The Best Of The #GEJPose Meme

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has spawned a Twitter meme. The president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has a habit of cupping his chin in his hands in deep thought.

The stance has been eponymously dubbed the “GEJpose” and is being mimicked all over Nigerian Twitter with hilarious results. There is even a Twitter handle that goes by the same name. It’s got a Twitter handle. We give you, the best of the GEJpose.

The original pose arose from these

It turns out he does it a lot

Then they started to make their own


By this time, it had gotten out of hand

He is not alone


Everyone has done this pose

Even the special one

They had to drag this baby into it

Then these guys

Oh wow

But why?

Girls hijacked the hashtag

Again, this is how it started

Apparently, Sir Tafawa Balewa was  in on it

Want more? There’s more on Twitter.



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