make Apple’s own map, which was unveiled this year, seem obsolete. HERE is said to have public transit directions which Apple is yet to build into their own Maps and a turn-by-turn voice navigation (like Siri) will also be available. This service is currently available online to users with internet access.

A toolkit for programmers will be released to make Nokia-powered mapping apps for Android phones. Nokia will also be forming a partnership with Mozilla, the browser company, to develop location features for the new Firefox OS.

Below are some of the cool features of the New Nokia Map:

Cached Maps: HERE lets you select a zone and zoom level for any given location, then you can use the App to download all the data it needs so that you can always access the map offline. So, if you don’t want to go online regularly, you can always save your destination route and map for offline use.

Public Transit: The Public Transit feature does not only give subway directions, it also displays the name of each metro station.

Points of Interest: The idea behind the Point of Interest feature is quite simple; if you search for a location, HERE automatically generates a list of nearby spots that you might also be interested in. This can help if the location you select is closed or fully booked, thus giving you other possible options to choose from.

The New Nokia App, HERE should be released for mobile devices soon, so stay tuned; but if you are in a hurry, you can use the web version HERE – functional only on mobile browsers.