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#MyOgaAtTheTop: There’s Now A Game For It, Daz All

Kuluya, a game development outfit based in Lagos has created a game based on the #MyOgaAtTheTop phenomenon.

Just tried playing it but got a score #MyOgaAtTheTop will not approve of.

With over a hundred games already, Kuluya intends to change the gaming landscape in Africa and we think this one will do the trick.

Gamers who play the game, #MyOgaAtTheTop are also treated to a soundtrack which is a mash-up of the Civil Defence commandant’s reply during his embarrassing outing on Channels TV.

Kuluya create games developed with African players as the key focus. From high-end console games to the casual browser games like the ‘Oga at the top, what is your website?’ game. The Video, which now has a DJ remix,is now trending on YouTube, and the hashtag was at #2 worldwide on Twitter as at yesterday.

How To Play: Navigate the  questions mine field by using your mouse to control the character. Avoid all Top Level Domains! Daz All!

Click HERE to play.

Source – YNaija

Jumia Gets $26 Million Cash Boost From Summit Partners

The growing E-commerce industry in Nigeria and Africa at large has been one with amazing stories of success. In what once could have been seen as a market with no such opportunities, the continent of Africa has now become the hub and target of many e-commerce start-up incubators and venture capitalist all over the world.

It is for this reason Rocket internet a German based e-commerce start-up incubator has yet again ramped up its operations at Jumia in some of its emerging markets across Africa, including Nigeria. This move has seen Summit Partners a growth equity firm that invests in rapidly growing companies invest $26 million in the Jumia brand across Nigeria, Egypt and Morroco, with new funds tailored for setting up more ventures across the African sub-region.

“We seek to invest in companies around the world that build long-term value,” said Scott Collins, MD and head of the Summit Partners London office, in a statement. “Jumia has established itself as a fast-growing company early on, and we are pleased to partner with its management team.”

“As Nigeria’s no.1 online retailer, plays big within the Nigerian market, with a vision to being the solution to online retail in sub-Saharan Africa. As a place for direct retail shopping online, we implement 24-hour availability, a local and global reach, with the ability to interact and provide custom information and ordering, as well as multimedia prospects”, according to co-founders Raphael Afaedor and Tunde Kehinde, speaking about their brand Jumia Nigeria.

They continue, “It is a no brainer for these investors to want to invest in this market, with its growing middle class and an increasing demand for goods. We have risen to become the 5th largest local content site (according to web research site,, with our order volumes increased significantly we are the largest e-commerce player in this market”.

READ: It’s No Brainer To Venture Into E-Commerce In Nigeria – Sim Shagaya of DealDey and Konga

Reacting to Jumia Nigeria’s new investment, both agree, “In addition to earlier investment by JP Morgan asset management, the investment by Summit Partners is a significant investment for our organization to feel confident and grow the business and having a really scalable large platform for a long time”.

“We are excited to be joined by Summit Partners, a new investor that shares our aspirations for Africa’s e-commerce, this investment allows us to offer new categories of products, strengthen our operations, deliver to our customers even faster, and recruit the best talent”, they added.

One can’t help but wonder what the way forward is from here, as even in such short time Jumia Nigeria has not failed to deliver on their service offering. Adding to this Public Relations Manager, Afam Anyika had this to say, “It’s an exciting time for our customers, as this means more assortments of goods in addition to our already vast selection of goods, improved service delivery, and an assurance that at Jumia they are rest assured that the best hands are always there to provide the best-in-class service”.

[VIDEO] Civil Defence Boss Can’t Spell Web Address, Daz All

The team behind YouTube global analytics at Google, if there is any department of the sort, will notice an increase in the level of activity from Nigeria. All credits due to the spokesperson of the NSCDC who under pressure fumbled in telling the website of the agency he spoke for.

ChannelsTV again nailed it at putting out a viral video, after the Obasanjo Gangnam style, giving the video over 65,000 views in less than a week. Mr Spokesperson categorically could not provide a website address, and did not want to contradict Oga at the top, but when push came to shove, he shared ww.nscdc – that’s all /daz all/.

Below are some twitter reactions

Interswitch Gets Cool With Its Attempt At Harlem Shake

Perhaps the last brand one would have on the list of Nigerian brands to attempt the Harlem Shake. Yes, iROKOtv, Jumia, and techies at the Co-Creation hub are cool enough to give it a go, but Interswitch?

Well, they did do the Harlem Shake and funny enough, it is one of the best Harlem Shakes from Nigeria in terms of key features including: fella with face covered starting, as well as a particular person repeating the same action through out the 2nd half of the video – that’s the man in suit punching the air – probably the sales manager and another hitting his head on the wall – probably the IT manager.


Enjoy the video:

SXSW Looks To Africa As The Next Big Market

After the overwhelming success of Social Media Week Lagos held in Nigeria last month, Society HAE/AFRIKA21 heads to the annual South By South West (SXSW) Conference in Austin, TX to further explore how Africa is well positioned to be a key player in music, tech and film going forward.  Held March 8th to March 17th, SXSW’s official program will include two sessions produced by Society HAE at both interactive and music conference tracks.

