The 10 most ridiculously expensive areas to live in Nigeria

If you’re looking to relocate anywhere within Nigeria, you probably want a fair estimate of what it would cost to move to that dream area of yours. Here’s a list of the 10 most ridiculously priced real estate locations in Nigeria, in ascending order:

  1. Ibara in Abeokuta (Ogun State) – N80 million
  2. Alalubosa GRA in Ibadan (Oyo State) – N100 million
  3. Lekki Scheme I, Lekki (Lagos State) – N140 million
  4. GRA Phase 2 in Port Harcourt (Rivers State) – N145 million
  5. Ikeja GRA, in Ikeja (Lagos State) – N250 million
  6. Nicon Town in Lekki (Lagos State) – N320 million
  7. Jabi in Abuja (Federal Capital) – N400 million
  8. Asokoro in Abuja (Federal Capital) – N418 million
  9. Maitama in Abuja (Federal Capital) – N430 million

And the award goes too…..Banana Island !!

A 3-bedroom apartment in Banana Island will set you back N100Million, while a 5-bedroom will drill a hole in your pocket, worth N450Million . If you prefer to rent, be ready to cough out N10 million annually for a 3-bedroom apartment.

There you go. Are your grandiose dreams of a life of luxury in Nigeria still within or now outside your grasp?



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  • Reply March 24, 2014

    Ifeanyi Abraham

    I actually came to this post thinking it would give an idea of rates of “rented” apartments..The audience that will actually pursue the real estate opportunities above, will they actually be looking for this content? Please ohhh, give me info my budget can work with now 🙂 I am looking for the content.

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