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Startup World is an initiative to promote startups, entrepreneurship and technology through a global competition to find the world’s most innovative startups; and have been so fortunate to have the support of organizations (like Startup ChileWayra21212Emprenda.LA) all over the world to bring Startup World Startup World to each city.

So, do you have a startup?  Do you desire for your startup to become a business, and will like to join the big leagues. This may be your chance but before you start drooling.

Is your start up the following?

  • Is your idea innovative and disruptive
  • Is the technology scalable
  • Can you sell your idea to the world? do you have a pitch that is innovative
  • Can you appeal to a global audience
  • Does your idea have a global reach and a human impact

Well, the above are the judging criteria for Startup World- Africa, and here are a few pointers for you to be eligible to apply for startup competition:

  • Your start-up must be at least two years old
  • If you have received external funding it must not have exceeded $500k
  • You must have a product that is demonstrable
  • If you are a recluse or an hermit forget about it, you must be willing to talk about your products and services in public or have it recorded to be viewed publicly.
  • Your pitch and application document must be in English or properly translated
  • Charity organizations are not eligible- your start up may be from any field but must be for profit.

10 of the best will be selected to do a three minute pitch in their local city in front of  a panel of experts, the team with the highest score will become the regional winner who will then be invited to pitch in the grand final in front of silicon valley’s influential’s

All start ups who apply will gain media coverage on The Next Web, which is pretty much a big deal. Sponsors of the event include Palermo Valley, Lima Valley, Enterprise India, Seedcamp,  Eventbrite, Rackspace,  and Echo.

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