Konga, Nigerian Online Retailer Launches Loyalty Points Program

Konga.com, a leading e-commerce start-up in Nigeria, has just launched a Points Loyalty Program as a way of saying thank you to their loyal customers. The Loyalty points, named ‘Konga points’, can be earned by completing an order or registering on the website if you are a new user.

You can use your earned Konga points to purchase goods that have accrued to a certain level equivalent to the monetary value of a product.

Below are the details of the Konga points loyalty program:

How Much Points Do You Earn?

As a Konga customer, you earn Konga Points for every completed transaction or for events like registration, as per the following rules:

  • Order size between N500 and N5,000: Get 1 Konga Point per N100
  • Order size between N5,000 and N10,000: Get 1.2 Konga Points per N100
  • Order size between N10,000 and N20,000: Get 1.4 Konga Points per N100
  • Order size between N20,000 and N50,000: Get 1.6 Konga Points per N100
  • Order size between N50,000 and N100,000: Get 1.8 Konga Points per N100
  • Order size above N100,000: Get 2 Konga Points per N100

Every newly registered user gets 100 Konga Points to start.

How do you redeem a Konga Point?

At the time of checkout, a customer can specify Konga Points to be debited. Two Points worth is N1

Do my Konga Points expire?

A Konga Point expires after a year. For instance, the points earned on 26th of September, 2012, will expire on 25th of September, 2013.  At the time of redemption, the earlier points get debited first.

For instance, if you have earned 2000 points from transactions on 26th of January (400 points), 1st of February (600 points) and 8th of February (1000 points) and want to redeem 1500 points on the 14th of February transaction, the points earned on 26th of January will be used first, followed by the ones earned on 1st of February and then the points from 8th of February will be used.

How do you check your Konga Points?

You can check the status of your points by logging into your account and going to the “My Account” section. One can view the details of all transactions that helped earn and redeem Konga Points.

Can I transfer my Konga Points?

A Konga Point is tied to a user account and is non-transferable to any other account.

So, if you are a Konga user, start buying and earning more points to your account. If you are not yet a user, register to get 100 points instantly.


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