No Instagram App For The World Best’s Camera Phone – Lumia 1020

Yesterday a lot of people were expecting Nokia to announce Instagram alongside the Lumia 1020. The super popular photo app would be perfect for the world’s best camera phone. Unfortunately that announcement was not made (but we did get some other cool apps). Today Nokia is talking once again about Instagram for Windows Phone. This time we get a closer look at how Nokia is trying to rope this app.

We are working… very hard on Instagram. We’re working closely with Facebook — as you know, we work with them across all kinds of devices. Microsoft has a close relationship with Facebook, which you can see from the Bing decision, and… for Instagram. We’re working on that.

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Many people have wondered why Microsoft doesn’t just use their close relationship with Facebook to get Instagram, but it doesn’t seem to be that easy. There seems to be something holding Instagram back from creating an official app. We have seen so many big companies release or announce Windows Phone apps this year. It just seems silly that Instagram isn’t one of them.

[via Neowin]


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