Konga Mobile! Coming Soon To A Mobile Phone Near You

Online retail is quickly becoming a two horse race between Konga and the consolidated might of the Rocket’s Jumia. And in the battle between these two e-commerce giants to dominate the market, a major point of differentiation will obviously be mobile.

In this respect, Jumia has long had the upper hand, having optimised its site for mobile shortly after launch, and even when the brand consisted of Sabunta and Kasuwa, two ostensibly separate fashion and retail concerns.

However, Konga is set to level the playing field in the mobile arena with the impending launch of a mobile-optimised version of their site, to which users will be automatically directed whenever they access the site from their phones. And we know that this will happen soon because we’ve got screenshots —

Despite not implementing a mobile optimised shopping experience up till now, it would appear that Konga’s customers have mostly good things to say about them. With this new development, I imagine that those customers are about to get happier.