On Monday, March 11, 2013 at 3:30pm Society HAE (SHAE) hosts “Africa or Bust! Content, Monetization, Opportunity,” at the Austin Convention Center featuring speakers from Tanzania, Nigeria and the UK who will provide insights on the local internet market and outline the opportunities for collaboration and investment.  On Friday, March 15, 2013 at 5pm at the Austin Convention Center SHAE hosts it’s second panel entitled “The Promise Land: Can Africa Save The Music Biz?” which looks to make the case for Africa as the next big market for music.  To attend either panel you will need a SXSW conference badge.  For those unable to attend SHAE’s panels they can follow the conversation on twitter via the hashtags #webAfrica and #PromiseLand.

More info on the panel:

Africa or Bust! Content, Monetization, Opportunity Panel Details

Panel Details: here

The Promise Land: Can Africa Save The Music Biz?

Panel Details: here


Society HAE (SHAE) is an online media and events production company that promotes emerging art and culture from a global perspective.  Using digital media and events as a platform SHAE celebrates artists and the goodness they create worldwide.


AFRIKA21 was conceptualized as a media and production outfit that could take a multidisciplinary approach to promoting a new vision of Africa in the 21st Century. AFRIKA21 produces online content, multimedia events and public programming with the expressed purpose of reframing the conversation around Africa, creating awareness of the opportunities that exist on the continent and encouraging collaboration.

Challenges Facing E-Commerce In Nigeria – #MomoNigeria Recap

It was yet another #MoMoNigeria event on the 25th of Feb. 2013. The turnout was impressive although the event kicked off at 6:45pm due to traffic issues. The topic of discussion was how new e-commerce businesses could overcome the problems faced by all the players in the e-commerce space. These problems either break the business models of companies or help them learn their lessons and move on to become stronger businesses in the future.

Present to speak at the event were Lukas Zels and Dika Oha, two key players in Nigeria’s e-commerce scene. Lukas Zels is the managing director of Kaymu, an e-commerce website that allows you to sell your old stuff (very much like eBay) and is owned and operated by Rocket Internet GMBH. He brings his experience from running e-commerce businesses in Germany to Nigeria.

Dika Oha was formerly with DealDey (one of the leading daily deals websites in Nigeria) and is now the managing director of an e-commerce outsourcing firm called EOS (E-Commerce Outsourcing Services) which specializes in setting up various aspects of an e-commerce business, including logistics and payment. He has extensive experience in the processes involved in the e-commerce process.

Dika Oha started off the event by speaking about problems facing start-up e-commerce businesses, some of which include:

1. The dependence of e-commerce businesses on the ecosystem: There are about 100 e-commerce businesses in Nigeria, yet not many of them are doing exceptionally well. This is mainly because only about 100,000 people are loyal and active online shoppers. A lot still needs to be done in the e-commerce space in terms of building customer loyalty and trust. Without these two key factors in place, customers will always be wary of shopping online.

2. Logistics: Getting the products to the people in a timely fashion.

3. Payment systems: The current systems are not user friendly and they add additional steps to the checkout process. There is also no viable payment system for in-app purchases.

4. Cost of business: The costs of running the marketing and technical aspects of the business are very prohibitive hence if revenue is not made at the early stages, the business is bound to fail. He also mentioned that the banks need to boost customer confidence and listen to merchants by providing products that are tailored to fit their needs. He closed by talking about how EOS will help new merchants to set up every aspect of their e-commerce stores.

Lukas Zels spoke about how a customer centric e-commerce business can improve its revenue by providing convenience (e.g. free shipping), variety (lots of products across a broad number of categories) and low prices. He also talked about how Kaymu is planning to be the number one online marketplace in Nigeria.

You can download their presentations by clicking on the links below:

a. Presentation by Lukas Zels of Kaymu at the February MobileMonday Nigeria event for February 2013
b. Presentation by Dika Oha of EOS at the February MobileMonday Nigeria event for February 2013

The next MobileMonday Nigeria event holds on the 25th of March, 2013. Till then, here are some photos from the event.


Nigerian Techies Get In On ‘Harlem Shake’ At The Co-Creation Hub

It was about time techies at the CcHub got in on the action of Harlem Shake, after all they did the Gangnam Style in 2012. Even though iROKO and Jumia beat them to doing the Harlem, you can see it was worth the wait – in terms of quality.

Just in case you don’t know what the Harlem Shake is about, it’s a video – usually runs for 30 seconds, where one person starts the madness but seems invisible to others for 15 seconds, and then they join in for the remaining 15 seconds.

Still don’t get it? See the video below and a collection of others afterwards as YouTube will suggest them to you automatically.

We also got some photos from the making of the video. Kudos to the CcHubers who took time out to have fun, as well the production team – Femi Ogunsanwo of  AppleGlazer & KarmaCause Productions (Director and Producer), Debola Adeola of Topup Genie (Project Manager) and Abiodun Thorpe of Efiko App (Ass. Project Manager).

