OpenApps Crosses 1 Million Collective Visits With Interesting Outcomes

The Co-Creation Hub in a bid to improve the quality of digital business in the local space,  launched an initiative – Open Apps, and having gotten support from a few players have been able to cross the first million collective visits from different sites, analysing data such as browsers, devices, and operating systems.

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OpenApps, a market intelligence system that aggregates Internet users behavior from multiple high traffic sources to support the development of intuitive digital businesses in Nigeria, seem to be doing very well, as the numbers have climbed by +400,000 (as at the time of writing) from when the tweet below went out 3 hours earlier.


Interesting Stats


Mobile and PC are at loggerhead for device, at 45% and 48% respectively, leaving a meagre 5% for tablets.

Operating System

Windows OS takes the lead at 40%, and that makes sense due to it’s PC dominance, and BlackBerry comes after with 14% – mobile dominance? Apple leads Android by 2% with a huge chunk of ‘Other’ OS with 33% (more analysis needed here)


Opera (assuming mobile) takes the lead on the browser front with 26%, while Firefox leads on the PC front, followed by Chrome, and then Internet explorer. Safari, Android, and BlackBerry pops up too in this space.

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UPDATE: openapps crosses N2M visits as at 12 June 2013



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