BBM Resumes Cross Platform Rollout With Samsung In Sub-Saharan Africa

BBM resumed its rollout for other platforms around the globe. For Samsung customers in Sub-Saharan Africa, BBM will be available to download today from the Samsung Apps store. iPhone and other Android users in Africa will be able to download the app in three days’ time.

The enthusiasm and demand already seen for BBM on other platforms has been quite incredible. About six million people have pre-registered at Did you know that more than one million people have already found creative ways to “side load” BBM on their iPhone? Clearly the demand hasn’t lessened.

While this interest is a testament to the public’s appetite for BBM, it also means that the demand needs to be managed. As a result, a simple line-up system is being implemented to ensure a smooth roll out. Here is how it will work:

  1. Visit to be connected to the BBM page in the Samsung App Store
  2. Download the BBM app from the Samsung App Store;
  3. Once the app has been installed, open it and enter an active email address. This will ensure that the user is placed in a queuing system
  4. Notification will be sent to users via that email once they have reached the front of the line, and they will then be able to launch the application and officially sign-in and start using BBM.

However, for those who pre-registered for launch alerts at, front of the line access is to be enjoyed.

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