Want to know your/her Bride Price? There’s an app for that

Guys, before you go too far with that girl you’ve been eyeing, you probably want to know her true bridal value right?

And Ladies, when those anyhow guys come a toasting, you want to be able to confidently give them the boot abi? Well there’s an app for that. It’s aptly called the Bride Price App.

With Bride Price App, you can accurately estimate bride price for yourself (if you are a lady), your toastee or your enemy self. You just have to answer simple question categories like height, cooking skills and educational background…


Then the app takes a few seconds to consult the elders and viola!


Omo see gobe oh (I’m a guy) …. at least I now know my fate.  What are you waiting for? You can try it out for yourself too.