The iDEA Hub Shuts Down For Technical Reasons

The iDEA innovation hub has been shut to members for usage for more than a week now. While many of its members claim not to have a clue on what was happening, a few have attributed the shut down to insufficient diesel to fuel the power generator.

We however, confirmed from Helen Anatogu, who happens to be the ┬áiDEA hub programme Manager today and she said the building is undergoing technical maintenance and even though it’s not closed to anyone, there can’t be business as usual as the lights are now turned off during the course of the maintenance. She promised that everything will return to normal afterwards.

With the iDEA hub closed, most members have been accommodated by the next door Co-creation hub.



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    Someone’s name is Analogue (Analog)? I should find someone Digitale (Digital).

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  • Reply December 10, 2013


    its government own, so its very much not surprising.

    • Reply December 11, 2013



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