Introducing Cubicle, A Virtual Office Application For PC And Mobile

Working virtually is a style being adopted by many start-ups and corporate organizations around the world. The idea of working online is becoming more attractive, such that businesses are extending parts of their work to the online space. It is in this spirit that Cubicle, a collaboration application that allows teams work together within the same office space in different time zones, was developed.

“Cubicle came about as a response to a problem we had at Ephod. As a start-up, we were always looking for the best and brightest A-team players to work with and sometimes this meant going as far as looking into different time zones, and even when they happened to be in the same zone as us, our base cities still deferred.” says Reuben Ashefor, Team Lead and co-founder at Ephod.


Cubicle brings all your team’s workflow into one place, allowing you to create your own personal to-do list, start projects, assign project tasks to team members and have these tasks show up in their own personal to-do lists. Team members assigned to a project can give reports on their progress backed with documents. Cubicle also gives you threaded inbox conversations with team members, allows you upload and share documents, and create and monitor your appointments from your calendar.

You can also have online meetings, though only text format will be supported in Cubicle’s first release – they are working to include voice and video in the next major release. There is also a whiteboard feature which allows team members to post and share things with the rest of the team. Everything posted on the whiteboard is accessible to all other team members.

Cubicle works straight out of the cloud, so you never have to worry about losing any information and you can also stay connected to the office no matter where you are.

whiteboard ii

Cubicle will launch on PC, tablets and mobile phones with targeted websites while the native desktop and mobile apps would follow not long after. For updates on Cubicle release, watch this space or you can join the waiting list at here.


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