[Event] Mobile Entertainment Africa 2012, August 29 – 30, Cape Town #MEA2012

As a piece of technology the mobile device has had an incredible affect across the world. The geographical nature of Africa as a continent and the lack of previous fixed line telecommunication development has meant the mobile device’s status has multiplied compared to more emerged continents and countries.

For the many citizens of the many countries that make up Africa, the mobile device is not the 6th screen but in fact the 1st screen – an illustration of its importance and its potential. This has been covered in many different articles, papers, presentations, interviews, tweets and conversations. As facts go this is right up there with ‘the world is round’. – MEA

About the Event

Mobile Entertainment Africa is about potential, it is about the technology of choice, it is about consumer behaviour, it is about monetisation, it is about what people actually do on their devices.

As an event Mobile Entertainment Africa is going to break down the mobile entertainment market into key sections – gaming, film/broadcast/TV, football, music, big players perspectives, publishing. These will form the backbone of the conference. Selected thought and business leaders will present their views in compact presentations – they’ll discuss their experiences through case studies, how they’ve monetised the opportunity, how they’re looking to expand, the issues they’ve overcome and their thoughts on the future.

Each mini session will have a distinct subject. Presentations will be delivered. The delegation will then have the opportunity to discuss what they have heard amongst their peers. This will be followed by a traditional panel discussion. Then there’ll be some informal networking, before we do it all again – tackling another distinct subject.

Speaker’s Profile 

Hugo Obi  – @lexyhugo
Co-Founder Maliyo Games

Serial entrepreneur Hugo Obi is currently pioneering the African electronic gaming world with Maliyo Games, a Lagos-based startup that specialises in creating games with an African stamp.

Hugo has a B.A. (Hons.) degree in International Business, Finance and Economics from the University of Manchester. He also studied Strategy at Singapore’s Nanyang Business School before joining General Electric in London as a Financial Analyst.

Marie Lora-MunGai  – @MarieLoraMungai
Founder & CEO, Buni Media

Marie Lora-Mungai is a serial media entrepreneur, television producer, writer, and journalist. She is the co-founder and CEO of Buni Media, a multimedia company based in Nairobi, Kenya, and Los Angeles, California. Buni Media is the producer of The XYZ Show, Kenya’s very popular political satire show, followed by more than 8 million people every month. Marie is also the founder and CEO of Buni TV, a web and mobile distribution platform for top-quality pan-African videos that aims to revolutionize the way African content is distributed and consumed on the continent.

Richard Weeden
CEO, Ubuntu Media

Richard Weeden is the creator of the rapidly growing search and advertising platform myDorpie.com. He has a background in journalism, publishing, retail advertising, business consulting and has run businesses in a number of sectors including retail, news publishing, tourism and technology development. Richard was based in London and San Francisco for six years before returning to South Africa

Mike Johns
Founder and CEO of Digital Mind State

Mike Johns, Founder and CEO of Digital Mind State, is a pioneer in the field of mobile media and digital technology with more than fifteen years of experience in consulting, content strategy & acquisitions, cross-platform engagement, business, and legal affairs. An unrivaled understanding of the global digital ecosystem and a proven track record of successfully spearheading content strategy and acquisitions for major corporations including T-Mobile, Nokia, Microsoft, VeriSign, and News Corp makes Johns a trailblazer in the digital space.

Michael Ugwu – @mriROKING

Michael Ugwu, a graduate of University College London, joined iROKO Partners in August 2011. For several years, he worked in Financial Services in the UK and Nigeria before joining iROKO Partners to build the iROKING music business. Michael oversees a team of 20 staff spread between the Lagos and London offices.

Lanre Akinlagun@Digital_Cream

Lanre Akinlagun, a graduate of Guildhall University and digital marketing guru, joined iROKO Partners in September 2011 as a Digital Strategist. Lanre has more than 8 years’ experience within the digital marketing arena, having worked with diverse and influential international organizations such as IBM and Universal Pictures prior to moving to iROKO Partners.

In the space of 8 months Lanre has driven iROKOtv’s numbers to 650,000 registered users, whilst simultaneously building the global presence of both iROKING and iROKOtv.

And so many more Speakers, you can check their profile here.

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