[VIDEO] Check Out The Danfo Reloaded II Gameplay

Having launched the third iteration of Danfo mobile game series –  Danfo Reloaded II, Pledge 51 has gone to release a gameplay video to show the user experience of navigating the city of Lagos right on a mobile screen. The game is also the first to come fully integrated with the company’s mobile gaming network, Chopup allowing users to make in-app purchase using airtime to get chopup coins.

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The game follows the continuing adventures of Kunle, who has to make up the balance payment on his bus or else he stands the chance of loosing it. Help him steer through the streets of Lagos, pick up passengers and avoid Lastma as he tried to make money.

This game is currently available on Blackberry and Java devices (with plans for Android in the near future).The game download can now be found here.


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