[BREAKING] i-HQ, Silicon Lagoon: Nigeria’s First City Wide Tech Space

The i-HQ Project is an industry led initiative that aims to accelerate the growth of technology innovation and entrepreneurship for economic prosperity in Nigeria and it is live here.

This is not an opinion piece, but just news to inform you with what the i-HQ is all about. As seen from the website, the project is to leverage the innovation assets within the technology cluster located around Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba in building an ‘innovation city’ – a hotspot for creative ventures where all key stakeholders – academics, industry and government, find adequate infrastructure, resources and an enabling environment to thrive while collaborating.

Phase I of the initiative:

Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence – will serve as a shared facility and nexus point for collaboration among all players within and outside of the i-HQ. The goal is to acquire the 6 Storey Building located at 294, Herbert Macaulay Way Sabo, Yaba.

The building, which currently houses Co-creation Hub Nigeria, will accommodate other key players (activate the companies with the button below) with numerous shared services including IT, Security and Business Services. The occupants of the building will collectively provide leadership, evangelization, best practices, research, training to accelerate the economic contribution and global positioning of the Nigerian Technology Ecosystem’.


Broadband Active i-HQ

In conjunction with the Lagos State Innovation Advisory Council and MainOne Cable Company, the partnership will drive the installation of fibre optic cables along Herbert Macaulay Way, Murtala Mohammed Way and University Road in Yaba Lagos. This move will enhance the connectivity of the cluster members and open up i-HQ for other technology businesses.

A Coop Style ISP will also be established to serve businesses and residential properties in i-HQ. This will be driven through a Wi-Fi model available to all registered users within the area.

Traffic Jam Free i-HQ

In conjunction with LASG and the Innovation Advisory Council, the partnership will explore a scientific approach in conducting an in-depth analysis of the causes of heavy traffic on Herbert Macaulay Way to identify a lasting means of limiting the effect on i-HQ businesses and residents of the area.

Data will be gathered through cameras installed at different intervals on the entire Herbert Macaulay Way to document causes of traffic on the road for 1 full month (day and night).

Not to worry that’s not all to it. Mr Bankole and I will be sharing more about this initiative, as time goes along. Until then, you can enjoy the 3 minute virtual presentation of the i-HQ here. We’d like to know what you think of it too.