Jason Njoku TEDx

Jason Njoku Talks Failure, Success And Business Opportunities In Africa, At TEDx Euston

Jason Njoku, CEO of iROKO Partners, the world’s largest online distributor of African content, was invited to speak at TEDx Euston in December 2012. In his talk, the self-confessed “Certified Failure”  broached the often taboo subject of ‘embracing failure’. He documents his path to success and the many failures he had to overcome in order to get to where he is today: head of an international company with a staff of 100+ in offices in Lagos, London, New York and Johannesburg.

I wasn’t restricted to being just a poor kid from South East London. People don’t fear failure, they fear shame.

The lively discussion left the audience engrossed – it included laughs, some poignant moments, but most of all, an inspiring story from his early days in growing up on a council estate in London to where he is now – CEO of one of the most exciting and innovative tech companies in Africa. His passion for setting up a business in Africa is compelling and he implores young people to do the same as him – take their dreams, ideas and passions and run with them – all the way to Africa, to realise the many opportunities there.

You will not fail to be inspired by Njoku’s candid and passionate talk as seen in the video below:

About iROKO Partners

iROKO Partners is the world’s largest distributor of Nigerian entertainment. Since December 2010, the company has built a global audience of over four million unique users from 178 different countries across its movie and music platforms. The company delivers, on average, 207,000,000 minutes of content every month across all of the iROKO Partners platforms. More at


Google Launches 2 Hour Recruiting Video Starring Owen Wilson And Vince Vaughn

Google is launching a 2-hour recruiting video starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. It will soon be in a movie theater near you.  Seriously. Check out the trailer below.

Okay, so its not REALLY a recruiting video, per se. It is actually a regular movie that takes place on the campuses of Google. It showcases what its like to work there and gives you a real feel for the great and wonderful things that take place there. Oh, wait a minute! Isn’t that a recruiting video?

Curiously enough, Google does not have a financial stake in the movie. (The LA Times said so.) But it did give the film crew access to their Googleplex campus and consulted with them on creating a Google-like set.

Fyi, the movie debuts on June 7th. I would really, really, really want to know how this affects their recruiting numbers. Will they get a surge of new applicants? How many of those candidates will they hire? And if so, how long before there is a recruiting video featuring Facebook? And not to be outdone, Microsoft produces one as well. Could this be a new trend in recruiting?!

Probably not. But its fun to speculate. What do you think? Leave me a comment below?

Source – Jim of The Recruiting Lounge


Voting Commences For Afrinolly Short Film ’20′ Finalists

After two weeks of screening and pruning, the organisers of the Afrinolly Short Film Competition are proud to announce a shortlist of ten (10) finalists each in the contest’s Short Film and Documentary categories.

An international jury comprising creative experts such as documentary filmmaker Femi Odugbemi (head of the jury), Tunde Kelani, Emem Isong, Franklin Leonard, Obi Emelonye, Mahen Bonetti, Tolu Ogunlesi, Nmachi Jidenma, Juliet Yaa Asante, Carol Kathurima, and Bongiwe Selane had the hard task of selecting 20 of the best shorts and documentaries out of over 200 eligible entries.

The successful films from Canada, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, USA, UK, and Zimbabwe are now online for the public to view and vote for their favorite films. Over 500 entries were received from 14 countries in this initial edition of the Short Film Competition. A pre-selection team was responsible for screening out ineligible submissions like music videos, shorts exceeding the stated time-frame and other such entries that were not in compliance with the Afrinolly Short Film Competition rules.

Click here to vote for your favourite short film and documentary

The 20 finalists – ten each from the short film and documentary categories – were selected on the basis of the narrative’s imagination and originality, the plot’s ability to attract and retain the viewer’s attention, clarity of purpose and an overall professional impression. Other criteria for selection included having adept mastery of technical aspects i.e. sound quality, costume, acting, screenplay, editing, lighting and camera work.

Voting officially commenced on Friday, February 15 and ends on Friday, March 8. Winners in the Afrinolly Short Film Competition will be announced on Monday, March 11. A cash prize of $25,000 goes to the overall winners in both categories, while the first and second runners-up will receive $10,000 and $5,000 respectively. Outstanding participants also have the opportunity to sign online distribution and content deals with Afrinolly.

The Afrinolly Short Film Competition is aimed at digitally showcasing African cinema talent and providing a platform to foster the generation and of African content and make same available online. It is supported by MTN, Goethe Institut, Blackberry, IREP and Google as the social media partner.

Shortlist of Successful Finalist

Short Film
  • Dara Ju – USA
  • Philia – South Africa
  • Unspoken – UK
  • Enitan – Nigeria
  • The Promise – USA
  • When Fishes Drown – Nigeria
  • To serve with all our strength – Nigeria
  • Dance with the Devil – South Africa
  • 419 – USA
  • Jayson’s Hope – South Africa
  • Wheels on the Bus – Zimbabwe
  • Black and Gold – Ghana
  • Jagbe People – Nigeria
  • Artist Hustler – Nigeria
  • Boli Culture – Nigeria
  • A short “DOCUMENTARY” – Canada
  • The Deadwood – Nigeria
  • A Gateway Into Kano – Nigeria
  • Hustle On A Mile – Nigeria
  • Bless-In – Nigeria