Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) Application Deadline Extended To November 30

The Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) Application 2013 organizers have decided to extend the deadline for submissions of applications for the IPA 2013 from the initial October 31st, 2012 to November 30 2012. The extended deadline provides additional opportunities for entrepreneurs, innovators, and inventors from across the continent to put together a winning application for IPA 2013 competition.

The Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) is created to mobilize African innovators and entrepreneurs and the winner gets a whopping $100,000 Prize. All Africans (including Africans in the Diaspora) with an innovation for Africa are invited to apply.

With limited response from Francophone and Lusophone countries, the IPA team hopes this extension will allow more innovators from those countries to participate in IPA. I also discover that lots of Nigerians are not entering for this Prize; I guess we have just a few entries from Nigeria.

The extended deadline is an opportunity for us to increase the number of entry from this Country, so start sending in your Applications NOW!


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