Open Data: Fostering Innovation In Nigeria [Hangout Session] – June 14

Open Data is a project geared towards making data from the public and private sectors readily available for consumption or use. It is usually structured in a managed framework that makes it easily accessible and utilized by anyone interested in the particular data.

In the modern economy, one of the key drivers, which also causes innovation to thrive in any country, is the availability of structured data. This becomes beneficial when presented in ways machines and humans can access, understand and employ to make decisions as well as develop creative solutions.

To support the cause for Open Data in Nigeria, the Open Data Initiative is organizing its first ever hangout session on June 14, 2013. Everyone, especially anyone interested in providing and accessing relevant data in Nigeria today, is invited to join in. We will be discuss some of the challenges faced, consider progressive strategies and craft a comprehensive way forward.

Among the participants joining in the hangout session, we have Gbenga Sesan, Budgit Nigeria, Resourcedat, OpenGovernment Nigeria and Revenue Watch, among others.

In a chat with the project lead, Francis Osifo, he said, “In this age, it is quite critical for governments, organizations and individuals to recognize the huge significance of gathering, structuring and making data available for use. It provides a very helpful leverage platform which can be deployed to solve many of the issues affecting us today.”

Open data can bring about the development of amazing solutions which have the potential to transform businesses and, in turn, the lives of Nigerians. This is why we should maintain the highest standards and continually push for the availability and sharing of data that could help in driving innovation in Nigeria.

The hangout will hold between 3pm and 4pm (GMT +1) on Friday, June 14, 2013. You can register to be part of the hangout session here.

Whether you are a developer, data analyst, data owner, technology enthusiast, business owner or student, you play a huge role in making this work. Join the conversation and be part of the people committed to crafting innovative solutions through open data.

OpenData is an offshoot of the Open Governance project – an initiative, geared towards creating a platform which affords clear cut interaction between the people and their representatives in government.


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