AkposJokes Launches Ad Network And This Is No Joke

Last time we featured the app – AkposJokes here, we gave the background information or better yet story as told by one of the developers. We did end that piece that a big announcement was about to come from the team behind the app that’s got over 500,000 downloads and counting across devices like Nokia, BlackBerry, and Android driven phones.

This is no joke, but the team just launched its own mobile ad network. We asked why they decided to do just that, how it has been and their future plans. Here’s the response from another member of the StackArena team – Kunle Fadiora (K.F.):

K. F.:  As stated earlier, we have over 500,000 installs on BlackBerry, and four screens on our android app. There’s been a great challenge for advertisers getting to place their ads on platforms such as BlackBerry because it lacks the appropriate SDKs from the giant AdMob or AdSense.

On the other end, publishers cannot realize any reasonable profit from ad requests and subsequent impressions because international advertisers won’t place adverts on dying platforms such as BB and Nokia. As a result companies like Millenial Media that have SDK for BlackBerry serve the least ads on BlackBerry and Nokia, which means little or no profit, no matter the amount of page-views the app experiences.

In Nigeria, the case is different. Blackberry and feature phones(Nokia s40) are the largest and growing platforms. The folks with the highest purchasing power use BlackBerry phones. An anomaly that created an opportunity. We stepped up to the challenge and created an advertisement platform. We have had a few notable clients such as Jobberman, and they love it as it boosts their app downloads.

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We currently serve 50,000+ impressions daily across all our platforms. If you decide to advertise with with us, you’d also get to choose how many impressions you want to serve and platforms including: mobile site, desktop site, BlackBerry mobile app, and Android mobile app.


We also have an advanced Ad server that can allow advertisers upload creative and monitor impressions, clicks, click-through-rate (CTR), etc.

Ads are available for purchase on our platforms are in two forms:

Time-Based/High Priority: This relies on a complex algorithm to serve ads across all our platforms, that is, Android, Blackberry, Mobile Website. It has no limits to the number of impressions served a month. It comes at a fixed rate of NGN 100,000.


Pay-As-You-Go: This ad method allows users to select the platform you would wish to advertise and then choose the number of impressions you would like to serve. Limits to impressions per day/week/month can be made.  *Rate/mille is N200.

***story ends here***

There you have it. AkposJokes’s got a mobile network running across mobile web and apps – BlackBerry, Android, and Nokia S40 series. With a growing audience of a interesting demography, no doubt other advertisers will come aboard to meet potential customers who already have enough disposable income to own a BlackBerry and Android driven device.