What You Need To Know About The MTN App Challenge

We talked about the launch of MTN app challenge last week. A lot of questions were asked by interested developers about the challenge. Our team were at Co-Creation hub last Wednesday where the MTN Nigeria team hosted more than 100 developers in a briefing session. So, if you are still wondering why you should take part in this App challenge or what you need to do? Read on.

Why MTN Challenge?

According to Bosun Tijani, CEO and Co-founder of CcHub, developers need a brand like MTN Nigeria to ensure success with their mobile apps especially as it relates to monetization and reaching the final consumer faster. Also, the MTN app store supports most development platforms.

The MTN App Store

The MTN app store is an aggregator store. So, as a developer you only need to focus on developing your mobile apps and then uploading them to the store. The supported platforms are:

  • Android
  • Apple
  • BlackBerry
  • Nokia (Java)
  • HTML5
  • Windows Phone (7 for now)

In-app billing will be available from October 2013. So, this will give the developers great opportunities to monetize their app as not readily available on other stores. Also, MTN will leverage their great visibility and targeted advertising to drive apps downloads. This will definitely remove advertising cost from the developers.

App Store Revenue Share

Developers gets 40% of the price / cost of the app.

Eligibility for The Challenge?

Only free apps are eligible for the challenge.

The top four apps based on number of downloads will then be short-listed from each category and reviewed by the judges.

Other Information

Can’t remember what the prizes are? Click here.

Once you have submitted your app, remember to send an email with the app(s) name and your developer account name to mtndeveloperchallenge@nexva.com.


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