Introducing DoBox…Your Entertainment Box

In a bid to embrace the power of the web to grow locally relevant content online and drive monetization, there seem to be quite a number of people willing to provide Nigeria and the rest of the world with home-grown content. The creators of are one of such people.

DoBox, an entertainment on demand portal, offers African cinema release films and TV content online to users. It creates a platform for local and international audience to buy, rent or stream film, music and much more. Through a unique content rights and proposition, users can watch an ever-growing selection of movies, series, drama, lifestyle and documentary content and watch music videos online at their convenience.

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With Dobox, users can express themselves through their favorite films. By engaging a trendsetting audience with a passion for African movies, music and news, Dobox has developed a range of innovative products, further supported by a recently launched android app and a desktop app which operates a cloud library system.

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