Happening Now: 48-Hour Hackathon for Financial Literacy Challenge

Yesterday evening, six teams gathered at the Co-creation Hub Nigeria to hack for the financial literacy challenge. After several weeks of ideation sessions, 6 ideas were shortlisted for the hackathon and 6 different teams were formed comprising developers and UX designers. The hackathon started proper yesterday at the cchub and while we were all asleep, members of the six teams were awake coding all night. If this area matches your interest, you can check out what the teams are doing at the cchub from now till Monday.

In case you can’t make it to cchub today, we have you covered. You can read about the six teams and the solutions they are working on below. And remember to let us know what you think about his idea 🙂

    1. Team Financial IQ lead by Detan Oyedele, iQube: This team of eight members will be working on a mobile learning platform with content on financial management and financial products from different service providers. The platform will be able to serve content to users based on their interest and also links them to related financial products from different service providers. To test their knowledge, the platform will include quizzes and exercise to test how much users have learnt with a globally accessible leader-board.
    2. Team NairaSaver led by Francis Onwumere, Prowork: This team is building an app on money-saving and management for Nigeria where people share and vote on money-saving tips. The app builds on ‘101 money saving tips peculiar to Nigeria’ compiled by Financial Literacy For All. The tips are categorized based on expense type as well as user demographics. Top tips as picked by users are profiled as “Tip of the Day”. The app can be an outlet for financial service providers to share products with users that may relate to specific tips.
    3. Team MoneyTalks lead by Peter Ihesie, iPolice: Their solution is a platform where users can get audio tutorials in multiple languages on specific financial issues that Nigerians face. This will be realistic answers that address common questions that consumers have from as basic as how to open an account. The question bank will be constantly expanded and users will be updated as new questions are added. Users can also share answers through social media.
    4. Team Market Trader led by Bayo Puddicombe, Pledge 51: This is a game targeted at the literate children of illiterate and semi-literate artisans, traders and other micro-entrepreneurs. The game educates them on financial issues and products but rewards them for promoting and educating their parents on these issues. The rewards are based on how their parents adopt these good practices and if they take up any of these products.
    5. Team Business and Community Game led by Ajibola Aiyedogbon: The team name is a perfect fit for the solution they are working on. The team is building a business and community game to educate young people on different finance issues. Their idea is to localize the content of the game to be Nigeria-centric and to digitize the game so that students can play them wherever they are. The games teach children to understand money and key financial concepts like earning, saving, investing and starting a business.
    6. Team Money Life led by Lanre Oyedotun: Money Life is a simulation game that involves kids budgeting, earning, saving, spending accumulated funds around real-life scenarios. Based on their performance, they get awarded points and can vie for top spot on a leaderboard. The players can also assume avatars of specific characters and play out a scenario in the character’s life.

Interested in knowing how the hackathon is going? You can follow the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #FinLitChallenge.

See below some pictures from the event.


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