Nokia’s Recruiting, Position: Danfo Driver, Salary: N100,000 per week

Nokia – Remember how we all used to play “Bus Driver and Conductor” as children? Which route did you prefer – “Ketu/Ojota!” or “Mushin Olosha!”? I never did find out where exactly that Olosha place is. For those of you who have lived abroad all your lives or have never been lucky enough to take rides in Lagos buses, you missed big time!

Guess what – the time has come to experience this childhood fantasy!

Nokia introduces the new Game “Danfo Reloaded” on mobile phones. Danfo is a common slang for commercial buses in Lagos. In the game, the player plays as a “Danfo driver” and he also earns money as he proceeds.

Players with the two highest scores each week will win N100,000 cash from Nokia. The competition runs for 5 weeks. Your score has to be uploaded on Nokia facebook page for it to count.

So quit your day jobs, get yourself a Nokia Asha 200, 201, 303 or 302 (available in different colours) and start playing. You can download the game here.

Make sure you visit the Nokia Facebook page for all the updates about ‘Danfo Reloaded” and also check the scoreboard to keep track of how much better you have to play to beat the highest score.



  • Reply August 13, 2012


    this is shit. If you create a good app you dont need to bribe anybody to use it.

  • Reply August 14, 2012


    @realist guess what? Even before the competition the game is so good that it was downloaded over 200,000times. At least try it before you judge it.

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